FREE Online Event – The Anxiety Summit – Nutritional Solutions for Anxiety

FREE Online Event - The Anxiety Summit - Nutritional Solutions for Anxiety

30th October 2014

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

Do you have anxiety or feel stressed and overwhelmed?
Do you get panic attacks?  Or feel awkward or uncomfortable in social situations?
Do you have obsessive thoughts or behaviors?
Do you have a  busy mind that won’t switch off, negative self-talk and/or problems sleeping?
What about emotional or stress eating?
Or do you know someone who does?
Do you work with clients or patients who have these symptoms?

A growing body of research suggests that anxiety  can often be reduced or completely  eliminated by addressing nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances, removing toxins, improving the health of the gut, addressing hormonal imbalances and eating real whole food. [1]

‘Food Mood’ expert and Nutritionist Trudy Scott is hosting a FREE online telesummit “The Anxiety Summit – Nutritional Solutions for Anxiety” from  2nd to 16th November 2014. And you’re invited 🙂

FREE Online Event – The Anxiety Summit

The author of “The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution”, Trudy  is on a mission to spread the word about  potentially life-changing foods and nutrients that help to  balance the body’s systems, and reduce anxiety and mood issues.  Featuring more than  20  speakers over two weeks,  Trudy  will  be interviewing world-class experts and opinion leaders on the relationship between  anxiety and nutrition.  “The Anxiety Summit”  will introduce you to  the science of anxiety and nutrition, and give you  practical tools you can apply right away to help you prevent or  reduce  anxiety, panic attacks  and  social anxiety with food.


The featured speakers and topics include:

  • Dr. Alan Christianson, ND., “Adrenals – Master glands of anxiety / tranquility”
  • Dr Hyla Cass, MD, “Mood, Anxiety, Energy and Your Thyroid”
  • JJ Virgin, CNS — “The Sugar Impact Diet”
  • Julie Matthews, CNC — “Fermented foods and probiotics for anxiety and depression: The practical and the research”
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC — “Gluten’s impact on the inflamed brain: reducing anxiety and depression”
  • Jeffrey M. Smith — “Anxiety and mood: Health risks of GMOs and Roundup”
  • Dr. Kelly Brogan M.D. — “Psychoneuroimmunology, the new psychiatry”
  • Trudy Scott, CN, “The latest food and nutrient research on anxiety, music and more”
  • Dr. Peter Osborne, DC, “Drug induced nutritional deficiencies that contribute to anxiety”

Also featured will be WuW contributing writer and GreenMedInfo  founder  Sayer Ji  on  “Deconstructing medical anxiety & evidence-based natural solutions”.

You can check out the complete speaker line-up here.

Sign Up

You can register for “The Anxiety Summit” here.

Once you sign up (again, it’s free!) you will also receive a link to the page where you can download added  gifts,  courtesy of many of the Summit’s speakers – including:

  • Video Series: 7 Highly Effective Habits of the Gluten-Free Warrior
  • Top 7 Therapeutic Foods
  • 49 Fresh Recipes for a Stronger Body and More Vibrant You
  • Outsmart Your Addiction Quiz and Reclaim Your Brain e-report
  • Chapter from “Feel Good: Easy Steps to Health and Happiness”
  • Folate video presentation along with a methylation pathway planner
  • Video: How to Make Sauerkraut
  • Practitioner video “BioIndividual Nutrition: The Importance of Personalizing Diet in your Practice”
  • Dr. Marsh’s Gluten Summit interview: Why the Early Stages of Celiac Disease Must be Taken Seriously

You will also have the option to purchase MP3s and transcripts of all the interviews, if you would like to keep them for your learning library.

Register  here  for  “The Anxiety Summit”, starting 2nd November.  

Enjoy  the summit! And be sure to share this information with family  and  friends who you think may benefit from it too.

To your health,



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