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By  Paul Lenda

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

You would be hard-pressed to find someone that does not feel that there are massive changes happening on our planet, whether they are environmental, societal, political, or otherwise. The reasons for the cornucopia of paradigm shifts are many and involve a high degree of multi-faceted complexity. Now that we are collectively at a crossroads where our decisions will define our future perhaps more significantly than at any other time in history, we find ourselves faced with the wonderful opportunity to transition away from the current modus operandi, and co-create a world where unity is the underlying basis for society and its actions, not separateness or division.

As Buddhist teacher Doug Duncan once said, “You cannot have outer revolution without inner revolution”. The reality of things as we see them in the world is a reflection of our collective level of consciousness. If we are to see humanity experience a higher collective quality of life, both physically and spiritually, there needs to be an internal transformation that precedes an external transformation.

If you look around you it will be easy to see the consciousness of desire, greed and pride influencing and guiding many of the systems that society relies on. All three of these are a reflection of a mindset rooted in division and separateness as well as an overarching philosophy of duality within the minds of the powerful and influential elements of society. Conversely, the ancient Golden Rule, which is a philosophy for life that permeates almost all major belief systems, is based on the idea of interconnected unity among all people, and reflects a message of non-duality that is aligned with the true nature of reality.

Replacing the paradigms of disharmony with those coherent with our environment and its systems paves the path for positive intentional evolution. We should not feel powerless in the face of the problems society and humanity faces today. The keys to our future are in our hands – or our minds, rather. Transforming the world is not supposed to be the responsibility of a few enlightened sages. Creating a better world is the responsibility of each one of us. Together, we can either stand on the sidelines and watch as the consciousness of greed, pride and desire take us down a dystopian path, or we can alter the future by together making a shift towards things that increase peoples’ well-being and promote self-actualization.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  and the University of Melbourne recently predicted  that the world economy will collapse by  2030, a prediction also made  by the  Club of Rome  back in 1972. Perhaps this will be helpful for a genuine reboot in how humanity conducts trade, or maybe this can be avoided if a radically different kind of thought is applied to the structures that support the mechanics of the present economy at large. What is certain is that as  intentional evolutionaries, we have the power to co-create a better process-structure that can replace inefficient models that stagnate our collective growth and tend to increase the level of suffering in our lives.

Becoming an Intentional EvolutionarySiddhartha Gautama once said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world”.

By being intentional evolutionaries we harness our mind power in a way that creates positive and meaningful change for our collective good; reflecting the power of a collective consciousness with a conviction for making the world a better place that has more balance and harmony. One person alone may not have a great effect on the whole but if many of us come together and focus on co-creating the same result then we will certainly see a monumental societal shift.

The world is changing… be on the transition team.

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts, therefore guard accordingly; and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue, and reasonable nature” ~  Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

Book ~  by Paul Lenda

Humanity is at a crossroads,  deciding whether to live in a bright future or a dystopian dark age. Through the power of consciousness, we are  choosing our  own reality, and with that, we have the opportunity to affect a global and transpersonal shift in consciousness that will elevate the human collective  to a much higher level of being.

creation of a consciousness shiftIn The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, author Paul Lenda demonstrates that such a massive shift is possible.

Paul’s words will  stir up a spirit of action and change, make you question the way you think, and challenge your perception of reality.

It  is also one of the first books of its kind to offer  scientific evidence  in support of its message  transcendental self-growth, as well as several tools and methods you can use to help facilitate the biggest, most positive change humanity has ever seen –  a global shift in consciousness.

The Creation of a Consciousness Shift“ is available now on Amazon.

If you want to read something with real substance that will make you think, make you question, make you wonder, make you seek… then this is a book for you. ~  Nick Grimshawe,  Beautiful Summer Morning

It is a helpful compilation of wisdom from across the ages, and a compact, to-the-point set of guidelines that will serve people looking for a path to fuller humanity. ~  Dr. Roger Nelson, director of the  Global Consciousness Project

Paul is one of my favourite writers  on the subject of consciousness. His take on  complex, sometimes overwhelming concepts is digestible and inspiring. Recommended.  ~  Andy Whiteley, co-Founder of  Wake Up World

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About the author:

Paul LendaPaul Lenda  is a conscious evolution guide, author of “The Creation of a Consciousness Shift“ and co-founder of  SHIFT>, a social community of intentional evolutionaries  focused on anchoring in the new paradigm and assisting the positive transformation of humanity. With the drive to be aware of and experience the wider horizon of Reality, Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual and transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced-based.

Paul has spoken at various shows, events and locations including the United Nations and My Spirit Radio, and has had his articles published in magazines and journals around the world.

Connect with Paul at Shift> :

This article by Paul Lenda was originally published in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine, issue 33 (Spring 2013)

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