5 Important Lessons for Raising Children in The New Energetic Paradigm


By Jessie Klassen

Guest writer for Wake Up World

We know that times are changing, and that the souls being born into the world now are different than the generations before them. But what does that mean for us as parents when it comes to raising them?

The rules have changed and the old ways do not apply for these star souls, indigo children, lightworkers, or whatever you want to call this new generation. The old ways often leave these sensitive children depressed, confused, scared, and unsure of their place in this world. So, as the privileged parents of these brilliant souls, it is of utmost importance that we guide them through this experience with love and understanding.

As a mother of 3 sensitive children all under the age of 11, and an empath myself, there are 5 key lessons that I have learned about raising children in the new energetic paradigm.

1. Listen to them

Children are still very close to their Divinity, having not been away from it for as long as we have.  It’s easy and natural for them to remember who they are and why they’re here.  They haven’t yet had the years of conditioning shutting them down. It is important to remember that they are here to equally teach us as well as learn from us.

It was 2 1/2 years ago that my then 8 year old daughter, Summer,  stated that she no longer wanted to eat meat as it was making her feel sick.  I supported her decision to become a vegetarian, although given our circumstances, it seemed an odd decision.  I am a cattle farmer who also raises her own chickens and pigs and butchers them as well. The cycle of life and death is dealt with on a daily basis on the farm, and meat was something that was ate at almost every meal.  It was to my surprise that within a year, meat had begun to make me feel sick as well.  I quit eating it and have not had any meat for over a year now.  I have never felt better — several health issues have disappeared as well as my psychic abilities have increased dramatically. It was Summer that shifted her vibration and I followed.

Another example of listening to our children comes from one of my closest friends.  A couple of years ago she was out in the woods with her family for the annual chopping down of the Christmas tree.  She was never very comfortable with this custom but she went along with it so not to upset her sons and their wives.  But as her son began chopping down a spruce tree, my friend’s 5 year old granddaughter began screaming hysterically, “No! Stop! Don’t cut it down!  You’re hurting it!”  The little girl’s father scolded her for being silly as my friend tried to comfort her granddaughter.

As adults, we have become so desensitized and programmed by the old ways and traditions that we have forgotten our ability to hear and feel nature.  Children have not lost this — yet.  But with enough scolding they will.  We cannot shut this down on them — the earth depends on us hearing her.  Our ascension depends on us reconnecting and feeling our Earth Mother.

Sadly, this same little girl has also wanted to stop eating meat but has been assured by her parents that she needs to eat it. I have noticed vegetarianism and veganism becoming more and more common and I wonder how many children would naturally embrace it if their parents weren’t assuring them that they need meat to grow up strong.  We have many other options available to us now.  Meat is too dense in vibration for many of these souls.

Perhaps when our children come up with what seems at the time like a silly idea, before we respond we must first ask ourselves, “Is my response a result of my own conditioning, or is it truth?”

6 months ago my 9 year old son, Shep, felt the urge to stop eating meat as well.  His mood changed dramatically from one of serious, brooding, anxious, and nervous to a much more relaxed, happy go lucky version of himself.  Several nights ago as I was tucking him into bed he told me how he is so happy now that he quit eating meat and how he never used to be happy because he was always worried but he didn’t know why.  He is a natural empath and healer and I now see that he was picking up on the fear vibration within the meat of the killed animals.

Of all my children, the most change has occurred in Shep and I am so grateful because he was prone to very dark, angry mood swings before.  Another important element of his transformation leads me to number 2…

Embodying Our True Authentic Self in The Love Hologram 1

2. “I Love Myself”

It is absolutely incredible the change that these 3 little words have created in my home. As children we were taught that “I love you’s” are important, and indeed they are, but what we are not taught is that before we can fully love others, we must fully love ourselves first.  We must love ourselves in order to authentically shine our Divine light.  The world would not be in the state it is in if people truly loved themselves, because a person that truly loves who they are cannot hurt another being.

Every single night as I tuck in my children I tell them to say “I love myself.”  You can even ask them to list several reasons why they do.  Shep uses “I love myself” as an affirmation to help him fall asleep at night, which is beautiful because he used to have difficulty falling asleep and would often have disturbing dreams and nightmares.  Such sensitive children are often old souls and have come with a lot of karma to clear.  Saying “I love myself” is a powerful way for them to raise their vibrations and clear that karma gently.

