Full Moon in Taurus – The Embodiment of Change

November 4th, 2017

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

The last lunar cycle offered us a powerful opportunity to liberate ourselves from the shadows of our past. Energetically we were invited to accept the guidance of the natural flow of the universe, while simultaneously embodying the spirit of the Sacred Warrior — that unshakable, eternal part of ourselves that exists deep within and empowers us to confront those darker parts of ourselves that we instinctively want to run from, and deny.

Now, having faced our shadow head on, today’s full Moon in Taurus invites us to go beyond the confrontation of our inner darkness and to embrace the stillness of the present moment — to embody the wholeness and balance that exists inherently within us, a place where neither good nor bad, light nor dark exists — a state that is experienced only when our shadow falls away and all that is left is the presence of the moment — of pure consciousness.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that will shape and reflect our evolution of consciousness during this coming lunar cycle.

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, trine the Moon in Taurus, and sextile the Sun in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces

Letting go of what was

The energy of today’s Full Moon in Taurus brings with it the potential for great change, however the totality of this change will only be fully understood by the conscious mind by the end of December 2017.

Recently Venus made a tension square to Pluto, which brought about an undeniable need for the liberation of old patterns that felt outdated and limiting. and as a result, our values, needs and resources have become more aligned with our deepest sense of personal truth. What is really potent about this energy is that Mars will be making the same tension aspect that Venus just did, in around two weeks from now, while the sextile alignment of the Sun and Neptune will support the deconstruction of any and all outdated realities that are simple not part of our future.

Essentially, these alignments will provide us the energy we need to act on the new directions that are opening up to us, and let go of the old ways which (although they may be comfortable) no longer serve our soul or the purpose we are here to fulfill.

The energy of the great Shift is still building, and right now, there is still much clearing and adjustment being made. Although it has been ongoing for some time now, this process of change is currently happening at an accelerated rate, and it can feel very overwhelming — even for the seasoned traveler. Taking each day (even each hour) as it arrives is the key to successfully navigating this transition, which despite how it may feel, we are all going through right now, one way or another.

Be kind to yourself. Let go of what was. Open your heart to what is, and allow what will become to become.

The Sun in Scorpio oppose the Moon in Taurus, trine Neptune in Pisces, and conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 


As we move into the final cycles of 2017, we will undergo a period of acceptance, letting go and moving forward, which will allow us to really heal and transcend the emotional dynamics of the past. With the support of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune all aligning, this will be a time of breaking through the limits of who we once were (who we evolved through) and integrating and becoming who we truly are.

In each moment we form emotional bonds to experiences, to other people, and even to physical objects. When we attach ourselves to such things, we find the opportunity to grow through them — by growing beyond them. Indeed, our lives are a series of cycles from which we learn and grow. With the current evolutionary dynamics at play, a time for great change is upon us, and we are all invited by these energies to review the attachments in our lives, so that we can move on from them in a healthy and natural way.

The past has served its purpose in our pursuit of destiny, but now we are ready to embark on a new exploration. What is new is still uncertain at the moment, and the past is fading away. In this context, acceptance of our past allows us to stand back and see the growth cycle for what it is, and allows us to gracefully see the wisdom that can come from such dynamics. This cycle also reminds us of past actions that did not serve our best and highest intentions, so we can learn from our regrets and improve on our past mistakes.

Chiron in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius and inconjunct Venus in Libra

Awakening with a deeper truth…

Through this alignment, silent inner awakenings and shifts are bringing us very quiet — but impactful — messages. In fact, the nature of these alignments can provide us with very deep emotional realizations about our lives, both going forward and in the past. Together with the overall transits of Pluto, these alignments are helping us to move beyond past events and experiences, and to integrate the symbolic meaning those experiences had for us at the time. Right now much of the last year’s experience is being brought up for us to review — the key here is to take away the energetic essence of these experiences and events, without necessarily taking away a conscious understanding of its detail.

Each life moment we process, whether it be conscious or unconscious, has led us to where we are today, in the here and now. Without judgment we accept our experiences as necessary to our soul’s evolution, and yet, in the world today we can see how the collective psyche is going through a process of purging out masses of old trapped energy — and we know that we need to rise above it.

With Chiron forming a square alignment to Saturn, very powerful insights into our lives will begin to arrive. Essentially this alignment is offering us an invitation to heal and integrate the displaced emotional complexes we have been unable to work through in our past, and to transform our fundamental emotional material in order that we may participate in the ‘new world’ of healthy, sovereign individuality. During this time, a feeling of being alive and awake will begin to take undeniable form, and we will once again begin to know and feel the true purpose of our lives.

The Full Moon Message: Becoming the Embodiment of Change

Each moment in time holds the entire cycle of life within it, as does each day and each year, as we move through the seasonal changes. In each moment we are always emerging into the next, constantly becoming, but at the same time, each moment also embodies the energy of what has just been, releasing what was and transitioning into what is to become. In this way, in every moment we are able to embody the past, present and future simultaneously — the birth, death and rebirth of ourselves from moment to moment to moment.

Each cycle, from the smallest to the greatest, holds this same innate wisdom, which guides us towards how to be. As the seconds pass we seem to do this naturally, as our mind does not have time to affect the process of being — but when it comes to the larger cycles, our linear mind likes to bring its logical interpretation to the equation, analyzing and interfering with the natural transitions, through its lack of comprehension of the cyclical nature of things, where there is no beginning and no end.

In the stillness of the present moment we can embody the totality of the cycle of change with ease. This stillness is a place where wholeness and balance exists within us. But if we sway a little into the past, we are constantly in a state of dying and letting go of what was and what could have been, while if we sway a little into the future, we find ourselves faced with what is unknown, finding ourselves in a state of insecurity about what could be.

In surrendering to the present moment we may believe we are letting go of the possibility of progress and change, but this is not true. We do not make things happen by planning our future, we live them through the embodiment of change within ourselves in the moment — by riding the flow of change, just as the seasons change without effort, settling into neither eternal summer nor eternal winter. And, on the other side of the same coin, we may believe that by not holding onto what is, we will lose it, but what we are really losing is the possibility to embody the present as it too becomes a part of our past.

It is only when we can truly accept the temporary state of everything and become the living embodiment of change that we can truly deepen our experience and our consciousness, by connecting to the eternal cycles and transcending the limitations of our fears. It is through being the embodiment of change that we can truly know the temporary and eternal nature of love and life, as they meet in each moment within us. Peace of heart and soul is found in this space. Always within us, ever changing, yet eternally present.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer

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