The Creative Heart and the Alchemy of Love

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By Fiona Almeleh

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The Universe eternally embraces us in it’s ecstatic Dance of Creation.

Something profound is moving through all our lives and what’s being revealed in the current groundswell of change is a multitude of people engaged with expressing their freedom through exploring and uncovering their own, unique, creative potential. It would appear that the time is right and many individuals are liberating themselves from limiting ideas, rules, patterns and relationships, in order to create meaningful, new ways of living more harmoniously and authentically.

Systems are breaking down, particularly ones that no longer support or offer the individual a life of empowered expression in a safe and nurturing environment. We are moving into an era of ‘Unity in Diversity’. I celebrate the indomitable spirit of so many at this time and know that with courage and conviction, we can, in the face of great challenge and change, also deeply trust that when we align with nature and its inherent laws, we are a formidable, creative force for good.

Reciprocity may well become the buzz word of this collective effort whose compass will be one of Thrivation and Collective Inner and Outer Prosperity. One can sense the availability of millions of hearts in readiness to creatively explore more supportive, compassionate, inclusive solutions for future co-existence. I believe we are on the cusp of an age of ‘Inspired Living’!

If, for the moment, we view ourselves as pure essence, we see that we are Light Beings of unspeakable Divine radiance; this is our original nature, beyond the physical, and as such we are not limited to this body or this mind. We are magnificent Beings of a brilliance we may only ever glimpse at this level, through our creative endeavors and awareness — Beings that never die. Our quest and ultimate invitation is to align and merge with this rapture. This is our gift.

Love, the eternal emanation breathes all it’s wondrous possibilities through us. As aspects of this Divine emanation, it follows that we can only know this experience through loving and being loved, whereby we become both the object and subject of that very love itself.

When we love what we do, everything changes. Like great alchemists, when we transform ourselves, this inevitably changes our relationships including our relationship with our planet; the process of transformation and transmutation invites a finer and more empathic awareness of what is required in each moment. Our focus becomes centered on a greater cause than just the ego driven desires of the individual. One has a real sense that this inner directive and movement is Divinely inspired as it activates our innate creativity.

What we attain consciously through this time – like the butterfly effect – will create waves of love through our universe, and once again we will experience what it’s like to breathe love into all we create; and joy of joys, what a day that will be!

All creation is co-creation

Something of the Inner Child is calling to us; reminding us of our original wonderment at the miracle of life and the world. A quality of Simplicity, Gratitude and Awe is returning. It may be said that this way of being is energized and directed by the Higher Heart; which knows and feels from an elevated perspective of neutrality. It is in this place that one is able to transcend linearity, where consciousness has been polarized.

I deeply resonate with Eckhart Tolle’s definition of Creativity…

‘There’s a particular dimension where creativity arises. It’s a little bit like the wick burning the flame, and it’s sustenance is the oil – it’s an oil lamp, and you are the flame…..So you are the flame, and you feel your way into the very source – down the wick into where the oil is, inside yourself. That’s the place, the source, so if anything is new, creative, then it has a fragrance of the source.” (November newsletter 2011)

During this co-creative transitioning period, it will become more and more evident that people feel inspired to express what feels natural and true to them through their gifts and talents. Passion and commitment will translate into exploration and experimentation for the greater good. Both adults and children alike, will question more, and use their powers of imagination for transformation.

In every single field of human endeavor, there will be a synthesizing of information, and each person will be offered the right opportunities, encouragement and motivation to express themselves creatively to the fullest. An intentional desire to up-lift and empower each other and serve as responsible heart-centered custodians will be the motivating principle.

For many, there has been a lack of motivation; fearfulness; joylessness; helplessness and a depletion of energy – generally a feeling of being overwhelmed by life – this will now, in many instances be replaced by a new desire to participate fully in life. Just as the universe eternally expresses it’s creative impulse through each of us and all creation; we will, in remembering, link into this consciously and everything in our awareness will transform.

Love will spin out divisiveness and separation; expressing itself through us in a finer, co-creative, colorful tapestry of collaboration and focused honoring of the whole of life; and in remembering that this is our natural and original, creative birth-right we will consequently be able to bequeath our future generations with a deep and profound sense of belonging and purposeful alignment to Love.

This blessing is also our power to manifest, and each thought becomes a creative key that unlocks the door to our envisioned inner and outer reality. The world is a direct mirroring of our collective consciousness and when we harness this power for good, we can change the image at will.

At Soul level we have garnered ourselves with an abundance of experiences and mastery. Each person has the ability to tap into their intuitive wisdom and become creatively resourceful; re-awakening their sense of connection to all life and stepping outside of their attachment to results based on the ego’s dictates of how things should be; the cries of a dis-empowered self.

