True Direct Democracy: The Nemesis of The Global Cabal

True Direct Democracy - The Nemesis Of The Global Cabal

By John Reid

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Many of us were raised by our parents to respect those who fought to ensure our freedom and taught that we should vote because the vote is the basis of our freedom. It is what separates us from tyrannies and dictatorships, the right to choose who or which political party represents you. It supposedly keeps the politicians on their toes and is a means of keeping checks and balances.

This is all well and good in a sovereign nation with little or no threat from transnational corporate behemoths, criminal central bankers or treasonous trade deals that ‘cannot be refused’. Without such intrusions, elected politicians could focus on what they believe is best for the nation and her people, the vote could possibly mean something and for many years, to some degree, it did.

However, times have changed, oh and how they have changed.

Politicians come and go but those who hunger for control, the central bankers (whose private corporations control our monetary system), the heads of mega corporations and the generational ultra-wealthy families, have stealthily taken control of almost every aspect of our lives and nations. For our own sakes, it is imperative to understand how this has turned the tables on us, the people.

Things are not what they seem. The system does not work how we were taught it should, not any longer. Dynamic changes have been taking place which relegate the people to little more than a profitable annoyance. The political systems throughout the western world no longer afford adequate protection for the people from the insatiable greed of the powerful and wealthy psychopaths who devour anything and anyone in their way.

The systems worked okay for a few decades but this model is now past its shelf life and for he sake of our own futures, we really need to begin asking questions of it. Is the present model valid today? Is it the best we can do? Should we be entertaining notions of a better way? Is there a better way?

What does it mean to say the systems are inadequate to protect us? Please allow me to explain.

Because of the relatively recent surge in globalist power, our representatives, even the few who actually care about us, have been relegated to mere agents for the corporations and power elite. Those who in the past were the vanguard of the nation, the protectors of the welfare of the people have been bought off or coerced into lying down and allowing the globalists to run roughshod over them. They have proven they are now the weak link in the chain, the people and their nation are not represented or protected.

Government trade negotiators now act in the best interests of the globalists and sadly, frequently act as traitors to their own people. What else would you call those who sign the treasonous TPP or TTIP which strips our sovereignty and usurps our environmental laws purely for globalist profit? Let’s be clear here and call it for what it is — treason!

The biggest problem for the people is this isn’t merely a passing phase or a one-off situation. Now the weak link has been molded and established by the various elements of the cabal, we are on a one way trip to some kind of one-world authoritarian tyranny, should things go their way.

Reducing our elected representatives to treasonous lapdogs is only one part of the problem. Through the mainstream media that the same cabal uses as its propaganda platform, the people are lied to and manipulated to believe they should send their sons and daughters to die for what are really wars of greed instead of security and freedom and our representatives either buy into it or have no choice but to allow it.

The US and Canadian supermarkets are full of GMO foods and many of us feel they have not been tested properly and that we and our children are guinea pigs. And what do our elected representatives do for us? Nothing! They feel we are not worthy of having our food labelled so that we can choose which food to eat; a huge slap in the face of democracy. Who are they really working for then? Obviously not us.

These are just three instances of the people being sold out and there are many more. It really doesn’t matter any longer what the reasons are, threats or bribes, we simply have to do something; something which stops what is happening, something which protects the people from this treason, something which completely inhibits the cabal from ever having influence on our nations and people.

One thing for certain is we will not find the answer within the same systems in which this situation was allowed to happen. The systems of governance, whether in Canada, the US, the UK or Australia, are basically set up the same way. Each has the typical top-down-controlled, pyramid system with the masses at the bottom giving their power to the few at the top. This system has failed us via the weak link at the top who could not (and could not really be expected to) protect the people and the nation from the tentacles of the cabal.

Turning the Tide

So, how do we stop this? How do we fend off a very powerful, well organized cabal that has hijacked our governments and institutions and are readying for the global corporate grand prize of unlimited access to our land and water, on the road toward the new world order?

The obvious first answer should be to eliminate the weak link so that the cabal is blocked completely from manipulating and interfering in our lives, our laws, our rights, peace and well-being. With me so far? Good, because without understanding the underlying causes of the many issues which unnecessarily plague us, we have little chance of finding successful, lasting solutions.

It will serve us to keep in mind that just because we have had such top-down controlled systems in place for millennia does not mean it must remain that way. The evolutionary pace in most other aspects of our lives has been breathtaking, especially due to advances in technology, but our governance has not. Rather it has slid backwards and our rights and freedoms are devolving instead of evolving.