Shep can still get nervous about trying new things, so now I have him say things like, “I love meeting new people and making new friends”, or “I’m really smart and I’m going to do great on my science quiz”, or “I’m going to play great this hockey game” (we live in Canada, lol).  It’s so effective and has helped Shep with things like his grades in school as well as with his skating — just by being kind and loving towards himself.

With constant reminding, soon this practice will become natural for your children (and hopefully you as well!)  It will shift your kids from feeling helpless to feeling powerful.  And when things don’t exactly go their way, they will still feel control over the way that they react, which is control over their own happiness.

I have noticed my children all being more kind and courteous to one another as well as to strangers.  They have a trust in themselves which translates into a trust of life in general.  They have gone from shy and closed off to more engaged and open to experiences.

3. Connect with Nature

Encouraging children to use their natural ability to communicate with plants and animals is a rewarding experience for everyone.  Remember, we all have this ability, we have just forgotten it.  Children are still very close to it.

Simply say, “Sit beneath this tree. Speak to it. What does it have to tell you?”  Tell them to use their imagination, there is no wrong answer — this will free their intuition.  Keep it fun and try it with them.  You will be surprised at how easy it will be for them and how quickly they’ll be coaching you.  This is an ability that we are all born with, they just need to be given permission.


They can also try telepathic communication with their family pet or even the birds at the park. They can speak with them out loud or in their own head. Animals respond well by showing pictures with their mind, so teach your kids that speaking with animals might look more like a movie playing in their mind.  Teach them that this is a magic that we have access to all of the time.  The world truly is a magical place and I’m not talking about the man-made magic like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.  I discovered with my older 2 children that believing in these fictional characters leads to disappointment later on and a distrust in adults as well (an effect known as the Santa Clause Syndrome).  My youngest, Huckleberry, actually doesn’t care about Santa Claus or the Easter bunny and told me recently that they aren’t real.  I didn’t argue.  They know there is real magic.  These new souls are not easy to fool and don’t appreciate being lied to.  They don’t understand why we would do that.  They are here to question our world and that is a good thing.  There is lots that should be questioned and it is through this critical eye that much needed change will be birthed.

I also encourage my kids to communicate with their favorite animals all around the world.  Many nights as they are falling asleep they are off in distant jungles, running with tigers, or living with elephants in Africa.  By opening up to these animals individually they also open up to their collective consciousness, so don’t be surprised if your child becomes upset by the mistreatment of these animals.  Let them know that they can help,  as just recently my children all donated some of their birthday money to adopt endangered animals from the World Wildlife Fund.  As upsetting as it can be to become aware of the cruelty of our world towards animals, it is through knowing better that we can do better.  They can also send love to the animals and to Mother Earth as well which will feel very soothing for them.

We never have to feel helpless.  Something as small as picking up garbage when you’re out driving or walking, or telling a tree how much you appreciate it.  Nature feels everything we do, no matter how small the gesture, the love behind it is felt one hundred percent.  Every time you step around a bug, pick up a piece of trash, tell a bird how lovely their song is, or send love to a bee, all of these small gestures help to raise the vibration of our beautiful earth as well as raise the vibration of ourselves as well. Squishing spiders or bugs is prohibited in our house and my kids have shown others in their school the same gentle and courteous removal that we practice at home.

The earth is our home and we are all in this together.  Teaching children how much we need nature and our connectedness to ALL living things is the quickest way to teach them compassion.

4. Accept Yourself

As a sensitive child raised on a cattle farm, I unknowingly shut down my natural capabilities from an early age, mostly for self-preservation.  Now as an awakening adult, I have had many experiences, fears, conditioning, and circumstances that I have had to make peace with.  I am not there yet but I continue to work on it every day.  As I honor and accept my inner child, my own children have opened and accepted me as well.  Their souls are comfortable with mine.  It is so important to allow this to happen.  Let your inner child play!  Listen to them.  Honor them.  They are the purest voice of your soul.

