New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Removing the Boundaries to Our Sacredness

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces - Removing the Boundaries to Our Sacredness 8th March 2016

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Humanity has collectively come to see spirit and matter as antagonistic to each other, and so, believing we must choose one over the other — the spiritual or the earthly — we have become embedded in an unresolveable polarity that keeps us from embracing our true sacred nature: which is both spiritual and earthly.

Typifying this polarity is the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. Almost everyone to a certain degree holds the awareness of this story from the Bible, a version of which also appears in the Qur’an, in which humanity is cast out of Heaven for choosing to eat the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. Depicting a tale of humanity’s inherent “sinfulness” and a need for redemption from our very nature, this story and the deeper meaning it reinforces has left a stain on the collective unconscious psyche that impacts us in ways so damaging that many cannot even comprehend it. In essence, this seminal narrative, among others, teaches us to reject and undermine the experience of the physical senses, and to carry a deeply unnatural lack of self-love and self-acceptance of our human selves.

Today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces provides us an energetic opportunity to overcome this distortion, removing the boundaries that prevent us from knowing the sacredness of our human incarnation.

Knowing Our Sacredness

We emerge from the source, and we return after our time has expired. Our human/spiritual lives on earth are about knowing Source through the human senses. Our physical vessel — our body — is the sacred vehicle through which Source manifests as life on this plane and, through its senses and perceptions, we find our soul’s true calling. When we feel what it is to be an infinite being in human form, it is immensely powerful and simultaneously extremely humbling.

In the centre of our own core we hold such incredible potential, and yet, we never seem to harness it. Why? The sense of division and separation we all carry, the separation from Eden (love) and Source itself. We begin our journey into this world by separating from the womb, the first place we feel nurtured and loved. As we enter the world we are met with man-made laws, rules and regulations, expectations, and established structures and institutions.

Through the experience of social rules, mis-placed judgments, distorted masculine and feminine principles, and the various deceptions of our hierarchical societies, we become lost in a maze of unresolved anger, unnatural emotional realities and core beliefs — particularly man-made guilt, shame and unworthiness. This serves to hold humanity at the mercy of those constructs, as we seek to know love and acceptance from outside of ourselves. All of this leads to a demoralized sense of identity and a deep absence of love. Disconnected from our true nature, and therefore Source, we become lost to the void.

Ironically, it is by choosing to eat from the Tree of Knowledge that we empower ourselves to know our divinity and empowerment. Making the choice to question, learn, experience, and grow, to discern and to not follow blindly, puts us back on the path of knowing ourselves. It aids us to become free of the constructs we inherit of man, and inspired to actualize our true potential. No longer are we then disarmed and pacified by the deep social sickness of being lost and absent of creation. As seekers of wisdom and experience, we come to realize, we are creation. We are sacred.

The true authentic measurement of our Garden of Eden is not in the intoxicated egocentric ideals by self-imposed power-hungry law makers who strive for profit and power, but by the leaders who desire to aid the fallen and reinforce and strengthen the weakened structures of communities; those who present themselves as way showers, healers and ambassadors of light — the core ideals represented by the Jesus archetype.

It is time to rise and open up the doorways of truth. It is time that we eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, knowing that that we may find the Source of life through remembrance of love, unity, sacredness, devotion and compassion, instead of living in man-made distractions and trickery, separated from nature and from our own nature. And we are well on our way to embodying this narrative with the energy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces, which offers us an astrological opportunity to redefine the lesson of the Garden of Eden, as a reminder of our connection to the sacred love and physical abundance (Source) we have come here to experience on this earthly plane.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces - Removing the Boundaries to Our Sacredness - Cardwell Sacred Moon Festival

Evolutionary Potential of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Saturn in Sagittarius Square the Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces

This transit and alignment holds for us the potential to heal ourselves and shift deep collective and individual traumas and wounds. We each carry with us on some deep level the feeling of abandonment — the separation from love/source into individual form — and the truth, beliefs and core identities we act from reveal these feelings to us with such clarity.

Within this alignment, Saturn (reflecting structure, boundaries and protection) holds space for us to see into the depths of our core and reflect upon the distorted truths that we hold about ourselves and others; the truths that were originally formed through our own suffering and pain. We are here to transform and transmute, and our human potential is seeded and encoded in us at birth. Our job is to look inside ourselves, to find the blocks and boundaries that keep us separated from source, and remove them so we can live more heartfelt experiences. Our growth lies in our willingness to know and accept our self with all our human ‘imperfections’. When we see ourselves in this light, we can know true heart empowerment.