Back to the weak link issue…

Hopefully it is becoming clear that we must make meaningful changes to our political systems; and that electing a different political party within the same system is nothing more than wishful thinking, yet again. Hopefully you have grasped the fact nothing will really improve with the present hijacked political systems and that the hijackers are never going to willingly release their grip on it all. Whatever changes we make, we must ensure they are comprehensive, as we are way past the ‘tinkering’ stage.

Thoughts of changes to the political system are of great concern to most people and many will choose to cling to the present systems while turning a blind eye to the growing plethora of issues with them. However, this is largely in part due to the fact the possible replacement systems most commonly known are undesirable.

It is my own belief that the present systems will soon be included in the list of ‘undesirables’ and will become just another dark chapter in our history, with us glad to see the back of them. But that is not now, and today I read many a comment which begs, “But if we just changed this rule or that, the present political system would still work ok, wouldn’t it?” I completely understand such sentiment which even the awakened are prone to but, NO, tinkering with the system will never protect the people from what we are now witnessing today. The entire system must evolve.

However, a complete change may very pleasantly surprise you and once you learn what the core issues are (as discussed earlier) and solid solutions for them, you may be eager to support such change!

What if you could learned that there IS a system which would offer maximum democracy, justice and fairness; a system in which every eligible voter has a real voice which drives the direction of the nation; a system in which we the people decide which laws we enshrine and which wars we actually need to fight for our security; a system which puts an end to almost all political corruption and drives a stake into the heart of the cabal. Would you release your grip on the present system and at least entertain the idea?

About two years ago I gave this much thought. What could be the fairest system for us all as a nation of millions with different ideas, needs, wants, ideologies, religions, etc?

A truly fair and comprehensive democracy should be free from being swayed or biased by any special interest groups, including religions and ideologues, or leaders of such a system become nothing more than “the new politicians” — something we can do far better without.

Leaders and representatives have a miserable track record and are responsible for allowing so many to die or be maimed in wars of corporate greed. Under their watch they have also allowed the central bankers to perform the most amazing sleight of hand ever witnessed by man, allowing them to lend invisible money at interest to our nations, indebting each and every one of us — and that includes future generations who will be born into debt or economic slavery. They have treasonously obliterated our standards of living by allowing globalists to call all the shots, to cream ever more profit via outsourcing and free trade deals, the details of which are kept secret (apparently for our own protection).

Could we do better without these so-called leaders?

Have you noticed that most of the things your family and friends are stressed about or complain about are rooted in the present financial and political systems which have been shaped over time, with the blessing or coercion of our elected representatives? Everything from money problems to being irate over a new law, or the constant fear projected unnecessarily by the mainstream media, are rooted in the present systems overseen by the lurking shadow of the cabal, pulling the strings behind the veil.

Each way we turn we are affected by these systems, which would be fine if we had more say in them – but we do not. We have almost no say in them today, yet we pay for them and we pay for all the crony decisions made in their name.

A truly positive change in the political and financial systems would also be positively life-altering. Apart from the fact the people would control their nations’ destiny and every voter would decide on all issues, the cabal would have no way of controlling us, and the stress levels we take for granted today would diminish or evaporate. Over time (with more of our needs met than those of the banking, political and corporate cabal) our lives would cease to be driven by competition, greed and materialism, our ambitions no longer driven by brainwashing commercials or what our neighbours have. We would learn that happiness comes from within and from being a part of an empathetic, sharing community.

Be The Change

Our present lifestyle has driven the human community apart. Greed and the ‘dog eat dog’ attitude of the competitive economy has separated us, and we have neglected our innermost need of just being human and enjoying being with other humans. Yes, a positive change of systems is a positive change of life.

Knowing what you want is the most important thing, for once you are convinced of that, you will change what you will accept in your life, and you yourself will change. Others will pick up on this and possibly ask you questions (never preach) and over time you will watch and marvel at how the human collective consciousness works, for that is what drives such change (as per Gandhi).

This is now the time to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Refuse to be dragged back down into the fear-mentality that has been purposely created to block us from collectively creating a better way of life. Don’t give your power to those who make you angry, rather focus on the world in which you desire to exist. This changes your outlook and has an effect on others – even if you don’t see it – plus it deflects unnecessary stress.

So, what can we do? What kind of changes could we introduce that would eliminate the woeful ‘weak link’, give us back our nations and drive the cabal out of our lives?

