Changing Beliefs: The Gateway To Freedom

Changing Beliefs The Gateway to Freedom

By John Reid

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For those who have taken a long hard look at what the future has in store for us, those who have researched what is really going on in the world, it should be becoming increasingly clear that we are travelling down a metaphorical ‘funnel’ – a funnel of loss of rights, freedoms and democracy. An encroaching bankster/corporate/elite controlled planet.

While bankster power has been controlling our finances for a long time, corporate power has now fully rendered our supposed democracies to shams. Previous to this, we enjoyed a very basic democratic system which was, in actuality, far less democratic than most realised. We vote for a political party based on what is promised and they renege on those promises, then introduce rules and laws we never voted for. The only democratic part is that we currently have the freedom to vote, just an illusion of democracy.

Today our representatives barely even try to conceal that they are bought and paid for, and the scant democracy we had is relegated even further as our laws and ways of life are increasingly influenced by the bribers instead of we the people, the people who actually elect and pay the representatives. The people who actually create the true wealth of the nation.

For anyone who doesn’t realise where we are now with regards to corporate power, check out the likes of the TPP and TTIP and the monstrous grab for power and the trashing of our laws and environmental protections to maximise profit. Nightmarish laws that allow big pharma and the likes of Monsanto to never be responsible for their actions, are further examples of a world gone crazy.

Pinch Me, Am I Dreaming?

Can this really be true, is it just me that thinks this way? Is it just me that thinks openly allowing our representatives to sell us out, to give away the family treasure for a nominal fee is not just 100% immoral and shameful but downright illegal?

Let’s face it, the tables have been turned fully and the corporate world is firmly in place. The lives we imagined, the futures we think we had are gone, it’s over folks, it’s over. How could you think otherwise? What could ever make you think this situation is salvageable? Which part of a rotten-to-the-core, corrupt, self-serving ‘leadership’ do you expect to step up and reverse this trend in allowing the corporate and banking world to run amok, usurp our laws, destroy our planet, brainwash us to buy unnecessary products and then blame the resulting destruction on us?

And This They are Doing!

It is this very scenario of blaming us for being brainwashed by their own incessant marketing and advertising to consume, that they use to force UN Agenda 21 on us.

And please don’t think a new aspiring leader will make any difference, a Bernie Sanders in the US or a Jeremy Corbyn in the UK for example will never be able to effect the real changes that are needed. Changes that must bring back manufacturing, must regulate the banking and financial system, must protect the people from corporate power. Well-meaning these people may be, but the establishment in its present form will never allow such people to spoil the party. The machinations of the state and the establishment rely little on who holds office.

The Present Systems Will Not Save Us!

These are the systems which allowed the rot to set in in the first place, these are the systems which have proven beyond any doubt that they are flawed. They must be, or this nightmare would never be unravelling before our very eyes. Belief though is a strange thing.

With all this in mind most people still cling to the establishment for solutions, the very establishment that thrives on what is happening, that exists on the back of the people. The establishment that no longer works for us!

Why Do We Accept This?

As a co-dependent society, we learn from early age to ask permission from our parents, then our teachers, then our employers, all the while cocooned in the womb of the state which gives us a sense of security at the cost of giving our power away.

The establishment is so deeply ingrained in our psyches that we defend it vigorously and denounce any thought of real change as a threat. So ingrained is it that we actually self-police our own minds and put up a virtual wall to block the possibility of another way of life, or other forms of governance and finance that may solve our issues. Our conditioned minds will simply hunger for a new charismatic leader or different political party to hoodwink us again with the same old tired mantra’s of empty promises such as ‘hope’ and ‘change’. Election day could be renamed ‘Groundhog Day’ as nothing really changes in the grand scheme of things and the same controlling cabal hold the reigns of the puppets we elect and pay for.

Therefore we are our own worst enemy, we are the ones who are allowing it all to happen to us through our inability to fully rationalise the overall situation. We are brainwashed and we don’t yet know it, our beliefs are not working for us.

Changing Beliefs The Gateway to Freedom -System

Can We Imagine Another Way?

