The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera – and How To Make Your Own Healing, Moisturizing Spray


By Karen Foster

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Learn how to make aloe vera juice as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal moisturizing spray!

In ancient times, aloe vera and its extracts were used for medicinal purposes. Today, researchers are discovering more advantages of this versatile plant.

Mineral-rich aloe vera juice is nutrient-packed, and known to aid in weight loss, digestion and immune function, and ease general discomfort. Aloe vera contains a multitude of vitamins including A, C, E, folic acid, B1, B2, B3, B6 and is one of the few plants that contains vitamin B12, which helps with brain and nervous system function. A perfect moisturizer for the skin, it is also mineral-rich, containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, iron, and potassium, as well as being packed with amino and fatty acids.

Aloe vera is easy to grow from cuttings, or you can purchase the leaf of aloe vera at many many grocery retailers and health food stores. For those who want to make their own aloe vera juice at home, all you need is to harvest the leaf and then immediately remove the rind and the yellow layer just under the rind (aloin), then follow these simple steps…

How To Make Your Own Healing Spray


1. Fresh Aloe Vera leaf
2. 1/4 to 1/3 cup of lemon juice
3. Sharp knife
4. Spoon
5. Strainer
6. Blender
7. Ice cube tray
8. Water
9. Spray bottle (glass is preferable)


1. Remove all the green by cutting away the top and end of the leaf then the spiny sides but leave the bottom of the leaf to hold in the aloe meat. With a spoon scoop out the aloe meat and discard all the green.

2. Place all the clear aloe meat into a strainer and rinse with cold water.

3. Place the rinsed aloe meat into the blender with 1/4 to 1/3 cup of lemon juice depending on how much Aloe Vera meat you are processing. The lemon keeps it from turning brown.

4. Blend for about 30 to 60 seconds and pour into ice tray. All that is not being frozen must go into the refrigerator until you are ready to freeze it into ice cubes.

5. Once frozen, place only one ice cube into the blender with 3 cups of cold water and blend for about 60 seconds. Pour the juice into a spray bottle and use on your skin, hair, bites and wounds as often as you like. Keep refrigerated between uses.

Note: If you are not freezing the Aloe Vera mixture into ice cubes you must keep the mixture refrigerated. It will only last a week in the refrigerator. After a week discard the mixture and make a new batch. Remember the mixture is very concentrated. If you are going to use the mixture in this concentrated form, you would use a very small amount, such as 2 tablespoons or 1/4 cup of mixture to 3 cups of cold water to get the desired affect. But if you are like me you will be making about 2 spray bottles of juice a week.

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Karen Foster  is a holistic nutritionist, avid blogger, with five kids and an active lifestyle that keeps her in pursuit of the healthiest path towards a life of balance.

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