We cannot separate creativity from breathing. It is who and what we are. We are nature and by nature we are driven to thrive! The testament to this can be seen all through history, where the creation of artwork and any innovation of ideas or methods has been the vehicle for transformation and healing, but more importantly human-kind has determined it’s next step by re-inventing itself over and over whenever it’s been on the brink of disaster or extinction. What compels us is the impulse to create, co-create and re-create our Divinely gifted original blue print. In other words we are bound, like Jacob, to climbing the ladder that ascends to heaven.

Given the chance and the right motivation we are unstoppable and our creativity, in whatever way it communicates itself, once tapped into and unleashed, beckons a sense of unity, wholeness, renewed purpose and vision as well as faith and trust in the process. It revives the human spirit.

The Creative Heart and the Alchemy of Love - Fiona Almeleh

Our beautiful planet provides us with all the physical resources we need for self expression, whilst delighting our senses and inspiring lofty goals. She reflects herself in us as we in her. Every encounter we have during our life offers possibility, and anything that helps to bring our awareness fully back into life’s creative circle is an investment, not only for ourselves and future generations but for the Earth.

We are born multi-modal and don’t need to limit ourselves in our creative expression or pursuits. We can trust there is a time and place where whatever requires expression will attract the perfect opportunity and situation. There is great reward and elegance in living a synchronous life! We direct, produce, compose, paint, play, write, sculpt, move, mold, dance, spin, weave, stitch, sing, play and create music, sound, model etc; …the list is virtually endless as is our imagination.

So the key to our bliss is our re-union with our Divine Selves and living a life of Unity following those experiences that give us joy and make our Hearts sing. We need to release the stranglehold that all the ‘ism’s’ have had ie; ageism, racism etc; and truly see and relate to the ‘Sovereign Self’ that over-lights all beings.

On a more personal note

For over thirty years now my approach to life with it’s many opportunities for creative expression, has been to face the blank canvas, so to speak, with a sense of being empty and without expectation. In other words, this attitude, of what I might term ‘ inner softness’, availability or openness, whether engaging with others, or creating art pieces or writings, has been for the most part unplanned. I’ve learned to let go of the desire for a particular outcome, product or result and simply enter the flow of creative journeying.

Naturally this is often accompanied by a sense of playfulness and trust which is borne on the premise of integrity and respect. So much of our self-expression has gone terribly wrong as a result of preconceived ideas of how things should be; as well as the desire to not disappoint. Sadly as a result we’ve correspondingly learned to develop coping mechanisms that sometimes, not only block our spontaneity and originality, but separate us from the very stream of experience we long for. We sabotage ourselves and create hell rather than heaven.

Every single authentic, creative moment puts us in direct alignment with the miraculous.

I’m including a few suggestions that have served me well over the years in terms of my own creative expression.

1. Know you are worthy

2. Give your attention to what really matters

3. Fully partner yourself

4. Accept your innate power and act with integrity

5. Learn to attune to finer resonances

6. Listen to your inner narrative and change what has become soul-destroying

7. Allow each experience to awaken you from illusion

8. Learn to depend on your own creative, self-organizing intelligence

9. Listen

10. Recognize that the theater and actors are yours

11. Cultivate gratitude and show kindness

12. Live with an open heart

13. Let the stream of creativity move through you and allow words, colors, textures, movements, actions etc; choose you

14. Work directly where possible.

15. Don’t accumulate stuff, just trust that what you need will be there when you need it.

16. If emotions surface, let them pass and again trust that by simply committing to the creative process, you are in the current of healing and awakening.

17. A direct result of living authentically is that your mind naturally begins to empty of associations and trickery and something delicious and joyful fills your awareness; a sense of expansiveness, elevation and freedom.

18. The greatest benefit of all is that each creative moment reminds us of what it really feels like to be fully alive and present – what it feels like to be Ourselves.

19. Choose words, actions and products that are not harmful to yourself, others or the Earth.

Beyond all appearance, the phenomenal is transitory and ephemeral. It is our Creativity that begs us to let go and surrender and by entering the unknown we release our immediate identification with our outer locality and perceived reality. We take a leap of faith and the blessing is Grace. This experience can be likened to being carried on a wave of illumined truth.

We are the noun, the verb, the adjective, the adverb the pronoun – we are an aspect of All That Is – Created by the Creator to be Creative Creators Creating and Co-Creating Creation Creatively.

May your next breath be Love!

About the author:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFiona Almeleh is a visionary artist, intuitive, empath and life consultant who has been facilitating others ‘creative unfolding’ for over 23 years. She invites new ways of seeing as well as decoding the symbols and messages within the subtle energy fields. This work by it’s very nature is empowering and harmonizing, joyful and uplifting. The journey, through attuning to the Higher Heart is a beautiful, spontaneous and powerful awakening to one’s core Divine origin.

Fiona’s art and articles continue to appear nationally and internationally and she has been a guest on both South African television and radio.

You can contact Fiona at her website, on Almeleh or via email: [email protected]

You can also view Fiona’s inspiring artwork at:


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