Living From The Divine Ordinary

Living From The Divine Ordinary - Expect Miracles

25th June 2016

By Juliet Tang

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Our divinity allows us to experience miracles far beyond the physical, yet our humanness tends to wish to quantify and examine every experience by looking for tangible proof. We are in our heads so much that we often forget the bigger picture: our physical existence is merely one of the dimensions of our total existence, and our five senses limit us to a small percentage of the wonders in the universe.

What Is the Remedy Then?

How do we experience ourselves beyond what we can see and touch? How can we know for certain that there is more than meets the eye? How do we experience “out of the world” when we are “in the world?” Or for me, it was “where is the proof to all this?”

Like many on the spiritual path, I had been looking for those moments of confirmations for as long as I’ve been on the awakening journey. You read about them in healing books and meditation blogs, you hear about them from spiritual masters and yogis. After living on the street for a year and going through multiple crises in health, career and love life, Neale Donald Walsch finally arrived at the door of awakening, hence three volumes of “Conversations with God” were born. Eckhart Tolle spent most of his life in depression and unemployment until he realized “the secret of life is to die before you die – and find that there is no death.”

Experiencing these moments is as awe-inspiring as witnessing Moses parting the Red Sea, and almost always infuses new meaning into our existence and deepens our connection to the divine source. After all, as much as we are taught by gurus and alike that we are spiritual beings who are the divine expressions of source energy; when we are struggling with unfulfilling aspects of our lives and trying to make ends meet, it is easy for us to become detached from our true selves as we fall into life’s ruts and crevices.

Once in a while, the humanness in us desperately needs a reminder from the universe that the connection has never been broken, and we are, as always, eternally loved regardless of the circumstances we are in.

For the longest time, every time when I read about those transformative moments, I always asked the universe “when is my turn?” I meditated, I begged, and I patiently waited for the “out of the world” (candles flickering, tree falling, sky parting, you name it, I’ve asked for it) signs to show me that I am always connected to the source. At times, I felt the only way for me to believe was to see the evidence delivered to me in a manner that could be understood and interpreted by my very limited human senses.

What Was I Missing?

The truth is, there is an endless stream of “evidence” coming from the universe at any given moment, but we are not always open enough to be receptive to it. After all, how could we notice anything if we are so caught up in the daily happenings in our little worlds, or hold onto the idea that the sign must show up in a certain shape or form and not be mindful of different, or more subtle types of communication?

Many of us have heard of the notion that the universe manifests through us, meaning whatever we believe in is reflected back to us. When I first encountered this concept long ago, my first thought was “so if the universe has my back, where is the confirmation? And if I don’t receive a sign or some kind of proof, it means none of this is real.”

What I neglected to see with my belief system at the time was I did not truly and wholeheartedly believe in conscious manifestation, in our divine connection, or anything. In turn, the universe brought me exactly what I believed in – situations that confirmed and reinforced my disbelief.

Also, by assuming the signs must manifest physically, I was denying the very nature of my multidimensional existence as a spiritual being in a physical shell and confining my existence to merely the physical dimension. When we identify only with our material selves, we are, in a way, “cutting off” the flow from the source and limiting ourselves from what the universe has to offer.

Living From the Divine Ordinary - Signs

Who said the universe didn’t send sign after sign? Perhaps it came through as advice from a friend, or a much needed book that happened to drop in my lap. But for as long as we are stuck on the idea that the sign must be one way, we are not even recognizing the signs that are being sent to us!

When we allow only our heads to be the commanders of us, we are essentially allowing our ego to dictate our perspectives and limit us to only the rational, logical, and material. Identifying with just that part of the self often times leads to feelings of depression, isolation, and disconnect as we are so much more than the one-dimensional reality we identify with.

The heart center is a wonderful place. Love, compassion, joy, surrender, and trust all derive from the heart center as that is what connects us to spiritual guidance and higher consciousness. When we are living from the heart, we judge less and love more, we doubt less and trust more; we fill our lives with as much gratitude and forgiveness as we can knowing ultimately, we are all connected to each other and the universe.

What About the Signs?

Well, have you “accidentally” come across a page in a book, a message from the billboard, a bumper sticker on the car in front of you, or a Facebook post that was exactly what you needed to hear at the moment? Have you experienced occasions when you felt perfectly in sync with all that was happening around you and inside of you? Have you been mesmerized by the sunset and lost yourself in that moment of tranquility and magnificence? What about when you looked into the eyes of your love and saw your own soul gazing back at you?

There, You Have It!

The extraordinary manifests in these “ordinary” moments. As there is no separation between our true selves and the source, every moment of everyday is a sign that we are living the extraordinary. It is our choice whether we want to accept every living moment as a miracle, or view it as part of the mundane. When we give up doubt and choose to believe in miracles, more miracles take place.

What about that jaw-dropping moment of divine connection that is the same magnitude as Moses parting the Red Sea? Did I ever experience it? The answer is yes. It happened when I was least expecting it (ah, life). It was during my Holy Fire Reiki Master atunement. My mind was still, my eyes were closed, and I was in a state where I lost all concepts of time and space.


A burst of bright violet exploded in my mind’s eye. Suddenly I felt as if I was glued to the seat as a stream of powerful energy from above me entered my crown and traveled down my spine vertebrae by vertebrae. I felt the clear presence of a light being behind me and bathing me in what I could only describe as the purest and most loving energy that was “out of the world.” For a nanosecond, my mind tried to intervene, but it was shut silent instantly as the energy and the presence grew more and more powerful. The air around me got chilly, but I was not cold. All I knew was the feeling of being immersed in the infinite light energy that could not be described in words but could only be felt and revered as I became one with that energy. It could have been a few seconds, a few minutes, but that moment became an eternal Now.

Trust in miracles, because that is what you are. Stop looking for that confirmation. You ARE the confirmation. And once you trust in that completely and irrevocably, the universe will go out of its way to “prove” it to you.

That, is how loved you are.

About the author:

Juliet Tang is an intuitive life coach, spiritual mentor and medicine woman. Her work empowers those who are looking for more alignment and expansion to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, activate more love, abundance and joy in their lives, and manifest their soul’s desires using the conscious creation process.

To learn more, go to, or follow Juliet on Facebook and Instagram.

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