Respect Nature – Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds


By Wes Annac

Guest writer for Wake Up World

We shouldn’t underestimate nature — it could easily take this planet back. Not only do I think we should respect it, I think we should revere it.

Nature is sacred, and it’s alarming that humans are so unwilling to give it even a shred of respect given all that it’s done for us. Instead we prioritize maintaining the civilization we’ve built on top of it. But nature is not here for us to plunder in any way we please; it is life itself, and living in harmony with nature helps all life prosper — and help us prosper. But as far as humanity is concerned, it’s been misunderstood, misused and abused for far too long. And we’re biting the hand the feeds…

No More Fracking

Fracking, along with other forms of resource extraction, is a good example. We were already successfully stealing the earth’s most precious resources long before we started fracking, but the industry didn’t think our current extraction methods were environmentally harmful enough now, so now we do it in a way that’s even worse for the environment than oil drilling…

Meet fracking: Fracking — “hydraulic fracturing” — is the method where hundreds of gallons of highly pressurized water mixed with a cocktail of toxic chemicals are injected deep into the earth, to break up layers of underground rock that shields caverns of oil, which is then extracted. Never mind that the chemicals used in fracking are harmful to the environment, or that the chemical-laced water has shown up in public drinking supplies of cities and towns near fracking sites — which is why you’ve no doubt seen videos of people lighting their tap water on fire — the industry has a new way to extract oil that they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise, and to them, profit not our environment is all that matters.

“… The spiritual visionary, Wallace Black Elk, a Lakota said – man’s scratching of the earth causes diseases like cancer. He meant the mining and drilling for coal, gas, oil, uranium. The scratching brings up the things deep in the earth that should have stayed down there.” ~ J.J. Brown, Brindle 24

So why do we let this happen?

We’ve Lost Touch

Fracking and other environmentally harmful human creations prove that we’ve lost touch with nature. We have gone as far as manipulating the weather. Somewhere along the way, we forgot we’re connected with the air, water, grass, trees, plants, and flowers on a soul level. Maybe it was around the time the white man began subjugating indigenous cultures who lived in harmony with this connection. The result is that our culture today, and most people in it, treat nature as a lifeless commodity that can be used in any way we see fit, not as a sacred expression of conscious life.

But we will realize one day soon that we couldn’t have been more wrong…

Playing God

Whether it’s weather modification, fracking, or the genetic engineering of crops, people are trying to play God — with potentially devastating consequences. If we aren’t careful, we could be the cause of our own destruction.

We must become more conscious and respectful in our interactions with nature, and in a perfect world, this would happen tomorrow. I’m sure if many of the people involved in these activities truly knew what they were doing, and the effect their jobs have on the world, they’d stop at once. Unfortunately, we have yet to create the kind of world we know is possible, but with determination and effort, it will happen.

And it starts with making people aware that they have been misled into disrespecting nature, and talking the ways we harm our planet without thinking, as well as ways we can live in harmony with it — and hopefully, one day, people can become aware of its sentience. (Also see: The Gaia Hypothesis – Cohabitating with The Earth, a Sentient Living Organism.)

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

Plants Have Feelings

Hopefully, humans will soon realize that to plunder nature is to spit in the face of our provider. It’s like biting ‘the hand that feeds’ right off of its arm. But it’s more than that…

There’s a lot of great information in David Wilcock’s groundbreaking book ‘The Source Field Investigations: Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations that details the consciousness of plants from a scientific perspective. For example, it’s been scientifically proven that plants can sense our thoughts and intentions toward them. If you run at a plant angrily with the intention of hurting or killing it, it will emit a strong, measureable reaction. It will be calm and emit a peaceful frequency if you send it thoughts of love. (Also see: The Consciousness of Plants.)

Personally I think it goes even deeper than this, and further research in the fields of science and spirituality will help us become more aware of exactly how as time goes on.

“Environmentalism is not just about reconnecting with nature, it’s about reconnecting with our true nature.” ~ Andy Whiteley

Scientific research is great, especially when it comes to understanding the connection we share with every living thing, but to reconnect to the earth in a truly sustainable way, we also need to embody conscious, compassionate awareness. This will help us to see where we went wrong so we can make positive systemic change — and it can’t happen soon enough. The sooner it does, the sooner we can correct our collective mistakes and restore our spiritual harmony with the beautiful green world around us.

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” ~ E. O. Wilson

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