The Immaculate Perception – Pristine Consciousness and The Mind

The Immaculate Perception – Pristine Consciousness and The Mind's Deception

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

WHAT IS is Intelligence, the mysterious expression of all that exists. WHAT IS is the Prime Directive, the Action arm of Intelligence that is the overseer responsible for the harmonious functioning of Nature. WHAT IS is pristine consciousness, the medium through which life expresses itself.

Intelligence: The Language of Forever.

As we presently function, everything happens in the only way it can and if it could be different, it would be.

Without confrontation there is no cancelling.  Without cancelling  there is no liberation. Without liberation there is no attentive life. Without being conscious of being conscious, there is nothing.

What it means to cancel:  When the pristine consciousness responds to the challenges of daily living, that Action does not cancel from mind (the memory-senses complex) its stored recordings of past events. However, it does cancel the expression (re-action) to those events. The experiences of past events remain with the body. Cancelling refers only to its expression. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me” remains true as long as there is no imagery associated with the words. Are we being hurt by words or does it only seem so?

We are told from childhood that we are individuals who have cultural obligations, including the moral duty (and to die if necessary) to defend those beliefs. All nations have their own societal narrative that it expects its people to obey and defend. The word individual, as an indivisible being, is no longer who we are. We are the clones and drones of past generations. Every societal thought that we embrace and express has been given to us by others.

If we are serious about transforming our lives, then first there needs to be a sensing that presently, (for the most part) we are responding to life’s challenges from mind. Over a period of years we begin to discern that something is not quite right. Not understanding these feelings we ask questions from our secular (therapists) and spiritual leaders. After listening with sincerity and abiding by their counsel, many still find that very little has changed. The reason is that the repetitive life (mind) we are following is from the same source as that of those healers. The essence of their message is that our hearts and minds need changing.

Mind is not the culprit. What we have been told about mind is a myth. Mind’s only function is to record and store what the pristine consciousness experiences and to pass on to the pristine consciousness (via the senses) when-ever there is a request for the stored information. Mind’s indispensable role is to act as a faithful servant to the pristine consciousness. Mind is incapable of learning or having an opinion about anything. Mind can neither do right nor wrong. The will to do is the sole expression of the pristine consciousness. When-ever there are feelings of un-easiness, those states are from the erroneous perceptions of the pristine consciousness.

In the beginning, the role of the pristine consciousness was to trust whatever passed through it. It was not possible for it to experience doubt. It saw things as they were. There was no outside (mind) in-filtration. Doubts arose eons later.

Over periods of time, mind, with its vast accumulation of experiences, along with the allotted energy that is necessary to transport those images, made it possible for mind to falsely believe that it is an autonomous entity capable of making independent choices.

The role of pristine consciousness is to discern all of life’s challenges and to simultaneously act. However, it did not foresee that most of its perceptions were that of mind’s intrusion into the discernment process. For the most part, it is presently responding to the images of mind and its desires.

All of the confusion, chaos, political and social decisions, etc. is because of the pristine consciousness’s inability to objectively discern what it is witnessing. That which is witnessing and that which is being witnessed are of the same source. The pristine consciousness is un-knowingly discerning life’s challenges through the fragmented (self-centered) lens of mind. The pristine consciousness looking through minds content is similar to the adage of “the thief (mind) who puts on a policeman’s (pristine consciousness) uniform in order to catch the thief.”

Mind cannot of its own (or with any other authority) provide a lasting solution to its dilemma. Any kind of therapy is doomed to fail because those efforts are of mind and mind is the perpetrator. Despite its seemingly good intentions, it is not possible for mind to provide for its own cure. It is a natural law that a like thing cannot see itself. Only the pristine consciousness, Acting as life’s therapist, can point to the problem and that seeing is also its resolution.

The difficulty that most people encounter when making efforts to resolve their problems (confusion), is that they listen from mind and do not realize that mind is a one-way-dead-end-street. There are others, who when hearing for the first time these ideas, are hearing (albeit to a small extent) from the pristine consciousness. The answers always lie with the pristine consciousness because only it can discern minds delusional states. That seeing shows to the pristine consciousness how its past discernments were false because it un-wittingly allowed itself to be entrapped by minds deceptions.

We need an education system where the educator’s top priority to its students is to point out that the way they are presently responding to life’s daily challenges is false because those past thoughts are not self-generated but rather indoctrinated. Freedom to function in total independence and simultaneously being taught other curriculum subjects, can be done on parallel lines.

There will be no classes in social studies of any kind, political science, history or other studies that enhance minds gratification and so are useless to the students’ maturity.

Upon leaving the education system the student will be an indivisible being where life’s challenging responses will be solely from the pristine consciousness. The student will forever be guided by Intelligence (The mysterious expression of all that exists).

The ability of the pristine consciousness to no longer be duped by mind, once again, sets the natural boundaries where-in both may fulfill their designated destiny.

That fulfillment is my wish for you.

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About the author:

California-based Harry Krueger has spent the past 40+ years working to awaken humanity to concepts of peace freedom and consciousness.  When he was 35 years old, he discovered a book by Sri Krishnamurti (which he read 7 times in a row) and it changed his outlook and consciousness forever. Harry is now 86, and has never looked back.

Through his writing, Harry explores the glorious reality of who we human Beings truly are, and offers insights to help us to break through the false identification of who we are not.

“Life is real (and only then) when living the attentive life”


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