Just for this article, let us, with regard to examining a completely different system, put aside any thoughts of “It can’t happen, it’s impossible.”

Within that frame of mind ask yourself if you would prefer a system which you and every voter had a say in, a system in which banksters no longer had the ability to leech your nation and her people’s prosperity. A system of true, direct democracy in which the people decide which direction their own nation and way of life will take?

Let That Sink in For a Few Moments, Then Think About…

…how our lives would change once free of banksters leeching the very wealth we create with our labours and endeavours. How, by issuing our own currency debt free (or almost debt free as Canada did until 1974) we would not be sending unnecessary billions to service false ‘debts’ to central banks.

Think about how that money could be used for healthcare and free post-secondary education among other things. Imagine a system of governance which was led by the people and for the people and was never again a tool of lobbyists, powerful corporations, bankers and the 0.01%. Think how such a life would be far less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone. Think of a world devoid of wars under the false pretence of security?

Let me guess, the first thoughts that come to your mind are he’s talking about socialism or communism. 

The answer to that is no, I am talking about humanity, pure and simple. Labels such as the usual ‘ism’s’ have gotten us nowhere, they are mere distractions which keep us arguing and fighting over nothing, all the while the real controllers sit back and laugh at us.

I note that increasing numbers of people are beginning to understand how undemocratic their own systems are, and that electing a different party makes no real difference.

So What Do We Do?

How do we really effect a change that has long term positive consequences for ourselves and our children?

Rather than make a long list of all the wrongs we see in our world and point fingers at the usual suspects of elite families and the various groups and committees we are all familiar with, I say, who cares?  Personally speaking I acknowledge who they are, I understand what they do but I changed my ‘belief’ that we cannot change this scenario.

I hear the chorus again, But you can’t change anything, these people are too powerful.

Actually, that is your own ‘belief’, you won’t even allow yourself to contemplate a better system and it is this belief which is the cabal’s most potent weapon against us. They understand completely how conditioned we are through our upbringing within an established system and how we will self-police thoughts that run counter to it, without our beliefs the cabal – any cabal – is finished.

What Will it Take to Wake People Up?

This question is quite common in the various ‘awakened’ circles and I add another to that, What will it take for people to understand we will never have the lives we dream of until we change the very systems which created the mess we now find ourselves in?”

What is it holding people back, what is it that compels intelligent people to cling to the ‘chariot of hell’ that is carrying us toward a planned world of total slavery?  One word – belief.

Our Beliefs are So Much More Important Than We May Realise

Our beliefs determine so much in our lives, who we are, who we want to be, what we can do with our lives, what we can’t do with our lives, and most importantly, what is possible. Beliefs are the starting gate for all we are and do. It all starts with belief. If you won’t even allow yourself to ponder a better way of governance and finance because of a belief, then you are nothing more than a mental slave to the status quo.

Have you ever had that incredible feeling when something that previously seemed impossible actually starts to happen, and not only happen, but succeed? Gandhi’s people certainly did. In fact the reason many historical events remain historical is because they were previously deemed impossible. So, armed with all the knowledge we have at our fingertips, why can’t we take a chance and change our beliefs, we almost have nothing to lose now anyway.

I say let us analyze the situation, weigh up all the knowledge and information we have, take a long hard look at where we are heading in this new world. Look at our leadership (in all nations) and how they have sold us out (that list alone would fill a book), look at the fact we are still killing and maiming millions of people each year for nothing, look at our future, our children’s future and project where we will be and how our quality of life will be. Look at how the central bankers have leeched our prosperity and how they ruthlessly destroy a proud nation such as Greece.

This is the future – we are living a real life ‘trailer’ of what is to come, except this particular trailer isn’t showing the ‘best clips’ just yet.

Is This What You Still ‘Believe’ In? Because It is Only Your Belief Which Allows It to Continue

Still not convinced in the power of belief? How many real life stories do you see such as where the people of a town defeat a big corporation from destroying part of it in search of profit. Or a sports team or athlete overcoming seemingly impossible odds to win a game. The driving energy behind all of these cases is belief.