Answer: allow the people to propose and vote on every law, right, trade deal, and idea. This would in effect, inhibit any and all interference from the cabal in the business of the nation and the people concerning laws, trade deals, bribery, corruption and coercion. The weak link would vanish as each and every voter becomes the power of the nation, impervious to threats, corruption of electoral process, bribery and coercion, and free of the cabal.

True Direct Democracy - The Nemesis Of The Global Cabal 2

In a Direct Democracy, every citizen can propose new laws and has a vote on their implementation, putting power back in the hands of the people.

Any and every issue can be proposed and voted on for changes. Let that sink in for a few minutes or hours. The ramifications are enormous, and once you understand this you will never look at the present systems in the same way again.

You may well wonder why we don’t already have such a democratic and fair system, but such a system would make everyone equal, no one person having any more power than anyone else — the very last thing the establishment wants.

The idea of every eligible voter voting on every issue proposed was something I thought I had dreamed up, as I had never heard of it before. When I wrote the free e-book, The Organic Economy, I had no idea that a similar system of politics was already in use in Switzerland. What amazed me is that Switzerland has used this system for 700 years! The only difference is the Swiss version does have political parties and religious representation, but the people have by far the most personal power in any western democracy. The Swiss can recall politicians at any time and demand referendums on their constitution, as well as having the right to vote on all major decisions.

Such a system where every eligible voter has the power to propose and decide all issues is called True Direct Democracy or Pure Direct Democracy. Our present systems are called Representative Democracies, but since they have been usurped, we should rightly rename them Cabal Representative Democracies.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that it appears the only ‘flies in the ointment’ of the Swiss system are the ideologies of the political parties; again, it is still a top down controlled system to a degree, with the top of the ‘political pyramid’ interfering with the majority will of the people. But do we really need these people? We can do far better without them, in the right set up, which I cover in detail in my books. I believe if we were going to make such a change we may as well go the whole way and eliminate political representation. It isn’t needed any longer, is too susceptible to corruption, and we can do a far better job ourselves — once we learn how it can work.

I know what I have just said is a lot to grasp all at once, but please bear with me and absorb what this could mean to us all.

With the instant communication and information we have today, we have the capability to run and manage our nations without the self-serving treasonous politicians who do next to nothing for the people. A panel of people, ‘guardians of democracy’, would oversee every government department to ensure there is no bribery and that the allocation of contracts is fair and unbiased. Panel members would be made up of the people who put forward their names, and positions would be kept to one or two year maximums to prevent potential bribery. (I explain all of the details of how this would work in my free e-book The Organic Economy and my new book As Dawn Approaches.)

Democracy and the United States

There is often contention about the word ‘democracy’ in the U.S. and many Americans refer to democracy as ‘mob rule’, citing individual rights as the primary factor. The reality is there really isn’t much difference between, let’s say, the Canadian system which has a Charter of Rights for the people and the election of political representatives, and the U.S. constitutional republic system of a Bill of Rights for the people coupled with elected political representatives. Living in Canada I was confused when I heard democracy called ‘mob rule’ by an American, and I was very surprised to be honest. The materials I read shows there is little real difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic. Democracy is in use in the U.S. all the time. How else does the Senate and Congress pass laws, if it is not by majority vote? Are not all decisions based on a show of hands, a display of democracy, rather than mob rule?

However, as we now today, Constitutions, Bills of Rights and Charters of Rights and freedoms are toothless and of little real individual protection. The U.S. Constitution is in shreds today with the introduction of the likes of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and Canada’s Charter means little since the recently enacted Bill C-51.

This is part and parcel of why I wrote The Organic Economywe the people really have no individual protection from the state today.

The True Direct Democracy model discussed in this article is the most fair and just system possible. Every eligible voter partakes in all decisions and can suggest ideas to be voted on by the people. As in the Senate and Congress and the Parliaments of democratic nations, the majority carries the decision. The people are also free to propose and vote to repeal any law or statute they find doesn’t work for them. It is up to the people – period – and that would be defined as democracy, true direct democracy.

Is it worth changing systems? Just think of all the things which make you angry about your various governments – all of them – then imagine that anger evaporating and the stress vanishing as you realise you, your family, your friends and your fellow country folk could have a real voice, and could collectively steer the nation forward in the direction the majority of people actually desire.

Imagine never having to listen to the political rhetoric and lies we hear daily, never having to submit to the few who send our children to wars of greed, never having to be left-wing or right-wing, or socialist or capitalist, just proposing ideas and voting on what you feel is right.

