Step Into The Role – An Esoteric Invitation

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By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We’re at an amazing and empowering juncture in humanity’s history. For each of us individually now is always the most profound turning point, as each decision we take directs our next step. But collectively there are extremely significant eras or epochs during our development and now is one of them.

It is during these times that a major conflux of influences takes place with which humanity is challenged to either respond according to natural instinctive and intuitive processes, or lie down and let whatever dominant forces at play take their course without resistance or conscious participation.

It is within such turbulent times we now find ourselves as conditions intensify in conjunction with an ever growing collective awareness of the realities with which we are faced. This trend towards higher vibrational realizations in the face of previous paradigms of control and subjugation now dismantling before our eyes is what we loosely term the awakening.

What is peculiar to this later stage we’re experiencing is the accelerating rate of unforeseen types of change we are embarking upon. And not only are our personal perspectives changing at an exponential rate both individually and collectively, but the outside realities that influence our lives at every level are also undergoing massive shifts affecting our evolving perspective.

Quite a fluid and potentially disconcerting mix.

What does this mean for us? As old paradigms crumble before our eyes, only a higher vibrational conscious awareness observing these dynamic interactions from a detached perspective will see clearly what is truly transpiring around us. This enables us to perceive clearly as well as respond consciously to these otherwise confusing shifting sands of changing perspectives and morphing realities. This increased divergence between those awakening and an increasingly comatose majority is both a wonderful opportunity as well as potential death knell, depending on our personal response.

This may sounds like a mouthful but bear with me; we’re undergoing conscious fluid dynamics such as humanity has never experienced before.

The Message

For awakened psychonauts traversing this ephemeral existence and longing to fulfill our role to help manifest Universal harmony via this ongoing revelation of Truth, there are very practical steps for each of us to take. This path cannot be taught, the mechanics are not set, and the personal method for navigating this maze is nothing less than experiential as well as deeply esoteric.

Yet all the while extremely practical.

This of course is all by design, as only a heart led soul can navigate its way through such a life experience and discover the many wonderful secrets patiently awaiting revelation. So called reason and mind understandings soon give way to much deeper levels of experiential knowledge that begin to direct our thoughts and actions.

Dispassionate arrows pointing the way borne out of sincere seeking appear along the path as hints to the awakening soul. Anyone or anything attempting to define the nature of what we seek is soon unmasked and eventually shunned by the awake and aware traveler who realizes the Unnamed awaits a much deeper level of realization, not a finite definition. We each find out we discover what we will by profound personal existential experience – never rote, dogmatic, hierarchical, defined or limiting categorizations and linguistic definitions.

Into this vortex of eternal knowing we march unafraid. But herein lies a major clue as to our role. If we are determined, sincere and well aware we are essentially empty vessels in this great play, within this understanding we’ll surely find what we should, and meaningful and profoundly effective courses of action soon appear as we continue this noble pursuit.

One very interesting question begins to arise and crystalize at this point. Once we’re locked into this search and commitment meets lifestyle and our voice becomes that of Truth and change, what role do we play? What and whom is Universe ultimately releasing in these living, confident voices actively interacting with the world around us in a continued unveiling of our true, inner truth-imbued selves?

Act – Take Authority

I’m convinced we are evolving not only into a greater awakened and empowered state, but one of tremendous release of a new sense of identity as our unlimited talents and potential manifest. Be it for the revealing of empowering truths, spiritual and physical healing, or the immediate use of etheric powers for particular situations, the awakening warriors are commissioned to imbue others with a contagious sense of empowerment and confidence.

This time of manifesting is not only at hand, but now upon us.

It is a choice to step into these roles as those empowering this transformation. You know who you are. Should anyone seek such spiritual gifts and power for their own selfish benefit they are clearly not among those called as such. For those unawakened to the full sense of unselfish love this can be a stumbling stone, as power tempts and tests the best of us. It’s a fundamental filtration and purification process we all pass through. But keep going.

