The Peaceful Power of Confidence

The Peaceful Power of Confidence - Copy

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I’ve often said the awakening is happening at a fantastic rate. This has been met with some skepticism, and understandably so, as evidence of this catalytic process can seem unapparent in the barrage of negative news and the absolute stupor most people are still in. Our outside world only appears to be more insane by the day while the reaction of earth’s inhabitants seems to be minimal, even regarding their own openly threatened freedoms and very survival.

But I affirm otherwise.

I’m simply presenting spiritual realities at work that are actually more evident by the day. It just takes the eyes of consciousness to see it fully – in fact, to feel it. We’re learning to rely on new awakening senses and this is a big part of the process. Allowing those vibrations to surface in our hearts and minds and listening to them is the next stage we’re encountering. And then to act on them.

That may seem a stretch to some, but actually we all do this every day. It just depends on our source of information. We take the input and mix it with our levels of understanding with a lot of emotional and past history usually mixed in. We weigh up where we think things are going, try to evaluate it, and then it becomes part of our worldview and in turn affects our actions.

This is exactly why getting to the place of detachment from old patterns and into a more full conscious awareness of the big picture, especially spiritually, is so very important. Otherwise we’re going to reinvent the matrix within and without us with a new look and coat of paint.

Cultivating Confidence

It’s easy to be a skeptic, and we all are to varying degrees. It’s healthy when it comes to anything coming out of the matrix and its juggernaut of disinformation. But regarding spiritual realities and the underlying true and good aspects of the human condition and our amazing Universe we’re all intrinsically connected to, it’s time to imbibe freely and fully partake of the wonder and awe and all it has to offer.

It’s free for the taking by simply allowing it. The experience it brings explains everything, only without words. Not the interpretation of others and all that claptrap although it can be helpful, but our own personal experiential understanding that evolves.

What strikes me when observing the reaction to the manufactured ebola scare roll out or some of these other obvious programs, is how so many are not yet sure footed in their convictions about the fundamentals of spiritual and conscious realities. It’s not in the least bit complicated or some far off, hard to attain mountain to climb. Available to all is such wonderful fundamental truth and personal conviction. It’s something we need to remain grounded in at all times, especially when dealing with all types of information in these whipped up storms of insane common sense reversals, confusion and fear.

When you find that place it gives you a wonderful confidence. This knowledge keeps the smile on your face, the bounce in your step, and most of all the warm and compassionate love in your heart well kindled. But without this anchor of understanding you’ll be lost at sea and tossed about by every wind and wave with no seeming reference point.

Stay the course by confident knowing and operate from there.

It’s Coming Together Quickly

I know many people can feel what I’m talking about. But the evidence of awakening may still seem elusive. However I don’t think it is by any means. As far as recent news, the eugenic Gates Foundation is getting slammed in an Indian court, Monsanto’s taking major hits, the false flags are exposed as soon as they happen, government crackdowns are being stood up to, corruption is being exposed, and the eboloney scam, whatever it turns out to be, is being dissected, trounced and unraveled as fast as the next ridiculous incident happens.

This is all while individuals join the ranks of the awakened continually, which many of us can attest to. This doesn’t even touch on the many spiritual technologies at work amongst the awakened, working hard to change the vibrational field we’re being bombarded with.

Pretty damn cool. As far as exterior signs, I was super encouraged by the Indian courts going after the Gates Foundation over their horrific and fraudulent vaccine program in particular as these arrogant bastards have been marching around the globe pushing their vaccine, chemtrail and GMO crap for far too long. All under the guise of some benevolent humanitarian foundation. I’m glad it’s the Gates because you couldn’t ask for more shallow fragile puppets to go after and scare the hell out of.

Believe me, for all their arrogance they are afraid.

When I read the article and thought about what a significant turn of the tide that represents I just knew it was the marvelous burgeoning world of alternative information that’s responsible. While the west is under this curtain of mind control, other parts of the world are not quite as stupefied and it’s obvious what the West is doing. Not only with vaccines and GMOs but their horrific imperialism wreaking havoc and death indiscriminately in lands they have no business being in.

These outside awake observers are the people who will survive a worldwide holocaust and live to tell the tale to future generations.

