DNA Activation ~ How to Experience a Light Rewrite


By Julie Lynn

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Our lives are an endless stream of decisions. What to wear? Where to sit? What to do? From the broad life choices we make concerning our careers and families, to small spontaneous decisions like talking to a stranger on a plane or glancing out the window just as a bird floats by, the beauty of our lives is cultivated by these moment-to-moment choices.

Seeking advice as we encounter significant crossroads, we may hear a compassionate friend respond with “What does your heart say?” Intuitively many of us are already aware of an inherent sensation-based navigation system that we can rely on to make the best choices. We can all recall moments where we chose to follow our intuition against more seemingly ‘rational’ options, and were met with miraculous results. We can also recall those moments when we chose to ignore our body’s wisdom only to discover, on the other side of our choice, how utterly ‘rational’ that initial sensation-al instinct actually proved to be.

For big decisions we talk about “listening to our heart” or “following a gut instinct”, but in truth, every sensation – no matter how small – has a significant story to tell. Perhaps more subtle than the quickening of your heart reminding you of your soul’s purpose, or a strong stomach response helping you steer the direction of your life, that small sensation in your finger, jaw, shoulder, or lower back holds a wealth of information about who you are and what you are experiencing.

As we have grown up our education system has dutifully taught us how to focus the intelligence of our mind externally, to interpret and understand our outside world. But we have not had the deep pleasure to learn how to focus the intelligence of our mind internally, to interpret and understand our intrinsic physical experience, communicated to us through our sensations.

Over time you can become a master of your sensations, living life in loving union with your physical body and flowing with it, becoming the moment-by-moment living expression of your highest potential.    

Our sensational experience is our gateway to presence. Presence is our gateway to the soul. Your sensations anchor you in the experience of your True Self in this moment, expressing itself through your physical body. Untethered to your body, the mind will travel to the past or fixate on the future, but doing so displaces your focus from where your true power rests – Now. You cannot change the past, only your perspective of it. You cannot determine the future, only the energy you are building towards it. Both of those processes happen from the present moment, guided by your soul communicating to you sensationally.

Pleasurable sensations are a sign of our harmony with our true nature, a sign of soul embodiment. Uncomfortable sensations are a sign that a current story that is active in our being is out of alignment with our true nature, a sign of soul separation. This occurs when our current interpretation of ourselves, others, or a situation lacks the full loving perspective and creative inspiration of our soul.

The bible speaks of the act of repentance, which we often now associate with guilt and shame. At the time of its writing though, to repent simply meant to shift your perspective into alignment with God. To repent meant to see yourself, others, or the situational reality around you as God does. In the same way, when you become aware of an uncomfortable sensation and interpret its existing story, you can then shift your perspective into alignment with a soulful loving truth and actually rewrite that new story into the physical make-up of your being, shifting your sensational experience. Because of the spiritual law of attraction, wherein your inner reality reflects in your external experience, this process allows you to design and accelerate your personal evolution on many levels.  

Using your sensations as a gateway to your authenticity takes practice. Many people have become disconnected from their sensational awareness. They are numb to them, or worse yet, they feel their body’s messages (ie. chronically tight shoulders, lower back pain, trouble sleeping, regular colds) and choose to “push through” rather than respect their own intelligence. The amount of stress you put on your body through over-work while still managing to function can even become a badge of honour in the competitive workplace. Then, when it does get to be too much, we are often told to cloud our body’s sensational signals with pain or anxiety medications that do nothing to address the underlying misalignments and instead separate you further from your physical intelligence.  Processed foods, alcohol and recreational drugs will do the same.

Opening your awareness of your sensations is the first step. From there you can begin to learn to fully interpret and understand the depth of your bodies messages to you, and eventually you will even have the power to activate your sensational experience energetically.  By mastering the intelligence of your sensations, you can begin to feel your body at deeper levels than you ever thought possible, understand and interpret the existing stories of your sensations, and even shift your sensational experience to magnetize your true desires and manifest them into your life.  