As much as I hate to admit it, only a few short years ago I would have been encouraging/pushing my kids into one day cattle farming because that is what I do and why wouldn’t they be happy doing what I do right?  And now I see that I wanted them to do it because it would offer validation to why I was doing it.  Deep down I’m not really happy or fulfilled.  The cattle have given me a beautiful life and taught me many things, and I will forever be grateful to them, but it is not a forever livelihood for me.  It has become too painful.  I know too much. I am transitioning away from them and although my future is uncertain, I am far happier.  Any time we feel the need to pressure someone into doing something, it’s because we are not actually convinced of our own happiness.


Shep was only 7 years old when he came crying to me and said that he didn’t want to farm.  The reason he was crying was because he thought I would stop loving him.  As a mother I was horrified at his words.  How could he ever doubt my love for him?  Clearly I hadn’t properly expressed my love and support for him no matter what — because I actually wasn’t properly loving and supporting him.  Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, my love had strings attached.  As I relearn who I am and remember who I came here as, I no longer feel such a need to control others.

Our children are their own souls that come through us, not from us.  They are ours to love and care for, not control.  They have come here with their own Divine purpose and life mission that must be honored.  As their parents we made that choice to be here for them and help guide their experience here.  It is an equal exchange of learning and teaching that we share with them, and we are the example of self-love that they will follow.  So forgive yourself for any experiences or decisions that you may have made that you are not entirely happy with, give yourself some love, and move on knowing that now that you know better, you will do better.

(Remember, any love, forgiveness, and kindness that you show yourself will flow out to your family and out to the world as well… so don’t be stingy!)

5. Ask for Help

7 years ago I found myself going through a major life change.  Inspite of making what I thought were all the right choices and marrying who I thought was the perfect guy, my world was falling apart.  I was overworked, anxious, suffering from insomnia, and Mr. Perfect cheated on me.  As I started my life over, I knew that something had to change-and that something was me.  I was tired of feeling lost and unable to even stand my own company.  I asked the Universe for guidance, “Help me heal myself.  Help me be the parent that my children need me to be.”

I took a Reiki course.  I tried to remember what I used to be like when I was a kid.   It was baby steps, but I was trying. And the answers began to flow in.  My intentions were there, and that is really all you need.  Sincere intention to grow and to be a  better version of yourself.

Not long after I received my level 1 Reiki training, my then 4 year old daughter Summer said something that was quite odd and I will never forget it.  She said, “Mom, I never used to like you very much, but now I really like you.”  I was becoming more calm, more  my authentic self, and she could feel it.  Outwardly most people may have missed it, but my children could feel it.  I was getting better.  What I have learned is that you never know in what form the answer or guidance you are seeking will appear.  Sometimes as a person, a song on the radio, a dream, or an animal crossing your path.  Be open.  If you have asked, there will be an answer.

I believe that each and every soul comes here with an equally important purpose, and that the reason so many people are unhappy with different aspects of their lives is because their purpose isn’t being fulfilled.  As parents it is of utmost importance that we offer support to our children.  Not only for their own happiness, but for that of all humanity and for our planet.  I don’t feel that we should protect them or shelter from all of life’s heartaches, but simply equip them with the proper tools to handle what arises and to provide the example for them to follow.  Honor and be proud of yourself and celebrate your life with your amazing children!

I sincerely hope that this has been helpful. Please let me know how you feel, what you have learned, or if you would like to share your experiences. You can comment below, email me directly at [email protected], or join the conversation on Facebook.

In gratitude,

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About the author:

Jessie Klassen

Jessie Klassen is a transitioning cattle farmer to author on a journey of self-discovery and expanded consciousness. She is also a Reiki Master who is deeply connected to nature. As an empath and mother of 3 sensitive children, she is interested in living a more peaceful life and inspiring others to reconnect with the magic of nature and the magic of their own inner nature child.

Jessie is releasing a children’s book, “The Sapling” on Amazon in 2017. It is the story of a little sapling who with the help of a wise old tree, overcomes her fears of growing big and becomes the tree she is meant to be! A portion of proceeds will be donated to the TreeSisters and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

You can connect with Jessie at jessieklassen.com or contact Jessie via email here.

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