11 Reasons Why Hippies (Not Psychos) Should Rule the World

11 Reasons Why Hippies Should Rule the World - featured

By Jack Adam Weber

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Don’t be fooled. The status quo is delusional. When it comes to what really matters, what you feel in your marrow is usually right. And on this note, hippies aren’t really “hippies.” That’s just what we’ve been called to disenfranchise us from sanity and to promote the misdeeds of the fake world powers.

Everyone, really, is a hippie, just beneath whatever very recent modern disguises we’ve taken on. For each of us, by the mere fact of waking and walking, on some level loves trees for their oxygen they give, the sun and soil for our food, the rain and rivers for our water. It’s just that hippies are more conscious of these facts, more gracious and therefore (more) stewarding of all that makes us whole.

In truth, we are the true CEOs of our planet’s future, not the current psychos in charge. Because money is useless with nothing to buy, no plants or millions of other species left to love and fascinate, nurture and support us. The new currency is wholeheartedness, justice, courage, and respect — as it always has been.

So, to all you hippies out there, it’s time to own up to who we are; we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the gold. There is no better than the simple, big-hearted, caring, and generous. Here’s why:

12 Reasons Why Hippies (Not Psychos) Should Rule the World

1) We sit under, lie under, wrap our arms around, and feel praise in the presence of trees and other non-humans, sharing our love with the most loving things on the planet.

2) We sit around more than others — helping slow down the mad rush to the end — and have the kinds of conversations that the stars, daffodils, and the moon enjoy.

3) We wear clothes with holes and stains and it’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay because it slows capitalism, the great Earth-crusher.

11 Reasons Why Hippies Should Rule the World4) Bathing in natural waters, we save water, give enjoyment to and offer amusement to fish and other harmless underwater creatures.

5) Not buying or wearing toxic fragrances in their millions of incarnations, we bless the things we meet and touch, and smell better to the non-human things around us. How would you like it if someone washed off their Tide in your aquarium?

6) Growing our own organic food — at least some — we deprive toxic agriculture and GMO food-stuff pushers what matters most to them. And we make compost while enjoying the sanctuary of a garden. All this is quadruple pleasure. ‘Nuff said.

7) By living simply, with less to maintain, we make more time to enjoy and celebrate, as well as fight for, what really matters.

8) Hitch-hiking, and discerningly picking up hitch-hikers, saves gas and can promote spontaneous, unexpected enchantments (when they smell good), and helpful “interruptions” to our plans.

9) Making art, that feels like it comes from a larger place than what we consider ourselves, helps connect us to body of the universe, which helps us notice and celebrate so much more of what nurtures and supports us!

11 Reasons Why Hippies Should Rule the World -10) Protesting, pontificating, and propounding our protection for what we love helps everything get by a little better with our help.

11) Donning some burs, bees, and bits of branches in our hair and on our bodies reminds us all of that to which we are part and hold sacred… which seems all but forgotten on most modern humans… which is a big reason our ship is sinking.

Bonus) Sorry, I couldn’t help it! We embraced pot a long time ago and were ridiculed for it! Now cannabis and hemp are being used to counter the effects of the mess our criticizers have made. Our green solutions come in the way of fighting cancer, easing nausea and pain, replacing trees for paper, fiberboard and twine; reduce herbicide spraying, to make fuel and store energy, and now, it seems, to heal bones.

Peace out, and keep adoring the Earth with wild abandon!

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Jack Adam Weber, L.Ac. is a Chinese medicine physician, author, celebrated poet, organic farmer, and activist for body-centered spirituality. He is also the creator of The Nourish Practice, an Earth-based rejuvenation meditation. Weber is available by phone for medical consultations and life-coaching. His books, artwork, and provocative poems can be found at his website PoeticHealing.com.

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  • This is a wonderful description (definition) of hippies. I am so happy to have been one since the 70s

    • Jack Weber

      🙂 we need us more than ever now! keep on…

  • Karolyn

    Is there anybody like this anymore?

    • Jack Weber

      Yep. 🙂

    • Morri

      yes 🙂 there will always be people like this

    • EmmettGrogan

      Yep, I’m one. 10 yrs ago I quit working and moved to a 10 acre homestead. We just moved and are now caretakers of 55 acre sanctuary in the woods. We have limited electricity and water but I don’t care, its beautiful here, no city noises, very quiet and it’s beautiful here. I was born in early 50’s and have been a hippy since 1969, always. If you want to meet some hippies, go find some Pagans, most of us are hippies of some sort, especially us older ones. We don’t hang out much in the mainstream so you have to look for us in progressive enclaves.

      • Sphinx SO Ose Be

        Yep, I’m one too. Born in the middle of the 50’s. Feeling a complete stranger in these modern fucked up world with all them multi nationals, the greed, and the loss of that much of nature’s species gone forever. Right now we have a critical moment in Europe and I wonder what will come out of this all.

  • Until Earth’s environment impact/cost is inherently, universally
    calculated in economics Her rightful inclusion in Corporate
    finance and thinking will never occur.
    It is a survival mandate that the Earth be given the state of Person as the Corporations have done.
    That the Earth, Her commodities are not raw, forfeit or free.
    That the Earth be a globally protected presence and that passive
    environmentalists evolve into vigilant armies of protectors to Her rights, equal to the Corporations who presently exploit Her without due accountancy.
    The person of the Earth and Her rightful accommodation has to be at a level so fundamental that evasion or avoidance is not possible.
    The task of Mankind if Mankind is to survive is to discover this irrepressible currency and apply it wholesale across the planet without exception.
    That no trade anywhere can exist without recompense to the Earth, Her environment, healthy repatriation and future husbandry.
    That in the moment a trade between parties exists, anywhere on the Earth , the Earth is a fully involved, recognised and recompensed entity that cannot be ignored or avoided or discounted.

    • Jack Weber

      Amen. So, let’s just practice as much as we can before we wait for it to be law.

  • Maria King

    Woo Hoo! Love this article! I don’t have all of the credentials… yet – but working on it! You are totally spot on. I was born in 1960 but only just touched on hippydom.. Now 55 years later – I get it!! It’s so hard, especially when you have kids, to move away from “modern” life and the things that damage us and the planet though. I can’t not work and can’t get to work without the car. Finding the time to try and become self sufficient around commitments is a nightmare as well as the huge learning curve that goes with it! I have discovered I want to do things like make candles and soap and be creative! I want the kids (grandchildren who live with me) to have a new age education and learn about the things that really matter! It may all take a while but we will all get there! Any and all input welcome!

    • Jack Weber

      Maria, I hear you. Here is what comes up for me: when you risk living the way you know in your heart is right, you find ways to make it work, and you find creative ways to make money. Ive done it and I know lots of people that have. And downsizing makes all kind of energy and resources come available. You gotta really want it. Give it a trial run?

  • Jack Weber

    🙂 Yes, I do agree. All this sentiment is hidden in the lines, Sheileagh. Thanks for chiming in! Catch you in the forest…

  • wytzox1

    Also instead of demanding that govt raise minimum wage, many hippies lived in groups houses known as communes and pooled their low incomes, bought food in bulk, shared household chores and found other ways to economize until they could pull themselves up to better paying jobs and move on to a better life. ?

  • Nicole

    Just had to reply to this, we may not chose the money or power but we have hearts filled with love and know true joy and happiness. These assets are more precious and powerful than any illusion of money=power could every buy. Shared in love – wish for you these experiences.