Step 1: Awareness

Strong sensational awareness comes through expanding your present awareness of your entire body. This expansion can be facilitated by practicing moving meditations like yoga or dance, or by meditating on your body’s sensations which will allow you to go into a very deep awareness of their subtle movements and connectedness.

Over time awareness will increase and you will eventually begin to go from feeling the gross sensations in your muscles and joints to the subtler sensations of your bones and organs, then deeper into a cellular awareness of your body’s make-up. As your awareness deepens you may discover that a certain sensation in one part of your body (ie. shoulders) actually connects to a web of sensational experience throughout other areas of your body (ie. heart, ribcage, lower back). As you tune in to this intrinsic physical language you will also notice that sensations will shift, and you will often have moments of great relief and healing. At this stage, wherever your skills in interpretation and activation rest, your simple loving, compassionate focus on your sensations will always facilitate a healing evolutionary response.

Step 2: Interpretation

With your focus and intention directed inward to your sensations, your mind will begin to intelligently interpret their story. You will actually gain access to your personal script, coded genetically in your body through the your DNA.

Your pineal gland is the area of your mind responsible for this intelligence; the healthier it is, the clearer and deeper the level of information you can access. How you receive the information from your body may come in many forms depending on how you are inclined to deeper consciousness. You may hear your sensations literally talk to you through clear thoughts that form your mind. For example, a sensational tightness in your throat may actually tell you that you don’t feel safe to express your unique wisdom. Or as you explore that sensation you may receive flashes of memories from your life where you spoke up about your beliefs and were ridiculed, then needing to protect yourself from the discomfort of ridicule, you created this blockage to speak in your body instead.  You may even access an awareness of past lives where you spoke your truth and that led to physical danger, or you may access ancestral awareness and see that this fear is a genetic inheritance, lovingly designed to keep you safe and protected through your genetic line.

The important thing to remember is that when your sensations feel blocked, painful or uncomfortable, the story they are holding does not align with the soulful truth of who you are, and it will serve your well-being at this point in your life to do a personal rewrite of the story held in that party of your body, to activate a new DNA code.

Step 3: Activation

So as we explore our own personal collection of stories written upon the DNA of our physical makeup, how do we soulfully reclaim authorship over our beings? As you tune into your body with a loving intention to heal, your internal wisdom will activate dominant sensations that are blocking the flow of your well-being.

It’s beyond safe to say that every belief pattern held in our bodies rooted in fear and separation is now ready to be replaced with a interpretation of reality from a higher level of consciousness – the nature of which is unified beyond the separation created by fear. Einstein so brilliantly wrote: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” This is key. In order to rewrite our fear-based belief patterns we must shift our consciousness to a higher level of thinking that will enable you to rewrite a life-sustaining, harmonizing paradigm into your body’s system. This ability comes from an open and loving connection to your true self (Soul) and the higher intelligence that you understand (God, Source, Universe), that opens through the crown of your head. By simultaneously connecting to that loving and infinitely powerful creative wisdom and feeling the existing story you are holding in your body, you can consciously invite a divine rewrite. New thought patterns will flood your consciousness and healing energy will infuse your body. Using this Source intelligence you can physically rewrite your body with a higher conscious paradigm based in love over fear.

This is DNA Activation – it’s a light rewrite. Because we are the ultimate creators of our reality by shifting these stories within, we also shift the external circumstances we magnetize into our life. For example, by rewriting your old story with the physically embodied, and now deeply felt, belief that your self-expression is received with love and appreciation, you will literally magnetize those situations into your experience.

Through the Lumen Octave system you can become a master of literally recoding your physical DNA, which in turn will naturally shift your energy and how you feel in your life, adjust your magnetic field and therefore your lived experiences and alter neural pathways in your brain so that your conscious mind begins to naturally function at higher and higher levels of consciousness.

About the author:

Julie Lynn is an actress from the screen and stage, and a dedicated artist of her own bliss, a certified Lumen Octave DNA Activator, a wellness coach and lover of all things luscious.

With a BFA, BCOMM and BEd, Julie Lynn’s passion for artistic expression, enlightened learning, and personal expansion led her to an intuitive awakening that allows her to combine a highly conscious approach to living with a deeply grounded approach to spirituality.

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