Anarchy – Resisting the Psychopaths in Control

Anarchy – Resisting the Psychopaths in Control

By Amaterasu Solar

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Many a reader will equate anarchy with “lawlessness” and “chaos,” while others know quite well that the true meaning of “anarchy” is simply “anti-archon,” “anti-rulers.” In fact, anarchy equates to complete freedom within the three Laws of Ethics —  that individuals do not harm others, do not damage the property of others, and do not use “fraud or mischief” in contracts . And in fact, the word “chaos” does not mean “pandemonium,” which is what most seem to think it does. Chaos has an underlying structure that emerges with time. With sound seed parameters, human chaos can emerge quite beautifully and functionally.

No matter how you cut it, having someone (rulers, “leaders,” “elected officials,” etc.) dictate what others may and may not do outside the three Laws is the antithesis of freedom. From the “benevolent” to the tyrannical, any who claim any “authority” to dictate to others are removing freedom, creating “subjects” who might even think they are free, and mostly happy. But inherent in this “authority” is the power over others, of course, and power over others draws psychopaths far more than it does the ones that are heart-driven.

Psychopaths get quite good at moving us with our emotions and it is with our minds, our discernment, that we can overcome the pickle that we, humanity on this planet, are in.  If this silly barrage of psyops lately hasn’t yet clued you in that there is a less than freedom-healthy motive behind them, I have great compassion for you and await the moment when you are clued.

This is what we get when we consent to rulers. The better choice is no rulers and taking personal responsibility for each our own choice of behavior, with the Laws of Ethics, and the betterment ethic in place of the work “ethic,” which is, when you think about it, a slave’s creed, not an ethic at all.

Removing the top-down in favor of a web-driven bottom-up system, and using the natural chaos in the societies we see functioning all around us, from insects to critters both bigger and smaller, would serve humanity well. There is a chaos of autonomous individuals in all societies with informational seed parameters for response. Meet too many scouts, go help at home (the creation and/or care of young).

One root problem to allowing this informational chaos, this stigmergy, to flow within humanity is the yoke of money. This is used to skew the natural flow of information through bribery, blackmail setups, and threats. It gives power over others to the ones most passionate about having power over others (which are the psychopaths in society).

Anarchy – Resisting the Psychopaths in Control 2

Clearly, if we would support the principles we are told the top-down controlmind in America stands for, we would support such an anarchy.  It would go much further to our benefit, far closer to our goals, than the psychopath-driven results we see. For example, GMOs would never have willfully escaped confinement had we not had money/power driven psychopaths in control. Sure, some individual psychopaths might create isolated problems, but the ability to “make that choice for us” allowed it to be “acceptable,” even, without in depth, honest studies and reporting.

Truly, if you look around, I am sure you will see at least one thing that would not be possible if psychopaths were not in control. Many of you will see far more than one.

We have choices to make. Do you REALLY want freedom? We can co-create it. Withdraw your consent. Without psychopaths in control, our individual genius will shine, freed as we will be from the slavery we presently endure.

“Are we American for the principles or in support of pieces of paper?” This is a good question. Again, do you REALLY want freedom, justice, and the ability to pursue happiness? Then an ethical anarchy wins hands down over any top-down control-mind system.

I invite you to my website to read on the structure of an ethical anarchy here: The Abundance Paradigm Foundational Writings.

Let’s do the restart in ideas, not blood.”

About the author:

Amaterasu Solar is a multidisciplined Foundational Economist, social engineer, and layman physicist, also studying emergence, fractals, stigmergy, chaos, complexity, the tipping point, and other elements of science.  She has spent the bulk of her 50+ years on this planet seeking solutions to the problems that beset humanity.

Please see for details of the solutions she offers.

Her father was deeply involved in the study of electrogravitics, teaching her, describing his successful experiments in gravity control and free energy, and painting a picture of flying cars, floating cities, and all the energy we can use as the world she would grow up in because of his work. When the technology of electrogravitics became highly classified, her father never mentioned his work again.

You can visit Amaterasu’s blog Resisting The New World Order or follow Amaterasu on Twitter.

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