Mind and Consciousness – The Severed Thread

The Severed Thread - The Mind

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake  Up World

Mind cannot generate truth, it regurgitates the past. Mind, acting as a carrier for un-truths, is an infection that is cured by pristine consciousness.  Trusting in that which is not seen is the faith of the natural state.

Missing The Mark

The energy of conflict, obstructionism, divisiveness, etc. are fragmentations that have at their root the same source: creative energy.

The word spirit, when used here, reflects its true meaning. It is used as the heart or energy of the matter.

The word daemon in ancient Greek refers to a supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans (Intelligence and pristine consciousness). An inner or attendant (attentive awareness) spirit of inspiring force.

The word demon is from Latin and refers to daemonium, a lessor (mind, not of wholeness) demon spirit. At their root, they share the same foundation: daemon.

The demonic spirit (as far as Nature is concerned) has no reality because its expression is not of wholeness. Its energy has been fragmented by un-truths and so limited by its false nature. The cloaking of the demonic spirit wears many disguises but has no original face. Your original face is daemon and that face wears no persona. The root of that which is beauty and daemonic is the same spirit acting in opposite ways. The daemon spirit is indivisible and its Action is one of wholeness. Socrates refers to his daemons as that which operates in wholeness. In ancient writings we are spoken of as the “children of a lesser god” (mind).

The response to a challenge, other than the clarity of the pristine consciousness, is not supported by the Intelligence (the mysterious expression of all that exists). It is mind, (memory-senses complex) by its intrusion into the challenge-response process that is mis-representing that process by its mis-informing the pristine consciousness of its true intensions. Mind sees most challenges in in-completeness while believing it to be whole.

From mind we get chaos, confusion and corruption and from their off-spring we get that which is demonic. There is nothing pristine about mind. The cloud of in-completeness covering it can never be wiped clean.

Mind cannot awaken from its semi-hypnotic trance because it is not capable of seeing that its beliefs and opinions are from the outside. A like thing cannot see itself. Only where there is a wish from the pristine consciousness, can something new occur. With wishing, possibility can become reality. With wanting (mind) there is more of the same (repetition). With transformation there is newness from moment to moment. There are no dull (boredom) moments. With mind there is yawnings, with pristine consciousness there is new dawnings.

In Nature (with the exception of human beings) there is the functioning of order. This order functions in all animate life forms. Many call this order beauty because it has no divisiveness in its energy. The ugly spirit is that which is not whole. Ugliness is an exclusive trait of human beings. Beauty is the harmonious expression of wholeness. The universe reflects the same un-divided energy and is the one un-breakable thread that binds all as one. In human beings the thread has been severed, thus producing the alienation that many experience in daily living.

Contrary to what others have said about our being born as fallen beings, it is not Nature’s nature to create other than that which reflects its own perfection. Our design is perfect, however, the instrument of mind eons ago took a mis-leading turn and except for a very few, have difficulty in finding their return home. For the first time the whole energy was severed. We missed the mark of our true existence.

When the physical body suffers pain, the prime directive comes to the body’s defense by releasing the necessary chemicals to provide for its healing. Because it was never conceived that the whole energy would be fragmented, there was no prime directive pre-designed to redeem the dilemma. However, the body has in its inherent nature the power of the pristine consciousness. When that consciousness is co-joined with the Intelligence then that seeing as an apperception (direct perception of the Intelligence) shows to the pristine consciousness the cause-remedy solution.

The difficulty in relaying this remedial solution was that the message would sound in-coherent to future generations. The ancients understood that the meaning of words is only attuned to that period of time and that future generations would dilute the message. Their decision was to use Nature as a prop, knowing that Nature is change-less. They believed that this was the only way to protect and spread the good news.

Over periods of time, those chosen to communicate the message verbatim (either by verbal transmission or by print) they instead started to interpret it in accordance to the contemporary meaning of the words. At that moment their message was lost to the pristine consciousness and to the present day remains with mind. The distortion of the message was so egregious as to render it useless.

What is needed is a compatible language for to-day’s generation, one that is in affinity with the pristine consciousness. What is new (as infallible truth) cannot be poured into old vessels (mind) because mind can only re-experience what is already known. What is needed is conscious-by-pass-surgery (by-passing mind and going directly to the pristine consciousness).

For the most part we live our lives lost in the mis-translations of mind. Every new experience creates another image that we identify as self. We are an endless repository of past experiences. We are no longer one self but rather many selves. One self is awareness, more than one is mind. In ancient writings a man was asked his name. He replied: “Legion, for we are many.” Awareness contains no experiences and so cannot have an image of itself. For the most part, we are suffering from the stench of decomposed experiences (demonic spirits). In Nature imagination has no existence. It is an accumulated fabrication of what is not real. It is mind’s delusional view of what is reality.

There can be ever-lasting freedom when there is the observing through the lens of the pristine consciousness how mind has duped us into doing its biddings and the accepting of those lies.

That freedom

Is my wish for you.

WHAT IS is Intelligence, the mysterious expression of all that exists. WHAT IS is the Prime Directive, the Action arm of Intelligence that is the overseer responsible for the harmonious functioning of Nature. WHAT IS is pristine consciousness, the medium through which life expresses itself.

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About the author:

California-based Harry Krueger has spent the past 40+ years working to awaken humanity to concepts of peace freedom and consciousness.  When he was 35 years old, he discovered a book by Sri Krishnamurti (which he read 7 times in a row) and it changed his outlook and consciousness forever. Harry is now 86, and has never looked back.

Through his writing, Harry explores the glorious reality of who we human Beings truly are, and offers insights to help us to break through the false identification of who we are not.

“Life is real (and only then) when living the attentive life.”


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