These “next generations” of spiritual and even physically empowered beings are not only coming, but already amongst us. And what activates them? Knowing – some call it faith – not belief or hope or any over spiritualized distraction. It’s a fact of which you are intuitively certain.  More profoundly, we are now living in an epoch of awakening where such activation is desperately needed, and to my way of understanding, it is therefore available. The even more stark reality is that it is you and I who are next in line to step into this role. For the good of all.

It is no small thing and it will likely cost your life. But doesn’t any form of living cost your life? Why not live it to the full for something with profound meaning and importance for the good of all? As far as I’m concerned anyone with any sense of conviction that’s worth their salt has already crossed that irreversible rubicon. Even more directly, giving our all towards truth and right is what is immediately needed to remedy the dire circumstances that have been foisted on humanity that threaten our very existence.

This inherent urgency makes such seemingly drastic decisions to activate and take on the role of the conscious warrior a pretty easy choice in my book.

Making the Move and the Activated Rudder

Moving into a new life is least of all physical. It is a process that begins in the heart and mind. Once the lower self is convinced by higher influences of greater realities and potential life paths, decisions naturally unfold and our ships start to turn. It takes miles for a freighter or cruise ship to come about in its course. What is amazing is how the rudder works on an incredibly small fulcrum, much like the switch of our personal will, which literally creates a vacuum that draws the mightiest of ships into a consciously steered course.

We’re each endowed with something so seemingly small yet boundlessly powerful called the majesty of free will that can activate and steer these massive ships called our lives embodies the magnificence of the human experience. In the shipping industry these tiny rudders that in turn move the larger ones are called “trim tabs”.

This for me is perhaps the most empowering metaphor there is that encourages personal activism and dispels all the blockages the naysaying, doubting mind and all of the inhibiting social conditioning memes thrown at us over the course of our lives.

The Trimtab Phenomenon

You have a vision. As an individual or as a family, maybe you wish to communicate something about a burden you have. You care. You love. Maybe your concern is to find a cure for breast cancer. Maybe to save the whales. Or maybe it’s your church and you want to see people involved with your church’s mission. You want to build community around your vision with others that share that vision. And you want to see change because of this burden you carry in your heart. So you want a web site out there but you think you will be lost in all the web pages that are already out there. That isn’t necessarily true.

I like the quote from Buckminster Fuller:

Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary—the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab.

It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab. Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go. So I said, call me Trim Tab. (Source)

Awakened Warriors Arise – Step Into The Role

This is a very fresh and even raw revelation for me personally. Although I’ve known it intellectually for a very long time and it has directed my life to a massive degree over the years, it has never been as profound as this current stage of my life. I’ve often said, “If you’re not free to follow life’s signs and live in synchronicity, you’re not free”, and I’ve done my best to live by those words, as far as I could see. As my life has unfolded this has become more and more real, profound and somewhat disconcerting as each new phase revealed itself to me as I was guided, as well as prodded, to move on to the next level.

But the switch lays with me.

This has ultimately led to the realization I’m sharing here, that this activation is our true destination: in other words, being the warriors we were clearly called to be from birth. I know many of you will attest to this same innate conviction. It’s often labelled as a “calling” which is very interesting in itself, but it is a very apt term as it draws us, ever so gently usually but occasionally quite insistently, as I feel the case is right now for a large number of us.

We’re at the point of a kind of insistence by Universe. I know it’s not only me experiencing this compelling. And if you haven’t yet sensed it and you are called, you soon will be more or less confronted in some way. Words are like levers that open gates and doors, and this message just may be your gateway to recognizing the role you are intended to play and perhaps bolster your conviction regarding what you already know in your heart but are not yet allowing to be fully realized in your life.

It’s time for us all to step up.

In summary may I paraphrase, “Let those that have ears to hear, hear….and activate.”

It’s time to step into the role for which we came into this world.

Love and empowerment always,


P.S. Want to meet up with others activating? Go here for starters and step into the next level of connectivity with purpose and help activate your warrior!

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