Openhearted Rebellion: The Foundation of Spiritual Revolution

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By Wes Annac

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

A New Kind of Revolution

A new kind of revolution is sweeping the world, and it’s driven by compassion and a sense of responsibility for leaving the planet in a better condition for future generations. It’s a revolution of love; a social/spiritual revolution we can all contribute to, and the best way to contribute is to do what you love.

This revolution is rooted in the understanding that changing the world starts with changing yourself and being there for those who need you, and in my opinion, holding the people in power accountable for their lies and deceptions is also an important part of it. But this kind of movement doesn’t require bloodshed. In fact, it does the opposite by bringing awareness to the atrocities committed in the name of war and the importance of moving in a different direction.

The personal, heart-centered change driving this revolution will free us from hate, vengeance and the various other qualities that reinforce the world’s negative condition. Together, we’ll learn to rebel while embracing love, compassion and the understanding that we’re all human and spiritual beings.

A Basic, Essential Idea

Most people assume that a world of openhearted and compassionate people is impossible, but this basic idea is essential to a properly functioning society. No matter where you come from or what you believe, you can be open to love (or at least respect) for the people who share this planet with you.

This is all that’s required to plant the seed for truly revolutionary and innovative changes, and it results from a commitment to personal change. Even if most of the world has yet to be a part of it, your personal changes will prove powerful and useful for others who are just starting to wake up.

I like to think that the love and good vibes we send out make an impact on the collective consciousness, which makes it important to share them through an outlet you enjoy. It also makes them infinitely valuable to anyone who wants to help the world evolve, and if more people would open up to them, I think we could seem some amazing changes in a fairly small amount of time.

The Importance of Rebellion

Along with being open to love, we need to rebel against a system that creates and profits from pollution, human suffering and the destruction of the environment.

Through intuition, reason and a fair amount of research, I’ve come to realize that this system, along with the people running it, is working against us. The system we so willingly support does not have our best interest in mind; it was created to keep us down and until we stand up to it, that’s what it’ll continue to do.

It’ll continue to take from us and the planet we live on, and the people who fight to keep it in place will keep trying to make us think it’s normal. Nothing about the system is normal, and nothing about it is right. Unless it’s confronted and dismantled, it will continue destroying the planet and the moral fabric of our society.

Rebelling Actively and Nonviolently

Pretty much any revolutionary knows why it’s important to rebel, but the problem is that it tends to amplify tension and increase the chances of war. War is unnecessary even when it comes to revolution, and the moment you accept it as inevitable is the moment you give the warmongers what they want. In terms of rebellion, love is therefore useful because it allows us to raise awareness without descending into anger or violence.

As more people realize that the chaos that’s brought us to this point is the worst possible remedy for it, they’re approaching revolution in a new way and encouraging unity along with active, nonviolent rebellion.

Openhearted Rebellion - Foundation of Spiritual Revolution - Gandhi non-violent revolution

You could argue all day long over the effectiveness of nonviolent revolution, but in my opinion, it’s essential if we want to make change that lasts. I believe it’s possible to change the world without violence, and if you do too, feel free to join me in raising awareness of injustice and openheartedly defying oppression.

Take a Stand

Let’s take a stand and make it clear that we won’t tolerate oppressive laws, overbearing governments and mega corporations that subvert democracy with the almighty dollar.

Let’s do it all with a fire in our hearts, and let’s never forget the power love wields to inspire personal and planetary change. Everything we’re doing comes down to love, and it alone will see us through this mess we’ve unknowingly created.

Love is the way into a higher consciousness and the key to healing the world, and as a creative force, it’s responsible for everything you perceive and don’t perceive; every lower and higher dimension. It’ll teach us forgiveness when the criminal ‘elite’ are exposed, and it’ll help us run the world together with harmony and prosperity for all.

From one openhearted rebel to another, thanks for being a part of this journey and making your voice heard. We have a lot of work to do, and most of it comes down to enjoying the present moment and keeping the mind and heart open in everything we do.

Join the Openhearted Rebellion

This is an introductory article for my new blog, Openhearted Rebel. But ‘Openhearted Rebel’ is not just a name, it’s a way of life created out of awareness of the importance of compassion and openheartedness. On this site, I intend to share writings from the heart that cover various issues that are relevant and inspiring to the spiritual and activist communities.

Hope to see you there!

Wes Annac

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