Information is Everything – And It Ain’t Alternative

At this point our war is a war of words and information. That we’re still able to communicate freely via the internet is wonderful. That and other forms of media as well as word of mouth are what is driving the awakening. When folks wake up in one area and the dots begin to connect it all starts to come together. Then comes the insatiable appetite for more information. And baby, it’s out there! Wonderful folks have been getting real research and insights into the informational as well as morphic field and things are changing, despite the mess we’re witnessing on the world stage as the matrix goes through its chaotic death throes.

Just search the vaccine subject and the amount of in depth true information available. It is remarkable and so very encouraging. And that goes for just about any subject, from chemtrails and GMOs to secret societies and social engineering, it’s all laid out in massive amounts of insightful so-called “alternative” information.

But in reality, who and what is alternative? If anything’s alternative to Truth and natural order, it’s them. Alternative medicine is the perfect example. Why are age old proven natural and healthy treatments, remedies and supplements considered “alternative”? That’s their doing. It’s time to reverse this thinking, and it starts with mental attitudes based on fundamental realizations and standing confidently in them.

Beware Their Statistics and Omissions for the Suppression of Truth

We know polls are rigged to sway public opinion. That’s a given, even though they toss us a bone once in a while with something that seems positive and somewhat realistic just to keep people on the line and believing. That’s always their tactic – just enough to keep the entranced cattle thinking it’s real food to help the poison go down and keep them eating. The real food of truth is not there; it’s omitted, as if it doesn’t exist. Mainstream news doesn’t cover anything but what they’re told to and those who feed on it are not only programmed with disinformation, but starved of realities every one of us is not just entitled to hear about, but absolutely need to know.

What is even more insidious is how the alternative media is subversively repressed. While we can still communicate relatively freely, when it comes to realizing just how effective our research and reporting is, search engines, social media, youtube and the like doctor the real numbers and success of the coverage with their algorithms and hands on tinkering and censorship, changing search protocols and cutting hit counters right, left and center.

I’ve seen a lot of people discouraged by this, which is exactly why they do it. We’re all reaching many more than we’re being led to believe. And very powerfully.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Knowing

If you’re looking for encouragement coming from anywhere in the control system forget it. We get confirmations and there are more all the time, but if we’re waiting for some kind of informational capitulation, acknowledgement or endorsement by the PTBs   there’s no way that’s going to happen. And it doesn’t matter. What concerns me is the tendency of so many to judge by that yardstick. Yes, people need to activate in every way possible and some of these mass demonstrations are empowering just in the very presence of all of those awakening and concerned citizens. But we can’t make the news of events the measure of our success.

This might be a reality break for some, but we have to know it in our hearts first and foremost. Therein lies our foundation of confidence.

When someone has really awakened a great peace follows the initial storm. A sense that we have broken through to a new and amazing realm comes over us where all things become clear. The very existence of that realm is where we need to hang our reality coat. All is wonderful and marvelous in the infinite grand scheme of things. There is no fear there, there is no big monster god condemning and judging us, and there is a whole lotta love!

Bill Hicks & George Carlin – The Big Electron

“Two legendary comedians offer their perspectives on life, through song.”

We’re Here

We’re always here, and always now. Our main focus is to be centered in conscious awareness, whatever that takes. It’s not all that easy. It takes investigation, determination and serious guts. Those who think it’s ethereal cereal have a lot to learn as they obviously haven’t been there yet. And I’m not under any illusions, these insane idiots are capable of anything monstrous as they’re clearly demonstrating, but our focus is doing what we do best. Telling the truth in love and action and we should take heart in it, and the rest is going to play out as it will.

Be empowered, be encouraged, and be confident in the truth and our effectiveness. There’s nothing more important at this juncture, or for that matter at any time. We are infinite beings with infinite potential and possibilities. Knowing that reality is the game changer of game changers and our effect is massively monumental on many levels.

Be confident in truth and the effect we’re having. Love really is behind this whole distracting façade we call the matrix. Just pierce the veil with courage and you’ll find it. And it’s shaking the big lie to its foundations.

Keep on, the truth is unconquerable and pervades every level of existence. All we have to do is resonate with it and broadcast the message. The rest will come.

Do it with gusto and enjoy the ride!

We don’t have to see the results, just be the effect! The rest will fall into place just perfectly.

Much love, Zen

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold.  My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you… just wondering. Love Zen.

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