The Brussels Attack – Another False Flag?

The Brussels Attack - Another False Flag

(Updated 25th March 2016)

By Makia Freeman

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Another attack occurred on Tuesday March 22nd, 2016, in the capital city of Belgium and the European Union. Bombs were set off in Brussels metro station Maelbeek (right next to EU and NATO headquarters) and its Zaventem airport. At the time of writing, the toll is reported as 34 dead and 200+ injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombings.

As with any of these ISIS bombings in Western countries, the question is: is this another false flag attack carried out by the US/Israeli forces that control ISIS to further the New World Order agenda, which includes tougher domestic laws, more surveillance and more international wars in Syria, the Middle East and elsewhere to fight the fraudulent war on terror?

Let’s look at what we know so far…

The Convenient Timing of the Brussels Attack

Strangely enough (or not), I was just having the thought the day before the Brussels attack happened that it had been awhile since the last major false flag attack had occurred (a few months since the 2nd Paris false flag attack and the San Bernardino false flag attack). I had the distinct feeling that another one was just around the corner. When you regularly cover false flag events, you begin to see the greater pattern behind them. The New World Order manipulators need constant chaos and fear to rule, and to shape the world in the way they want. They live by their motto “Ordo ab chao” or “Order out of chaos” because they know that they can impose more restrictive laws, policies or agendas on the public when people are more emotionally disturbed and ruffled. They have to stir up “crime” to justify “order”. They have to continue injecting stories of fear into the mainstream media to keep people in a constant state of worry and anxiety, or else people begin to forget the supposed threat of Islamic terrorism, ISIS, Russia, communism, or whatever the bogeyman flavor of the day is.

The timing of this Brussels attack is convenient for quite a few reasons. Firstly, it comes 5 days after Turkish dictator Erdogan predicted that Brussels could be the next bombing target after Ankara. He actually said that “there is no reason why the bomb that exploded in Ankara cannot explode in Brussels, in any other European city.” Was this foreknowledge showing that Brussels is a false flag operation? Is it just a coincidence that Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said “What we feared has happened”?

Secondly, although he has shown himself to be a true Zionist, Donald Trump has to his credit put forth a very non-interventionist US foreign policy, including proposing that the US downgrades its involvement in NATO. How convenient for NATO then that a terrorist bomb should just happen to go off right near their headquarters…

Thirdly, the Brussels attack occurred, obviously, in the capital of the European Union. Now we have a “war on Europe”. It has given French President Francois Hollande (the same guy that took away a lot of French freedoms on the pretext of the Paris false flag attack) the excuse to say quite a few things in response:

“Terrorists struck Brussels but it was Europe that was targeted”
“We are facing a global threat which requires a global response”
“We are at war”
“This war on terrorism needs to be carried out with cold blood”
“This war will be long”

Since ISIS has also conveniently claimed responsibility for the attacks — yes, the very same ISIS that was created, trained and funded by the US-UK-Israeli axis — this is all starting to sound like more fodder for the fake never-ending war on terror, and more excuse for foreign meddling in Syria, in which France is very much involved.

Fourthly, it’s always important to consider the numerology of these events. The attack took place on March 22nd (the full moon and lunar eclipse) which is written as 3/22 in American English. Those familiar with Secret Societies may recall that 322 is the number of the Skull ‘n’ Bones Society whose members have been reported to have engaged in dark Satanic rituals. George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr. and John Kerry are all known to be “bonesmen”.

Are There Any Clues Indicating Brussels May Be a False Flag Attack?

It’s always wise to question everything about these kind of incidents. Here a few interesting clues that suggest this may be another false flag attack:

  • Funny how these professional terrorist bombers always seem to make the dumb mistake of carrying their passport, ID or ISIS flag with them on their missions, as any good patsies would do. According to NBC, Belgian police conducted a raid and found an ISIS flag at the apartment, while the suicide bombers were careful to leave a trail of bombs and suicide notes behind them, ensuring that their connections to ISIS would be exploited to maximum effect in the media.

“In the hours after the attacks, investigators carried out raids across the country. Counter-terrorism sources described one site as a “bomb-making factory” and seized the elements of explosive devices. The Belgian prosecutor’s office said a raid in Schaerbeek yielded an improvised explosive device containing nails, chemicals and the ISIS flag.”

  • There is at least one video clip showing evidence of Brussels crisis actors – this man was carrying a fake dummy baby!
  • Jim Stone is a good source for these kind of events. Jim proposes the idea of a Brussels false flag based on several points, including the point that there were no subsequent explosions to dispose of any extra bombs, devices or suicide vests that the authorities found (it is apparently protocol to dispose of these on the spot). He writes:

“IMPORTANT PROOF THE MOSSAD OR AN ASSIGNED GROUP DID THIS: NO SUBSEQUENT EXPLOSIONS. They claimed to find additional suicide vests, bombs, the whole 9 yards. When such things are found, they are not touched, and are instead disposed of on the spot, very quickly by placing a different explosive close to them and setting it off. This produces additional blasts that the media will hear, and the fact there were none proves they never found suicide vests or additional explosives at all, yet they reported they did.”

The Brussels Attack - Another False Flag - Made in Israel

Is There an Israeli Brussels Connection? Is Belgium Terror “Made in Israel”?

Is there an Israeli Brussels connection behind the recent Brussels attack? Whenever an event like this occurs, we not only need to ask ourselves whether it was a false flag attack, we also need to investigate the motive, the means, who was behind it, and specifically, whether the clues lead back to Rothschild Zionism and Israel.

