The Orchestra of Reality – Information, Energy and Vibration

The Orchestra of Reality (Artwork - Cosmic Dance by Mysteria-DL)

10th January 2015

By Phillip J. Watt

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Some call it  spirituality, others religion, the experience of consciousness, or the  paranormal. The blurring of the lines between one person’s mind and the rest of reality has been called many things by many cultures over the course of  humanity’s history. But no matter what you call this timeless, worldwide phenomenon, most people have personally had extraordinary experiences, too.

Even though my experience of an ‘extraordinary’ interconnection with the external world has confirmed my belief of unity near countless times, I still challenge it logically in each relevant moment because, on the surface, our experience can really seem quite random and desolate. But every time I undertake this  critique, my understanding is reinforced, some moments more mind-bendingly than others.

Through this reflection on the concept of unity I became an advocate for virtuous thinking, feeling and action, which I call the v-three. I found that the v-three is present in many traditional teachings, sometimes before and sometimes after learning their philosophical and practical importance in my life. Concepts and practices which relate to the v-three include peace, respect, compassion, truth, love, charity, humility, harmony, acceptance, creativity, service, wisdom, patience, reverence and humour, to name but a few.

Yet attempting to live this way was contradicted by many socially-accepted practices that are assumed to be positive for society, even if they’re having a stronger negative impact. Primary examples are the glorification of image and the consumerist machine. They just seemed so backwards. So I steered away from mainstream reality and focused on testing the truth of what I had learned to ensure that I uncovered fact from fiction.

In the early naughties, as is today, science was the dominating bearer of truth across western thought. The scientific method of measure and reason was above all else, so I subjected my beliefs to its alleged superiority in both practice and theory. As I’ve already discussed in a  previous article, I continually measured data of my experience and reasoned with the results. Realistically, there was no other way to test this, I was the only one who could repeat the experiments, so I was careful not  to blow it and end up in crazy town. But  it was still clear, even with all my scepticism, that I was getting the same result – not only were the internal and the external worlds the one and the same thing and it’s up to my free choice to align the two, but living in accordance with the v-three provided me with a balanced life  that  helped me to achieve ongoing contentment and ensured that I was radiating beneficial vibrations to the world around me.

Because my experience of reality wasn’t discussed in orthodox science, the mainstream media or the common sense of social thought and dialogue, I searched for alternative theories which validated it. Inevitably, I was drawn to a subtle but strong movement in the West, stemming primarily from the philosophy of the East, claiming “We are all One”. The orthodoxy within scientific, academic and secular establishments were either ridiculing or just ignoring this view, so I lost trust in their academic expertise. Synchronicity was convincingly happening to me – I couldn’t avoid it even if I wanted to – so I continued to investigate ways to help me to explain it. As it ironically turned out, a variety of both esoteric and scientific disciplines in combination were paramount to understanding and ground my experience.

I won’t go into detail of  the plethora of areas that  melt the icy barrier between Science and Spirituality. Nevertheless, it has been done by many philosophers, scientists and/or mystics alike, especially over the last few decades  —  so you won’t have to look far. I will however provide a short list of the disciplines which have captured the attention of those yearning to bridge this gap and provided the rational mind with supporting evidence. They include: Neurobiology; Quantum Physics; Cosmology; (Sacred) Geometry; Bioenergetics; Quantum Biology; Epigenetics; and Mathematics, among others.

There is also a wealth of credible and peer-reviewed psi-related studies, as well as consciousness projects, which continually show statistically significant results in favour of an interconnection between the internal mind and the external world. These are even more convincing through meta-analysis. Then of course are many allegedly pseudoscientific disciplines which experimentally and anecdotally illustrate the blending of mind and body. Additionally, much Eastern and Western doctrine discuss the intimate interconnection between the inside and outside as well. There are also countless other writers, poets and artists that each philosophical adventurer has the opportunity to resonate with to further their understanding and growth.