Imagine not having to be shoe-horned into only ever voting for one party or the other, knowing they are already owned by the cabal.

Imagine taking back your rightful power and being as powerful as any other person in the land by having the ability to vote on any and all trade deals, laws and when necessary, wars.

Imagine a new way of thinking, a way that ultimately changes your life because there would no longer be politics and ideology, to fight, argue and vote over, rather it would be about the only truly important thing for each and every one of us, humanity.

Did we evolve as humans to be left-wing or right-wing, socialist or capitalist, this or that, or any other of the many labels? No. Our society today is collectively the result of us giving our power to a few who have, over time, forced us to be anything but human. But we can have our humanity back. We can relearn to become who and what we truly are, not a stressed out, worried populace separated by insignificant labels, but a global family knowing that what is best for our family, friends and neighbours is also best for us.

The following points are key;

  1. For our freedom, liberty and sanity, our systems cannot continue in their present form. Our quality of life continues to degrade leaving increasing numbers of the population in despair.
  2. This situation (when understood by thorough research) will only worsen until we have zero freedom.
  3. The present systems will never save us; they have been completely compromised leaving the people totally vulnerable to the globalist hawks who will not stop until they have picked our bones clean.
  4. It is time for what may be our final evolution; an evolution of the mind, of belief, and of thought. Sit back and think long and hard about what life is about, what truly makes us happy, and the direction we wish our nations to take.
  5. Now is the time to educate yourself about what we can do, and to then help educate others who may ask you or be open to discussing it. (Hint, don’t be sidetracked by the common first response, “It’ll never happen.” That is the self-policing mind’s first defence of the present paradigm, and your response should be, “I never mentioned it could happen, I just asked if you would prefer a new system.” Congratulations, you have just shattered the first line of defence and have pierced open their veil, letting in a glimmer of light! You have planted the seeds of new ideas, new thought — that’s all you need to do.)
  6. Do not be concerned with how such a change in the systems could possibly occur. It is a process and it is under way.
True Direct Democracy - The Nemesis Of The Global Cabal - Ubuntu - I Am Because We Are

Ubuntu: “I am because we are.”

Imagine if we all thought as the children of an African tribe though, when they were asked why they all held hands and ran together toward a basket of fruit placed under a tree as a prize for the fastest runner, instead of racing each other in competition for it. “How can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?”, was the reply. Such a beautifully simple reply; a reply from the heart of humanity — a humanity we in the West have either lost or have never known.

This philosophy is known as Ubuntu which, in the Xhosa culture means “I am because we are”. You can learn more about Ubuntu: Empathy and Ubuntu ~ a Philosophy for a New Humanity. ~ Editor

Almost everything in Western society today revolves around the self; under our current systems, it has to, lest we fail — and the price of failure is a heavy burden in our society.

We can change this, we really can, if we understand it is time to reflect holistically on everything about our lives and realise we have to rid ourselves of the cabal by eliminating the weak link and giving the power to those who live with the results of all decisions — the people.

True Direct Democracy would enable us to enjoy the greatest freedom we have ever known and, just as importantly, free us from the tentacles of the cabal.


Most people, including many of those who have ‘awakened’, refuse to even consider such a change, preferring to cling to the status quo no matter how bad it is. This is due to being a product of this paradigm and entrenched belief’s which I cover in detail in my recent article “Changing Beliefs: The Gateway To Freedom.”

As Dawn Approaches

As Dawn Approaches - by John Reid

‘As Dawn Approaches’ is a novel based on today’s world of diminishing rights and freedoms and increasing surveillance and police powers, projected into the near future.
This novel follows the lives of ‘everyday’ people as they witness their country and lives being taken over by a hidden power, joining the rest of the world which had already succumbed.

However, this unseen, unelected, un-appointed ‘power’ made one glaring error in judgement, they underestimated the power of human spirit.

This is the story of a nation that has an idea, an idea for a new way forward, a new system which is truly democratic, fair, just and prosperous, a way called The Organic Economy. Based on these ideas, a ‘movement’ formed over time from every section of society, a movement that would not lie down and surrender to the cabal, a brave movement that would attempt to change the very course of history and never be at the mercy of bankers, corporations and corrupt government.

As Dawn Approaches is available here on Amazon.

About the author:

John Reid migrated to Toronto, Canada from England with wife and 2 daughters in 1988. John is an Electrician by trade, and author of the free e-book The Organic Economy and As Dawn Approaches a new novel available on Amazon. John’s website is The Organic Economy and you can follow him on Facebook.


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