Why You’re Struggling to Leave Your Soul-Sucking Job

By Juliet Tang

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

You can’t stand your job.

You feel like your soul dies a little more every morning when you walk into work.

You secretly wish your boss would ______ <<< (you be the creator here).

So why are so many trapped in soul-sucking jobs?

The most common reasons people offer for accepting this imprisonment range from “I need this job to pay bills” to “I don’t know what my calling is.” But here are the three real reasons why it’s so difficult to make the shift.

1. You Were Taught to Dim Your Light from Birth

You are born into a network of unconscious programming consisting of beliefs and values that come from parents, teachers, peers and society.

From an early age, you are taught to dim your light and squeeze yourself into an invisible box labeled “blindly conforming to authority,” “earning and validating your worth against standardized tests,” and “suppressing your individuality and creativity to be an obedient and functional citizen.”

By the time you are a young adult, you no longer question your thoughts such as,

“I can’t do what I love. Passion and making a living are two separate things.”

“This is the real world we live in; people who follow their dreams end up broke and homeless.”

“I must make enough money/get that promotion/make something out of myself so I can feel like I’m worthy of something.”

I remember many years ago before my sister and I entered college, my parents already had a list of career choices that were “suitable for girls” and guaranteed a stable income. It never occurred to them to ask us what our passions were not because my parents are heartless, quite the contrary, the only way they could ensure their daughters could grow up to support themselves was to pass on the only things they knew about survival.

Almost every young woman in my family ended up studying accounting or finance. The boys went into fields of computer science and law.

By the time most of us land our first job after college, our dreams have been long forgotten and buried by other people’s projections of who you should be.

2. Powerlessness Breeds More Powerlessness

After slaving for someone else’s dream for five, ten or fifteen years, many in their 30’s and 40’s begin to feel burnt out by a lasting sense of purposelessness and discontentment in life. You feel empty and you long for change, but you don’t even know where to begin.

You wonder why it is so difficult to shift careers. You blame external factors such as lack of funds, degrees and skills. I did that for ten out of ten years, and came up with every reason under the sun to justify why I had to stay at that job that drained my soul.

All those factors play a role and I am not here to tell you to parade into your boss’s office and drop your resignation letter into his or her coffee along with a bag of waste from your neighbor’s dog (my fantasy for years) without first understanding what got you here, and de-conditioning your mind.

Fundamentally, until you break the habit of your old thinking patterns and reclaim your power and worth from life, your creations in life will always stem from the unconscious disempowering programming you have taken on. Here’s how creation works in very simple terms:

You may think you live in the real world and must hustle to get results, but that is an incomplete picture. You are a being of energy living in a multidimensional and vibrational universe. What does this mean?

Your life is an extension of your personal energy, and your energy is made of your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs – both conscious (about 5%) and unconscious (about 95%). The energy behind all thoughts and beliefs you have invested time in up until this moment results in a return of investment in the form of your current experiences in life.

Whenever you feel stuck in life, it is because your energy in a certain area is stuck.

In short, you can have a ton of credentials and experiences, but the energy behind what you unconsciously create in your mind (the 90+%) when you’re busy putting yourself down, thinking powerless thoughts, and doubting your own abilities determines the energy of the events, circumstances and people that come into your life. It’s cause and effect.

Unconscious beliefs rooted in low self-worth, fear and lack manifest as powerless circumstances and relationships. Once they are created and experienced by you, they generate familiar emotional reactions which are more frustration and doubt which act to further reinforce what you believe to be true is true, it then becomes a cycle that’s tough to break.

3. Understand Why Contrast Exists

Do not despair if you are not living your calling yet. In fact, you have the power to use any “lack” in life as a powerful springboard for all your desires.

Ancestral Psychic

Part of what makes living in this time-space dimension so fascinating is contrast, or duality. We can get caught up in the illusion of duality, but conscious creation always comes from seeing through contrast, shifting your thoughts, and choosing a different perspective.

When lack appears in life, it is natural for all of us to automatically interpret it as the state of “I don’t have it” which leads to the birth of more anxiety; that applies to purpose, money, love, health, or anything.

If you buy into the illusion of lack by reacting to, and dwelling in it, you are investing more energy into the very beliefs that caused you to end up here the first place, and this is the reason why many people end up solidifying and prolonging undesired situations.

Try on this perspective: the only way for you to desire anything in life is from first experiencing the lack thereof. How can you crave for something hot, unless you have first experienced cold?

For every experience that exists, there is the opposite of, and it is the opposite-of that creates the burning and urgent hunger within you to desire that something that can set your soul on fire.

In short, every dream that has ever been made manifest in life starts from experiencing the contrast. The contrast, or lack causes hunger. Hunger produces desire, desire gives birth to life, and life expands and eventually inspires more contrast; this is the cycle and essence of Creation.

You may not feel this way right now, but the greatest joy of Creation (aka, you, or the bigger part of you) is to desire, create, express, expand, and experience itself.

You can look at any lack as a sign that the opposite must exist simultaneously in the same field of infinite possibilities just like if there’s night, there must also be day.

Through experiencing the darkness in life, you now truly know that your heart yearns for the light, and you can now intentionally commit yourself to this vision by choosing to become the light bearer in your world.

Want to learn how to consciously choose and create powerful shifts to embody your calling? Please stay tuned tomorrow for Part II of this article, where I will share 5 ways for you to embrace your higher destiny.

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