Why? Because Israel has been involved in so many false flag operations over the years. We know for a fact that they attacked the USS Liberty in broad daylight, despite being an ally of the US at the time. There is strong evidence they attacked Japan by installing bombs at Fukushima to cause the nuclear disaster. Their spy agency Mossad operates by stealth and cunning, and has the motto “by way of deception, thou shalt do war”. Recently, especially in the last 2 decades or so, Israel has mastered the art of propagating a new brand of terrorism – Islamic terrorism. This has involved the devious creation of Muslim hit squads, trained, funded and controlled by Israel, who are then made to carry out various attacks so as to make Muslims look crazy and dangerous, to make Islam look bad, to stir up Islamophobia and hate against all Muslims and to make it more socially and politically acceptable for Western nations like the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia to engage in wars against Muslim countries. Look at Israel’s intimate involvement in orchestrating 9/11. Given the long history of Zionist false flag ops, it’s worth closely examining whether there is an Israeli Brussels connection in this affair … and the evidence suggests there is.

The Motive – Israel’s Public Anger with Belgium Over “Made in Israel” Labeling

In June 2015, several political parties in Belgium proposed that the Belgian Government, in line with the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement against Israel, officially isolate and boycott companies that support Israeli settlements in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. They had also suggested their Government make a resolution to officially recognize the State of Palestine (which was made in November 2014). Later in November 2015, the EU announced that certain goods produced on land seized by Israel in the 1967 war must be labeled “made in settlements” not “made in Israel” since the latter term is technically and legally false. After that, Israel became angry with Belgium and the EU, bringing up all sorts of wild claims and insults. Here is a sampling:

“Each time Europe marks Jews is a sign that anti-Semitism, insanity and hypocrisy have taken over and will lead to disaster for the entire free world.” – Avigdor Lieberman, ultranationalist former foreign minister, on his Facebook page as quoted by NY Times

“In the past Jews were marked with a yellow patch, and today they are looking to mark our products. Europe, rather than atoning for what it did 70 years ago, is repeating the same ideas.” – Ms. Ben-Sadon, Tura Winery in the West Bank settlement, on Israel Radio as quoted by NY Times

Whenever Israel doesn’t get its way, it screams “anti-semitism.” When Israel doesn’t get its way in Europe, it additionally plays the Holocaust guilt card. Here’s what Israeli Minister for Science, Technology and Space Ofir Akunis said:

“Many in Europe have preferred to occupy themselves with the folly of condemning Israel, labelling products, and boycotts. In this time, underneath the nose of the continent’s citizens, thousands of extremist Islamic terror cells have grown.”

Coincidentally or not, the same thing happened before the Charlie Hebdo false flag attack in Paris 2015, which had Israeli Mossad fingerprints all over it. In both cases Israel publicly expressed anger over the decisions and policies of the French Government, e.g. the French National Assembly’s vote to recognize Palestine as a state in December 2014. It appears that if a nation expresses significant opposition to the rogue state of Rothschild Israel, they are running the risk of “conveniently” experiencing a terrorist attack. Is this to let all countries know who really runs the world?

The Means – Israeli Security at Belgium Airport

Another interesting Israeli Brussels connection is the fact that it was Israeli security who were in charge at the Belgian Zaventem airport. As this excellent article Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport (on Signs Of The Times) states…

“The aviation and general security services firm ICTS handles security operations at Brussels airport, the scene of a bomb attack yesterday morning. ICTS was established in 1982 by former members of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency and El Al airline security agents, and has a major presence around the world in airport security … Chairman of the Supervisory Board at ICTS is Menachem J. Atzmon … a former Likud party member who was indicted and convicted in 1996 in a fraud and embezzlement case relating to the misappropriation of funds raised by charities. Atzmon is also the CEO of the port authority of Rostock in Germany.”

“This will not, however, be the first time that ICTS has come under scrutiny for possible security lapses leading to a ‘Muslim terror attack’. As the provider of security services to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and United Airlines and US Airways, the firm’s security system was criticized for somehow allowing erstwhile ‘underwear bomber’, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, to “slip through” and board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to Detroit with explosive materials on Christmas day 2009.”

In December 2001, ICTS also let “shoe bomber” Richard Reid through onto his Miami-bound flight in Paris after they had cleared him through security at Amsterdam airport. And let’s not forget their involvement in the false flags of 9/11 and 7/7, as well as their connection with mind control center The Tavistock Institute:

“ICTS also somehow missed several of the alleged 9/11 hijackers who allegedly flew out of Boston’s Logan airport on September 11th 2001. ICTS also handled security for London’s bus network during the July 7, 2005, ‘suicide’ bomb attacks. In fact, two of its subsidiaries, ICTS UK and ICTS Europe Systems, are based at Tavistock House, Tavistock Square in London, scene of the London Stagecoach bus bombing that day.”

Zionist Israel: Thriving Off Its Propagation of Islamic Terrorism

Although there is yet no definitive proof, these clues suggest an Israeli Brussels connection. By fiercely criticizing anyone who doesn’t go along with their Zionist agenda of grabbing land from Palestine, and by controlling intelligence and security all over the world (including at the Belgian Zaventem airport), Israel had the motive and means to carry off what appears to be a Brussels false flag attack. Like a magician pointing elsewhere to distract the audience during a trick, Israel is a master of deception. How much longer are we going to keep blaming radical Islam when that is only part of the problem and not the ultimate cause and real reason for these false flag operations?

Stay tuned as further information comes to light on the Brussels attack. In the meantime, please read my previous article, The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation.

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