Beware the Candyman – Don’t Get Willy Wonked

Beware the Candyman – Don’t Get Willy Wonked8th January 2014

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This has mostly to do with the conscious community but can be applied at any level. Wherever there is spiritual juice you’ll find the givers, the takers, and the very clever manipulators. It’s just a fact of life. Some people just can’t help themselves, they see an “opportunity” wherever they look, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Yes, there are spiritual forces at play, often the same kind they claim to be delivering others from.  Sad thing is they prey on the willing, those who have had an awakening at any level who want to take their new found freedom further, and better themselves and the suffering world around them.

I’ve always tended to be rather naive, trusting in the best in people. I’ll always bend toward that side, but there’s a time to get savvy.  Just because someone professes much of what you’ve come to learn does not make them a source you can trust. Much of what we get from the new age movement is obviously so. Selling this and that “alternative” realization, spiritual clearing technique or healing package does not mean it’s bonafide.

Having to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” comes to mind…

The Candyman Can

This came to me reflecting on the many seemingly “attractive” offers from internet sources cropping up in our midst. All kinds of therapies and treatments, psychic and otherwise, are being offered, much like an alternative drugstore. The hawkers are rife on the net and some are preying on the innocent like hungry hornets devouring a beehive… again, consciously or not.

The driven are often blinded by their lust.

What normally comes to mind with most people are the obvious psychic network TV types or sleazy carnival and streetside hawkers, although even some of those are legit. The ones you have to watch out for are those slickly embedded in the alternative and new age community fabric.

The Candyman can alright.

Being preyed upon is not just from the external matrix, but the internal one as well. I treasure my life experience, so when someone tries to play me for my generosity of spirit it burns pretty bad. The abuses are often out of pure envy, because the insecure and selfishly afflicted can’t help themselves from doing so. They have to bring the playing field down to their level where they consider it fair.

It’s a form of jealous revenge. A matrix attribute for sure, but it’s oh so subtle in the oft extremely sensitive conscious alternative realm.

Religion is a grotesque manifestation of this that can easily be identified. The issue I’m addressing is a very subtle virus, a worm working in our midst, no matter how it’s disguised or where it comes from. But it’s easily called out and shrinks quickly when confronted. The challenge is identifying it, especially after it has had its chance to do damage to your spiritual software.

Do Unto Others? – Suck Ups, Groupies and Sycophants

While we’re at it we should address these unsavory phenomena. While we’ve all fallen for varying levels of these unconscious behaviors and been led by or swept into emotionally driven trends and machinations, we need to call it like it is – both to help others as well as to keep ourselves from the sticky, infectious craftiness of the kling-ons.

One interesting phenomenon that is quite empowering is knowing that those who expect and revel in this dependent energy via adoration and subservience are invariably subjected to the same dynamic, some revered personality they latch on to or embodied source of some sort they consider above and beyond them, generally another layer of hierarchy, that will help elevate them in the process. The illuminati, to generalize, for example are horrifically bound to obligatory actions, oaths and ceremony and report to way higher authorities, those that granted them their temporal powers from both here and beyond.

Pretty sad. But this aspect will be evident in the types that expect it of others. It’s a dead giveaway. That and their proud shallow arrogance in their effort to give off the air of authority when actually possessing none. The truly free have realized that all of that is part of the matrix at lower vibrational occult levels. The less aware will have a harder time discerning this.

That’s my concern.


If this makes sense to you and resonates at some level you probably already innately know this to some extent, and you’ll soon see more and more manifestations of this subversive aspect. Admittedly nothing is black and white, but when you see a trend or have misgivings, know you’re not alone in all of this and that your misgivings regarding your situation at hand may very well  not  be unfounded.

This is a great time to get centered, look objectively around you, and even check with trusted friends and colleagues about your suspicions. Everything deserves investigation.

An important point to make here is that this isn’t to say many worthy empowering products, voices and services don’t deserve our support. Not at all. The overwhelming majority of alternative information I’ve seen testifies to the good works taking place that well deserve our supportive energy and finances. Those abound and we should be generous and supportive.

The difference is in the taking. The control. The inherent dominance anyone requires of you as a subject is a danger signal, under which we become debilitated deer in the headlights. That is and should be alarming.

We are our own solution. The rest is peripheral.

Sweet Relief

Notice the Candyman gives what the kids clamor for. Seemingly innocent perhaps at some level, which is the intent, but clearly Willy and Co. are playing on accentuated desires. “And the candyman makes the world taste good cuz he thinks it should”… as he goes on to direct them to the high priest of sweets, the seditious and manipulative yet seemingly wonderful and magical Willy Wonka  –  your archetypical Wizard of Ooze.

Dependency programming is at its very root.

Watch for it. Be careful to not be too cynical about everything as there’s wonderful folks doing wonderful things, but don’t get taken advantage of. There’s plenty of maladjusted people like voracious vendors at a pop festival ready to play you with cheap goods, rip off prices and bad drugs, and then they skip out in the shadows.

Of course not all are that bad, but definitely not all are all that good.

Test the waters and walk circumspectly.

Staying at a higher vibrational level and not coming under the power of others is more important now than ever.

Much love,  Zen

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