Owning our Freedom of Choice

To maintain denial of my synchronistic experience was to develop a bias against the evidence and inhibit my growth, so I started to really live it the best I could. I began to think beyond my personal benefit too, such as deliberating on the incredible ramifications of a globally-accepted metaphysical position of unity. If we really are unified to everything else, that there is no innate difference between the inside and outside, then this idea alone has the power to change the v-three of not just each individual but an entire global culture, all of which desperately need it due to the dysfunction, inequality and suffering that plagues our world.

However, let’s put aside this idea for one moment and conduct a thought experiment. If we had a choice, would we neurologically tune our mind to be characterised by purpose, freedom, connection and meaning or would we choose a pointless, robotic, random and meaningless existence? An astonishingly unscientific and backwards approach by the materialists would have us blindly accept the latter, even with accumulating contradictory evidence emerging in various fields of scientific endeavour.

The metaphysics of materialism states that consciousness and freedom are illusions and that they’re not really real in their own right as they’re just an epiphenomenon of the physical brain. They say that only matter is real, hence it being a metaphysical belief. Yet one of the most rational and intuitive experiences about being is alive is that we’re consciously free, so what would compel us to believe that our consciousness and free choices are nothing but illusions?

Freedom is the capacity to make independent decisions on how we think, feel and behave, even if our conditioning does influence our decisions. We do have free choice within the context of our lives. We also can’t deny our consciousness because subjectivity is all we ever truly experience. And most people believe this; they believe they’re making free and conscious choices. So to say that we should believe the materialists is just like saying, “we are going to choose one of two potential dreams; the first one is a free life within an interconnected and meaningful reality, but we’re going to choose the second one, which is a robotic life within a disconnected and meaningless reality.

We literally choose what we believe, so if we choose the second dream, we choose to believe the rhetoric and assumptions birthed from scientific dogma. However, obviously it isn’t possible to choose to have no freedom, it’s self-contradictory and therefore illogical and impossible. So if we have chosen the second dream, then we have chosen something that is inherently false. And even if it was possible, any person in their right mind would choose the first dream, so why are there so many allegedly ‘educated’ people around the world who have chosen the second dream? Why are they making an incorrect assumption that the materialist philosophy, advocated for by the pop stars of materialistic science, is proven as true? Do they even know that they’re contradictorily choosing to have no choice?

If they truly believe they have the freedom to choose, then it makes no sense. You’d think a rational person would at least objectively explore all the information available and not just listen to a decreasing cohort of bigots who are more than capable of lying to themselves and everyone else to justify their so-called expert position. I personally believe that free choice is real, just like the majority of humanity, so from my point of view they choose the choice of no choices.

The truth is free choice does exist. Consciousness is real. It also is the essence which interconnects the subjective and objective realms. Finally it’s beginning to be understood by scientific endeavour centuries after many ancient traditions and cultures had already worked it out. Whatever corporate or ideological agendas may be influencing academia’s embarrassingly relentless denial of the paradigm shift philosophy and science is undertaking, the fact remains that more and more people, educated and not, are waking up to the death of materialism and are embracing the innate reverence of unity and its v-three practicalities. We must remember this isn’t just a theory of reality based in the quantum sciences and philosophical evolution; for me and many others, this is literally our experience of reality.

Ultimately, we are free to choose the way we see and breathe, so we should choose wisely. Our choice should also not just be for our own personal benefit, but also for the benefit of our entire species. The paradigms of materialism and individualism is clearly no longer beneficial for both these ends, we need something else. The paradigm of a unified reality, therefore, is arguably that next stage of our evolution.

The Orchestra of Reality: an Analogy

An omnipresent and immaterial core which interconnects the internal and external worlds. No matter if that core is consciousness (pun not intended), it’s clear that it’s not fundamentally matter, but it can be expressed through both subjective experience and objective interaction. Part of that experience is symbolism, which is a practice that deciphers the meaningful information inherent to the patterns and themes which manifest in our lives.

