Saturn in Sagittarius — Exploring Humanity’s Limitations and Potentials

Saturn in Sagittarius

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Saturn has moved into Sagittarius, the sign of higher consciousness, and will transit through Sagittarius until December 2017. So, what opportunities does the vibration of this alignment hold for humanity’s evolution?

We have entered the epicentre of a great galactic change. The stage is set for a return of epic proportions in which we are mastering the truth of our authentic ourselves, boundless in our awareness, infinite in potential and masters beyond our limited 3D minds can even be programmed to be!

The organic ascension of humanity is our birth right, and yet, until now, we have lived in darkness — in an illusion. The illusion is only held in place because we choose to lock our awareness in the body and don’t transcend. But now, as Saturn moves through Sagittarius at this critical juncture for humanity, it will bring us opportunities to find and connect with our soul families, and to work through and transmute deep collective trauma — which won’t be easy, but on the path of spiritual re-connection, we will be successful.

Before we begin exploring the evolutionary potential of Saturn in Sagittarius, we feel it is important to offer a clear understanding of what the archetypes of Saturn and Sagittarius are all about, and what elements they reflect to us in our spiritual evolution.

The Sagittarius Archetype

When we begin to explore the archetype of Sagittarius in evolutionary astrology, we learn how we create and develop our relationship to larger world views and eventually, as our consciousness expands, the cosmos.

When we are born we inherently begin our cosmic journey of self-remembrance. All our life experiences throughout our journey form and shape our perspectives, as we re-learn who we really are. Thus, in turn, our journey back to our Self becomes our view. As we learn to assimilate experiences, we ground ourselves in understanding of what our journey means to us and where we feel at home. At some point we begin to share that truth with the others. Our truths, conclusions and insights about life become the value we offer them, and the world. This is the journey and the story we live — and the energy of Sagittarius is the way we go about understanding that story through our experiences.

As we enlarge and expand the way the energy of Sagittarius expresses itself in the world, we see its direct connection with nature, and with the natural laws that are inherent to it. This is how nature can be our best teacher; by looking at how aspects of natural creation shape and form and grow themselves. We mentioned above that Saturn, ruled by Capricorn, reflects boundaries and protection. If you look at the shell on a crab, the bark on a tree and finally the skin around your body — they all correlate to Capricorn, which is how we define ourselves.

Through observing its function (Capricorn) in nature, we can easily see the correlations; that Sagittarius (natural law and higher wisdom) can be experienced through nature, that the function of truth is inherent in nature, and that every living being can experience it for itself. There is no need to convince and convert; the truth of our existence simply is. Coming to this understanding through direct experience is the most organic way of truly understanding these archetypes.

Finally, when we are learning about the Sagittarius archetype, we come to understand safety and security are especial aspects of our beliefs and philosophies. Within our natural reality, we build houses and construct clothing to protect us from the natural elements. This form of creation is the human’s interaction with these archetypes. Houses protect us and offer safety (Capricorn) from the elements of nature (Sagittarius), just as the bark around the tree and the shell on the crab.

In this way, our values and needs are deeply connected with survival requirements. This is why, when we share wisdom and truth with people, we tend to try and convince and convert others — it feels like a matter of survival, and we feel a sense of urgency as we express inner feelings of insecurity in ourselves about what we know and believe to be truth.

So as you can start to see, our beliefs and philosophies are deeply connected to these aspects of our psychology. If you take a look at the political agendas, banking systems and any form of advertising, you will see a direct play on our feelings of safety and security, on what we value — or what those influential people want you to value, and then buy, or vote on, or invest in.

The Saturn Archetype

Saturn (ruled by Capricorn) reflects the boundary between the conscious and unconscious awareness of one’s self. It vibrates in our lives as the natural way in which we form structure, both of our own individual consciousness and our relationship to the external world.

In relation to universal law, otherwise termed natural law, Saturn symbolizes the nature of structure within nature itself. Structure can also be seen as protection – in the physical world, the structure of a house symbolizes protection for its inhabitants; the skin on our body, the bark of the tree etc. In the human mind, it is the framework through which we construct, organize and engineer things. Its effect is evident in the way we build and define structures in any given society; the frameworks of countries, and their governmental, social, economic and educational structures.

Now, in order for these structures to function, they contain rules, regulations and laws, which lead us to becoming conditioned to that framework. We come to accept them as the norm, and even forget that such structures are not natural but human-made, and therefore mutable. The Saturn archetype correlates to our interaction with such roles of authority – society, parents, government, the law, how we respond and react to these external authorities, and how we integrate them with our own innate sense of inner authority.

