Parents: We Are The Ground Crew of the Awakening

Parents - We Are The Ground Crew of the Awakening 1

By Jessie Klassen

Guest writer for Wake Up World

This technique can empower our children and help them to feel their own ‘Super Powers’!

As the parents bringing forth and raising the children that will be living on and helping create the New Earth, we are the “ground crew” so to speak. We are here to help them recognize their full potential and remind them of what they are capable of.

My oldest son went through a several year phase in his life where he was literally obsessed with super heroes. Batman, Captain America, Super-Man, you name it, he went through them all. Having a vivid imagination, he could lose himself in fantasies for hours. But one thing that I noticed was with the end of almost every game would come the hopeless sigh, “I wish I could be like that.”

Because that’s how all of the super hero stories are set up. There’s usually only one super-hero per story line and they are usually the result of some freak accident or are just lucky enough to be born that way (or rich enough to buy the cool suits). The rest of the population is helpless and always requires saving from the powerful super villain who plans on killing everyone and destroying the planet. It used to annoy me how disempowered these stories would leave him feeling after the excitement of playing the game had worn off. I’m all for kids playing and using their imaginations, but I don’t support this helpless human image that Hollywood creates.

Luke Skywalker and the “Jedi way” are a refreshing break from the over-stimulating, buildings blowing-up, people in peril that consumes all other super hero movies these days. How refreshing that Star Wars brought out the idea that “the force” is within all of us, all of life is in balance, and we cannot give in to anger and “the dark side,” because “the light” is stronger always wins.

As someone trained in Reiki, I am comfortable with energy work and feeling the pulse of the Universe flowing through my hands. I have taught my children to feel this energy within their hands as well. I am fascinated how easily this all happens for our children, and how fine-tuned it is for them — where as adults we go through training and attunements, for our children, it is right there and at full frequency! This technique is simply reminding your child of what it already within them, waiting to be expressed.

I also teach my children to “ground” their energies daily, and it is a good idea to make sure to ground before trying this as well. Simply have them imagine themselves as a tree, sending their roots down deep into the centre, the heart of Mother Earth. This is a loving, peaceful place and provides calm.

How to Build an Energy Ball

Try it with them…

Each of you can hold your hands together.

Now imagine a ball of energy forming between your palms. You can close your eyes or keep them open, whatever you are comfortable with.

You will both start to feel your energy ball forming. It might feel like a pulsing between your palms, or heat, or like little, tiny shocks. Or something else entirely. There are no wrong answers, as it is unique to each individual. Some people will feel tingling in their fingers too, or even in their feet, as energy is flowing all through you.

Now picture it.

What does it look like to you? Share with your child. Ask them.

Tell them that this ball is made of the love of the Universe, and it can do magical things. It can make them feel calm when they are worried, or take away pain when they are hurt. It can make them happy when they are sad.

Parents - We Are The Ground Crew of the Awakening - energy work

Once you have both felt it and or seen your energy ball, slowly pull your palms apart, just a little at first. You want to still feel your energy ball there. Once you are comfortable with it, you can play with it. For some, it feels like taffy that keeps pulling their hands back together. Others are aware of the pulsing. It’s different for everyone, so have fun with it!

They can pass it from hand to hand, shrink it down, or grow it until it surrounds them.

After they have felt their energy ball, you can tell them that they can place it wherever they like on their body, or they can send it to someone that’s far away, or they can give it to you.

My kids use this technique when they are anxious or scared. They will also place their energy ball on headaches, or on their tummies when they are upset. They will also help one another. I have found that they have much more success healing themselves than if I do it for them.

This is also a great way for kids to protect and clear themselves from lower vibration energies. Just have them grow their energy ball and surround themselves in it. They will feel strong and safe.

My children like to share their energy ball with their pets, send it to family members that they are lonesome for, as well as offer it to Mother Earth to help her heal-and especially endangered animals. It is a beautiful, effective way for them to feel how powerful they are. Suddenly, the world is magical, and it’s because of them!

The first time my son felt his energy ball glowing and pulsing in his hands, he exclaimed, “mom! I feel it! I really feel it! I’m magical!”

Children love this technique because it’s so tangible, so physical. They can feel it, and if they are visual, they can see it. But even if they can’t see or feel it clearly, they will sense it.

My son has since gotten over his super hero phase, and I have to say, I’m glad.

A new earth and the upliftment of humanity is happening through all of us recognizing the power and the love that flows through us, as empowered, multi-dimensional beings, not helpless humans, waiting on someone to save us.

I hope that you have found this helpful!

What do you do with your children? How do you feel about this? I would love to hear your experiences or your thoughts. Please feel free comment below, email me, or join the conversation on Facebook.

In love and gratitude,

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Jessie Klassen

Jessie Klassen is a transitioning cattle farmer to author on a journey of self-discovery and expanded consciousness. She is also a Reiki Master who is deeply connected to nature. As an empath and mother of 3 sensitive children, she is interested in living a more peaceful life and inspiring others to reconnect with the magic of nature and the magic of their own inner nature child.

Jessie is releasing a children’s book, “The Sapling” on Amazon in 2017. It is the story of a little sapling who with the help of a wise old tree, overcomes her fears of growing big and becomes the tree she is meant to be! A portion of proceeds will be donated to the TreeSisters and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

You can connect with Jessie at , follow her work on Facebook or contact Jessie via email here.

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