The scientific conception of our physical reality truthfully describes it as fundamentally information, energy and vibration. This aligns to how I conceive the information represented in symbolism – as vibrations or certain frequencies of energy. It is this understanding that led me to an analogy which best describes my personal experience with synchronicity, symbolism and unity: The Orchestra of Reality.

Orchestra of Reality - Table

The definition of an Orchestra is the following: the silence where a symphony is co-created by both a conductor and other members playing sounds from their instruments. Notice that you cannot have a symphony without silence because if there is no silence then there is no context that a symphony could be heard within.

That whole process applied to a metaphysical view of unity is an aware subject (conductor) and external objects (instruments of sound) which interconnect as something (symphony) from nothing (silence). This also implies that the symbols we strongly resonate with are like instruments that we conduct in the symphony.

Our shared reality is a symphony that we co-create within the Orchestra of Reality.

Through this growing understanding of our unified nature we can come to realise that the attraction between the inside and outside is a practical guide for us to grow. That growth is our right; it’s our natural destiny. We can conceive of destiny as being our blueprint for growth, our natural development, and fate as the choices that we make, as well as their natural consequences. Those choices are fated by the electro-magnetic vibrations they emit and attract.

An analogy to illustrate destiny is a half-pipe made of snow, whilst fate is the process of snowboarding down the half-pipe as we freely choose. It’s much easier and efficient to board down the centre i.e. direct growth, but we can always choose the fate of riding the edge and cruising the roller-coaster ride of emotional highs and lows, however we will always be naturally drawn back to the centre.

This makes sense if we view the centre as contentment or peace, and the edges as the highs and lows that we are all guilty of putting ourselves through. We’re riding our half-pipe. Sometimes we feel that we’re on track and at others times we need to make choices to get ourselves back into alignment. Our focus should therefore be to align our choices (fate) to our growth (destiny).

Ultimately, we’re guided by our innate path of development, our destiny, yet it’s still always our free choice in how effective and efficient we live it.

Symbolism and Synchronicity

In essence, I have come to the conclusion that the symbolism and synchronicity of my experience is simply a reflection of my core self, of our core selves. It has shown me that I am purely the same thing as everything else and to therefore v-three accordingly. That’s why it’s paramount that I give and take justly and honour life respectfully and lovingly.

There are many people who have fallen victim to the rhetoric of the orthodox scientific view of reality without properly questioning it and if you’re one of them I strongly encourage you to hit the refresh button and start at the core – your own subjective experience. Do you make free choices? What connections occur between the internal and external realms? How many extraordinary experiences have you had and how have you incorporated them into your philosophy on life?

Although it’s literally impossible to be purely objective, we can be subjectively objective and make critical assessments of our own experience. Therefore, I recommend over the coming weeks and months to watch how many so-called ‘coincidences’ occur within your reality. Simply ask yourself the question: what happens in your inner world which is reflected in your outer world? What are the symbolic patterns and themes that have made themselves obvious? How do they relate to who you are?

As you pay more attention to these connections, you may watch them amplify to a point where you’re in a place to convincingly understand them as synchronicities. Just like any personal experience, which has many layers of memory, emotion, thought, concept, understanding and expectation – all influencing it – this is a very personal journey. My own experience of this phenomenon will always be unique to me, as yours will be to you.

Therefore, it’s up to each individual to work out themselves how to freely conduct their shared-symphony within the Orchestra of Reality.

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About the author:

Phil WattPhillip J. Watt lives in Sydney, Australia. He identifies as a ‘self-help guide’ as he has long focused on his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and then shares those lessons with his clients and readers. His written work also deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development.

Phil has a degree in Social Science and Philosophy and has been trained extensively in health services. He assists adults, children and families as a mentor, relationship mediator and health and life teacher. He also provides online support services for personal healing and growth, assisting his clients to grow their skills and knowledge in life management and adventure.

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