Saturn also signifies the function of reflection. Experienced through hindsight, reflection is natural to consciousness and acts as an important vehicle to set in motion our awareness for change. When we reflect back on the past, we become aware of what doesn’t work for us, what possible new directions we might explore, and how we can move forward without feeling blocked by circumstances. Makes sense?

Our concept of time is inherent to this phenomena. The aging process becomes one of reflection. As you age, you mature as a function of the wisdom gained through reflection.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution

Saturn Square Neptune

The Saturn Square Neptune alignment that we are currently experiencing is directly facilitating the regrowth of our personal definitions and collective desires. This alignment is, in our view, the next most important cosmic cycle we will undergo in this transformative journey here on earth. In the context of our broader planetary and evolutionary cycles, it reflects the collapse of both our existing social paradigms and the biosphere here on earth. It astrologically relates to the transition of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn from 2008 to 2024.

As we have come to know, Capricorn reflects structure, and the archetype of Pluto reflects evolution. Pluto also splits matter, as this evolutionary energy manifests on a physical and anatomical level. This can be observed on the planet today; the destruction of our biosphere is a primary reflection of the way we as humans operate and define ourselves, and reflects the challenges we face in our the evolution of our collective and individual consciousness. However, you have to be able to see beyond the veils of illusions (Neptune) that are pulled over our eyes…

In linear terms, the mark we are at right now reflects the point in which structures have fallen, and we are now (in my view) at a critical time. We have been led to this point by forces of deception and illusion, reflected by the archetype of Neptune. The next step from here is dedication and effort to deconstructing and reconstructing those structures in a way that is sustainable. This is a point at which we will either stay in old destructive patterns and assimilate ourselves into the pre-defined mould to which we have become conditioned, or activate the true authentic, expansive expression of our being, and move forward in new and creative ways.

For this reason, the energies associated with these evolutionary cycles can either be experienced as deep loss of inspiration (Neptune) and cold feelings of futility (Saturn). But as always, we have choices in the way we react. We can allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed by these times, or we can choose to bring our dreams and inspiration (Neptune) to the forefront of our consciousness, and dedicate and nurture (Saturn) them so that our dreams can be lived and realised. This is a powerful time for finding yourself and your own personal story — a time when each of us has not only the opportunity but also the impetus to invent ourselves and discover ways of being that humanity has never experienced before. We are beginning a new story for planet earth, and it is up to us to bring our personal energy and our unique story to the table as lights and guiding posts for others to follow.

Unity Consciousness

In the most recent years, the term unity consciousness has become more prevalent as a new tone for expression in the awakening movement. What is interesting is that Saturn’s movement through Sagittarius actually has a direct connection to this emerging consciousness, and how the human race evolved to this point.

So what is unity consciousness actually and how does the above statement become real for us?

Unity consciousness is when we operate from a state of being that reflects both balanced masculine and feminine perception. In other words, operating from a state of balance between left brain (analytical) and right brain (intuitive) hemispheres — the integration of expansive and receptive, of yin and yang, of light and dark.

The main benefit in operating from this balanced state is that we are able to remain out of duality and at one with the self. Most of our conflicts in the world (and of course in our personal lives) exist because of duality — the result of competing, as opposed to integrated forces. The art of learning to operate from this state is an extremely challenging one and provides us with a great task. We have such an overwhelming stimulus of information, data, visual effects and influences that it is tough to actually remain balanced. But the potential for what the human can actually achieve by integrating the masculine and the feminines is so powerful that we are compelled to work to create that change, knowing that the world and our own lives will look and feel so incredibly different if everyone (or at least the majority) was operating from this state.

Another element we would like to add this concept (and one we feel should be honestly addressed) is the popular “new age” concept of spirituality, which tells us that human ascension “is already done” and requires no effort to manifest. What we are dealing with here is an overly stimulated right brain function, which disregards the free will actions of others and the need for action ourselves. As Openhand recently noted in his article, The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth, “life here in the lower densities currently remains convoluted, intoxicated and poisonous to the extent that if it continued, would risk the emergence of the New Paradigm and the future viability of successful co-creative harmony for all life on Earth.”

Indeed, we have much work to do to if we are to truly manifest a new, unified world.

The reason we are bringing this perspective into the equation is to illuminate the true meaning of unity consciousness: the deep spiritual clearing of distorted emotional debris, taking responsibility for one’s own life, helping to deconstruct the paradigms and systems of separation (government, institutional religion etc.), and operating from a non-dualistic place that reflects vulnerability, openness, emotional compassion for self and others with no judgment for souls who are at different planes of their spiritual path. This is the nature of our true relationship with Source, and one that can’t be simplified to “new age” terms. The right brain is reflected in the archetypes Sagittarius and Pisces. Both these signs hold the Saturn (Sagittarius) Neptune (Pisces) Square, and these alignments will promote energies in more balanced way, providing plenty of opportunities to work with these energies in balanced and holistic ways.