The Sun, Moon, Chiron and the South Node in Pisces opposes Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo

As Jupiter (personal truth) aligns with the North Node of the Moon, we are blessed with the wisdom that is held in Jupiter’s passage through Virgo (anchoring). The gifts of this transit and alignment will be revealed to us as hope, and a sense of new meaning for what can be possible.

In a world of darkness and uncertainty we often find feelings of chaos and futility, but as more souls awaken to the true meaning of life and the beauty it holds, a surge of higher awareness is flooding the collective consciousness, progressively shifting us into deeper and more meaningful experiences. We are finding that our purpose on Earth is to open our physical vessel so that more love and self-worth can be held in our hearts — but first we must know our own darkness, and integrate and transmuting it. At this time, deep self-reflection and personal inquiry into your own karma will help to open up your heart to your own grief and to the unresolved collective grief humanity carries.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars entered Sagittarius on the 5th of March 2016, bringing with it the next major shift in our collective evolution. Energetically, Mars reflects the action principle in nature. When the planet shifts into each sign, we as the collective experience new evolutionary choices that shift our collective awareness. So, as Mars (instinctual action) passages through Sagittarius (natural law) we will collectively learn to observe our cultural beliefs and philosophies from the perspective of our innate higher wisdom.

This transit will also help the collective see with fresh eyes all the divisions and wounds we hold in our unconscious psyche. Mars will push us to find and enact new ways to heal and transmute the core loss of faith in ourselves we experience through separation from source, and remind us to align with a natural philosophy that is unique to ourselves. Through this alignment, we will seek to know our divine purpose, and to live in synchronicity with our soul’s desires.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces - Removing the Boundaries to Our Sacredness

Image by Ryan Bliss of Digital Blasphemy.

The New Moon Message

The moment we are born into this world we are hit with the harsh reality of separateness. The once all-loving, never-needing and totally-connected womb is exchanged for the external environment in which we must now learn to survive. The shock of this separation leaves a core wound imprinted in our consciousness. This imprint becomes a painful core belief that we are somehow separate; separate from everything and everyone, separate from love, and ultimately, separate from source.

As our ego develops, we come to learn that the shell of our physical body contains within it separate emotions and needs that are unlike those of the people around us. This belief manifests itself in our deepest consciousness, becoming the root of our collective suffering. Through projection of our inner world, we recreate experiences in our outer world that reflect this belief back to us, proving to us (we believe) that we are alone, separate, without love. This energetic wound underlies the inclination toward competition, greed and war we see manifested in our world today.

From there, our human experience longs for unity, and our journey then becomes about finding the love that we have been separated from. Throughout our lives we find that love in many things; the safety of our mother’s arms, our favourite toy, our first love, our favorite food, holidays, children, religion. Yet, as much as these things can fill us with momentary joy, and create some sense of happiness in our lives, we soon become disillusioned to find that it is not that which we were seeking. Those fleeting feelings of connection are not enough to sustain our desire for the total oneness we once knew — as source. We keep searching. Lifetime after lifetime we keep returning to heal as we attempt to find wholeness. We attract to ourselves the clues to the puzzle of our existence, and the lessons that ask us to shift our perception. Eventually, we come to see beyond the illusion of separateness– and to see the love that exists in all creation.

The thing to remember is… What we are seeking is inside and around us, and has been all along. It is just beyond our limited human perception, and beyond the core beliefs we form in this reality. The duality we perceive is merely the projection of our individuality through the spectrum of light that makes up our universe — that which our eyes are able to perceive and our brains are able to decode.

But beyond what our eyes can see is the truth we are seeking — that we are connected. We were all born into this world from infinite oneness to temporary separateness, and we all seek to find our way back to that space of oneness. No matter where we are in our individual journeys, how far we have needed to move away from love to find it we are all the same.

As today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces comes into being, set your intention to transcend the boundaries that prevent us from knowing our sacredness, and bring the knowing of oneness into our human incarnation.

Simon & Jennifer

Raising Vibrations | New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse 2016 — with Simon Vorster

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