We Have the Peak Oil Myth – Now Peak Water Too?

We Have the Peak Oil Myth – Now Peak Water Too

15th April 2015

By Makia Freeman

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Peak water is the idea that, like peak oil, water is a limited resource that we are running out of.

Artificial scarcity is an age-old trick used by merchants to suppress the supply of a resource or product in order to increase its price. This financial trick is especially noticeable in the oil industry (controlled by the usual New World Order elite families). The Rockefellers propagated the peak oil myth at the Geneva Convention in 1892. John D. Rockefeller used his paid scientists to contend that as oil is composed of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, it must be a residue from living matter, and thus it is a fossil fuel! Twisted logic indeed. The Russians discovered that oil was abiotic decades ago. Oil is normally drilled at 30,000 feet, whereas real fossils are normally not found below 16,000 feet; the whole thing is a scam.

Now, new information brought forth by researcher Deborah Tavares of StoptheCrime.net suggests we are looking at another fable – this time “peak water”. The water crisis occurring in California (and elsewhere) is a water crisis hoax in the sense that we are being conditioned to accept artificial scarcity as real scarcity.

Control Water, Control Life

Nefarious war criminal Henry Kissinger stated that to control nations, you control oil, and to control people, you control food. He might have added that to control Life itself, you control water, because there is barely any life on Earth as we know it that could survive without water. Many have predicted that the wars of the 21st century will be fought over water, not oil or other subterranean resources. There is good evidence that part of the reason Gaddafi was taken out was because he was so successful in constructing an amazing aquifer system to adequately hydrate the people of Libya. And, we know from researchers such as Dane Wigington that satellite images show geoengineering ‘chemtrails’ all over California and its coasts. He theorizes that the geoengineering of the Pacific is causing the Californian drought. (For more information, please see: Climate Engineering and the Manipulated Perception of the U.S. Population.)

So, at one level of the game, water is a resource that is practically limited, and is already being fought over with powerful weapons, both admitted (military bombs and weapons) and mostly unadmitted (HAARP and geoengineering) ones. But what if this is all a cover? What if  there is an unlimited supply of pure water that could easily be tapped that we are not being told about?


Peak Water vs. Primary Water

The Primary Water Institute says there is just such a water source – primary water. The illustration above shows it. It’s the water just below the Earth’s crust, in the mantle. It is not the water you think of as ground water. It is not part of the normal hydrologic cycle of evaporation and condensation, which is classified as a secondary cycle. Watch as Deboarah Tavares interviews Paul Power, who explains the concept of primary water in the presentation: Primary Water EXPLAINED – Why We DO NOT Have a Water Shortage.

The existence of primary water clearly busts the idea of peak water, and shows that we are being lied to yet again by Big Government and the mainstream media about matters of vital importance to our lives.

What’s the Point of the Water Crisis Hoax?

The water crisis hoax fits right in to the UN Agenda 21 plan for global domination. By engineering a drought and pretending there are no viable solutions, the controllers will drive people off their land and out of their homes in search of wetter areas. This facilitates a land grab and allows Government and corporations to seize more land (either for free or dirt cheap) and pressures people to move into big megalopolises where, in alignment with Agenda 21, they will live controlled lives in shoebox-sized apartments – to save the environment, of course.

Meanwhile, by very real means such as a combination of HAARP and geoengineering, the Government is creating massive food shortages (since such a high percentage of many crops are grown in California), causing stress of lower and middle income individuals and families who are faced with rising food costs and potentially even a lack of food.

Primary Water Explained

Why we DO NOT have a water shortage.


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