South Uranus in Sagittarius

For each of us on the planet today, we each carry with us the collective DNA imprinting of the south node of Uranus in Sagittarius. According to the paradigm of evolutionary astrology the south node of Uranus sits between 11 and 17 degrees of Sagittarius. South nodes of planets simply represent the past experiences that we have gone through. These past experiences then transmute into what call our past. Now in the case of a south node of a planet like Uranus, we are essentially looking very far back into our collective experiences on earth.

What this alignment signifies is our collective trauma that we carry in our DNA as a human race, caused by the distorted and expansive energy of the masculine patriarchy and the separation from our creative feminine essence — which bleeds into so many aspects of our collective reality.

Saturn will move over this area of our astrology charts collectively bringing into our reality the issues mentioned above. In each of us individually we will experience the collective trauma of our actions, through examples like the mass migration and separation that is occurring in Syria, which will ultimately help us to heal and integrate light and dark. Integration is a big part of the energy reflected by South Node Uranus in Sagittarius; Sagittarius speaks about natural law and our connection to nature and our tribe and the philosophy we hold, and integration plays a key part here as Saturn moves over these points.

As a result, our collective karma and human DNA will be shifting greatly, and we all over the world will be going through some form of integration challenges as we work to create new, peaceful global communities. For example, how does the west integrate the eastern spiritual philosophies? How will we collectively respond to the fear-based propaganda that will be delivered in the mainstream media?

Saturn in Sagittarius

Our collective awakening journey has been an intense one, filled with wonderful experiences of reconnection with source and the wonderful elements of becoming aligning with such powerful inner feelings of wisdom and knowing. As we travel together along this journey, the search for our galactic tribe will become more and more important. This is of course important and a natural progression from where we have come from. The last three years have shifted us into new realms and we are now ready to be present in this lifetime more that we could have ever thought possible.

We strongly believe it is important to highlight an essential aspect of this Saturn in Sagittarius cycle.

Many souls at the moment are running the belief system (Sagittarius) that we must save the planet. This is a simple reincarnation belief that is still imprinted in the collective field from past lives living during periods in human history where heavy religions agendas were imposed on our lives; a play on humanity’s natural devotion to God and creation. Unfortunately, religions promote an external saviour, so what naturally occurs is that our service to source – to life itself – is not seen as the service to self or the inner journey of connecting to our own inner core. This absence of spiritual grounding creates the impulse to look outwardly, and to seek to save. But this simply cannot be accomplished through devotion only to outer world events. There is a paradox here that does create change in the world.

As mentioned above, we have to seek inner understanding and work on developing our own individual connection to our own inner core. This creation then births into our consciousness the organic reflection of truth that is of our own personal journey. By this point, the projection of our inner world into the outer world becomes our service to the world — the change the world needs to see. We really wish to emphasize this thought and idea as it reminds us of the true nature of ourselves — our organic selves, not external saviours of others or subject to being saved. It also reminds us to be less vulnerable to the disinformation that we’re fed, that would have us save others or wait (powerlessly) to be saved. Part of the lesson of Saturn in Sagittarius is learning to come to terms with the lies and untruths in our lives, and to understand the truth that comes from one’s own direct knowing. In other words researching, delving and finding one’s own conclusions about every aspect of life, not inheriting beliefs from others others.

As we journey along earth’s collective timeline we will be faced with challenges and new circumstances that will bring into our world a radical shift in our awareness. As we write this, we are aware that this process of change is also constantly occurring, and that 30 years from now we will be moving through even stranger timelines. And there lies the truth of our multidimensional experience — we are always changing and evolving. The next couple of years are most certainly going to bring into our lives truths that are “stranger than fiction”. The best thing we can do for ourselves and for others during this extraordinary time is to embrace the change, be in acceptance of the new directions your personal life is taking you, learn from your new inner understanding, explore the nature of consciousness and above all else…

Be the change!

Simon & Jennifer

About the authors:

Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Simon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 10 years. Together with his partner and co-founder of Raising Vibrations, Jennifer Langstone, their work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. Through their website, Raising Vibrations, and the consulting services they offer, Simon and Jennifer share their thoughts and insights and, using the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, help and guide others to find their own spiritual paths, live authentically in the moment and understand ways they are able to positively effect their own spiritual evolution.

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