The Path of Enlightenment: The Tale Of Two Monks

The Path to Illumination The Tale Of Two MonksBy Lorna Richard

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is only one soul expressed in physical form. All is expressed in the One and the One is expressed in the ALL. That which is experiencing is also the thought. In the beginning was the ‘word’. The word is a thought. Prior to anything being made manifest in the physical, it is first the energy of a thought.

I am the thinker and the thought itself. I am, just as you are, the observer and the observed.

Duality is a perceptual lie. Right or wrong, good or bad is determined by one’s own indoctrination. Energy is just energy until the intellect observes is and defines it.  Depending on the perspective of the individual’s beliefs and experiences, they determine whether they are in agreement or in disagreement. What makes an enemy an enemy?

As you sit here reading these words are you aware you are also observing yourself reading? The brain can only process that which it is willing to see.

What makes a person narrow-minded and short-sighted, or open-minded and expanded and long sighted?

A person that knows the truth is not in opposition to the truth nor held to a secret society. Those people that are truly interested in illumination are not interested in occult practices that are in violation of nature and natural law.

All man have been created equal. Notice I said, “All man”; this indicates that men and women regardless of race are created equal.  Nothing in nature lives for itself. The sun shines to give life to the plant. The plant grows to give nourishment to the animal. When the plant dies it nurtures the soil and brings nourishment to microorganisms. The rivers do not flow for themselves. It is only the selfish egomaniac which does all for self-gratification. The ego becomes out of balance when a person loses their relationship with all things. Their brain function becomes limited to operating from the lower brain. These individuals are in survival mode. They see themselves as separate from the world driven by domination and jealousy. The fight for ownership throws off the balance of nature as wars are created. A person, an ethnic or religious group, holding themselves above another is in violation to Natural Laws, God’s Laws; all man are created equal; nothing in nature lives for itself.

All is indeed ONE!

A truly illuminated brain is not interested in dominance over the physical plane or oppression of another. These individuals are not interested in arguing for the sake of disagreeing. They are interested only in the expression of the ‘truth’.

Illumination is the act of bringing knowledge to the intellect. Illumination cannot be learned; it is not something that can be sought through listening to lectures or through scientific study. Illumination cannot be achieved via philosophical discourse.  There is no book of knowledge that can bring you atonement and full illumination.

The person who has had full atonement, seeing from the ‘One Mind,’ the ‘God Mind” has had full realization of the self. A person that has had atonement can lead you to the gate but they cannot bring you to your knowing of self. The knowing of self is an inside job. An individual interested in illumination must have the willingness to let go of all that they think they know.

The fight of good and evil is not a fight at all. Light is information and the dark is the suppression of it.

My life journey has been a journey for the truth which centered on the following four questions.

Who am I?

What am I?

What is life?

What is God?

It was through my desire to know the answers to these questions that I came to know myself. My mind has had the opportunity to see from all perspectives, from consciousness itself. In this state of consciousness there is no conflict.

Have you heard of the tale of two monks?

There once were two most studious monks walking together on the path to illumination. They had been walking along a river path leading to their atonement all morning.  The morning had been long and their silent contemplation non-eventful as they walked, listening to the water flowing in the stream. The two decided to stop and take a break from their silenced minds. They both desired to drink in the perfection of their journey.

The sun was high in the sky, shining a light of understanding, nourishing the mind and warming the body. As they stood facing each other content in their contemplation of this journey, one of the friends looks down. There written in the sand at his feet is a number 6. “Look, look!” he shouts to his friend, delighted in his discovery, “There is a number 6”. The second monk looks down to the symbol written in the sand and to his delight he sees a number 9.  “Oh no,” he quickly replies to his friend, “that is not a ‘6’ it is a ‘9’”.

Who is right?

While the two are arguing, an eagle flying overhead looks down at the display. Laughing at the futility of the display below the eagle thinks to himself, “Those silly monks arguing and getting angry. If only they could expand their vision. They need to have my eagle’s eye view of what they are observing and interpreting. I am so much wiser than they for I see it fully”.

Then God, from the infinite awareness of the Soul and holding all thoughts and experiences, calls to the eagle from within.

Do not be so hasty in your judgment for you too are limited in your perception. It is I that have full vision and knowing. I am not limited by seeing with the eyes and thinking with the brain. The Soul is my eye of infinite awareness flowing through all life.  My consciousness is the consciousness of all that has been experienced in all life times, all dimensions, and all realities. It is I that is not limited by time or space or limited by the physical expression – I see all and know all.

All expressions are adding to God’s experience. I am just as you are infinite potential, infinite awareness, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Holding fast to indoctrination and mental programming limits the expression of the Soul in physical form and limits the expansion of consciousness, keeping the brain and body in a holding pattern of discontent.

Perception is everything. The thing is, perception is limited to the body’s sensitivity to energy, which is directly affected by life circumstances. What a person believes about self has an effect on their state of consciousness and conscious awareness, which determines what and how the brain processes the information both internally and externally.

There could be 7 billion people watching the same movie at the same time seeing a different movie.

The brain is in the process of getting an upgrade, regardless of its attempted assassination by the pharmaceutical and chemical companies — companies owned by the psychopaths with an agenda of holding back evolution, supported by the ignorance of world government employees.

Unity Consciousness is not only possible it is a guarantee.

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About the author:

Lorna RichardLorna Richard is a Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Alchemist, and catalyst for change. Lorna uses energy based modalities to transcend non-beneficial paradigms helping clients move into self-empowerment and self-creatorship. Her specialty is in mind, brain, and body wellness as it correlates with consciousness.

Lorna’s passion for truth and her ability to see the unseen world of energy, opened space for awakening events starting when she was 9 years old.  She was introduced to transcendental meditation when she was 15 years old and within a year she reached the transcendental state.

Her training as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and her work in the medical field has been beneficial to her understanding of what is happening energetically and chemically with the physical body. Recovery from a brain injury and the effect this has had on her cognition is the building block for her passion to unraveling the brain’s importance in how we each experience life.

Through all the ups and downs Lorna has maintained her love for life. As a spiritual activist Lorna is driven to change current systems that are not in support of wellbeing and that maybe interfering with everyone’s birth right to experience a life well lived. Professionally, she assists clients who may be struggling to understand their life to return to mind/heart coherence.

You can connect with Lorna at her website or via


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