About two years ago I began researching the root causes of what the real problems are in our financial, political and economic systems. This was in response to reading many comments on related articles, comments such as “But what can we do, there’s nothing we can do?”

Changing Beliefs The Gateway to Freedom - Impossible

I also wanted to know why a country such as Canada, where I live, that could be self-sufficient and has many exportable resources, is over $600 billion in debt to foreign bankers. I wanted to understand how things work and why we are becoming poorer, why are all western nations becoming poorer and why debilitating programmes such as austerity are being foisted on the people of wealthy nations such as the UK.

The end result of my research was a free e-book called The Organic Economy which I made available on a basic blog in March of 2014. This e-book explains the root causes of the problems we live with daily and how unnecessary they are. The e-book also offers solutions that would allow us to take back our lives, our futures, our nations and most importantly, inhibit the cabal, the banksters, the elites from ever controlling us again.

The one thing which became apparent to me through this research, is we will never really change things for the betterment of the people from within the same systems we have today. They are so corrupt, so twisted, so harmful to us that a new word needs to be invented to describe it all.

No, the present systems have proven to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that they have ran their course, they were flawed all along (although it was a noble effort) and it is time for not just a change in the systems but a major rethink of how we want our lives to be, and what truly makes us happy. Shouldn’t we turn our focus toward our communities, to helping one another instead of the greed and materialism which led us to where we are today?

The Organic Economy shares new ideas about such a system and how it could fundamentally change and reshape our lives and outlook. But as always, no matter how good such a system may be, entrenched ‘beliefs’ will try and stop it dead in its tracks.

Isn’t “Impossible, it can’t happen” the first line of defence? Then the next line of defence is to attack it, call it names such as socialism or communism or whatever it takes to self-convince you are correct in rejecting it. Again, all down to entrenched beliefs rather than logical analysis and historical precedents.

What is heartening though are the changes I have noticed since the e-book was made available last year. The changes I share where looked upon as crazy and impossible by some at the time, mainly because the ideas hadn’t been thought through by them. 18 months later I often see or read about the wrongs of usury (interest) and that nations should issue their own currency debt free. Just recently Jeremy Corbyn, a leadership candidate for the UK Labour Party talked of direct democracy, one of the main points of The Organic Economy e-book.

Obviously this has not come about because of my e-book, but I certainly had the belief that such ideas would percolate and be embraced, because they are the only way to enable the people to control their own destinies and not be enslaved by banksters, corporations or tyrannies.

The Seeding of New Ideas

So, thanks to the words of just one man, Jeremy Corbyn, the seeds of the idea of direct democracy have now been planted in millions of minds, and over time many ‘beliefs’ will change as a result. I salute the man but not his politics as I am apolitical, as is the basis of an organic economy.

Everything we do starts with a thought, a dream or an idea. Our beliefs filter our perceptions so our beliefs are the gatekeepers of that which we deem possible, if our beliefs tell us an idea is a ‘no-go’ then it is dismissed without further thought. We will also always do what is necessary to reinforce that belief, it is how our minds work.

My own belief is the present systems must go and we need to evolve, evolve our beliefs, evolve our ways of thinking. I also felt that such a change would only ever happen after a massive collapse whether that be from a dollar collapse and financial depression, WW3, a solar flare or pandemic. But I now believe the collective consciousness is beginning to swell and armed with new ideas it may just happen without a collapse! Yes I agree, that is a huge leap of faith but I may as well use one of my old sayings If you don’t dream it, it won’t happen.”

In summation, all ideas begin in the mind and are ‘vetted’ by our beliefs. Many of our beliefs are entrenched since childhood and cling desperately to the established state despite its flaws. Until we change certain beliefs in what is and isn’t plausible we are mental slaves to the flawed system and will never be free.

Changing your beliefs is the first and most important step in changing your life for it will allow you to unlock your mind and open the gateway to freedom.

About the author:

John Reid migrated to Toronto, Canada from England with wife and 2 daughters in 1988. John is an Electrician by trade, and author of the free e-book The Organic Economy  and As Dawn Approaches a new novel available on Amazon. John’s website is The Organic Economy and you can follow him on Facebook.

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