Raising Our Vibration: Releasing Blocks to Abundance

By Rachel Horton White

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Do you notice how you sometimes feel the urge to retreat, to reflect, regroup and maybe even push the “reset” button on your life? And then, how often do you actually do this before the fears kick in? Usually these fears are about not doing enough, making money, missing out on something, or the pesky little voice telling ourselves what we “should” be doing. How often does this happen to you?

In this energetic shift to a new way of being in our lives and in the world, there is no road map. We are entering a new consciousness, a new type of living. It is not an overnight shift. Just as flowers take time to blossom, we are still in the germination phase. The seeds have been planted. The sprouted seedling is starting to pop through the surface.

We can see hopeful changes occurring in our world. Kids are learning about yoga and mindfulness in school, workplaces are bringing in people like me (imagine that!) to talk with employees about creating new habits and quieting their minds. People (well, some at least) are getting tired of being tethered to their smartphones and seeking to “unplug” more and more. Just yesterday at the park, I observed parents playing with their kids, and rarely did a phone pop out. A person on his lunch break stopped and touched the leaves on the tree. Another man was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, smiling with his face up towards the sun.

It is happening. We are awakening one by one. We are seeing that we can change our ways, we can let go of our consumer-driven lifestyles and live more simply.

But we are still in the transition phase. Some of us are the way-showers, clearing the overgrown path with machetes for our children to inherit a better world. Clearing the brush is not easy work. It takes strength, muscle and faith in what’s up ahead. It takes releasing our attachments and it takes letting go of what we once believed to be true.

There is the vast unknown that lies before us. We are not trained to be comfortable with this place. And this is what stops many of us from pushing out of our comfort zones, from taking risks to reach that glorious place where we share our soul gifts with the world.

But this, my friends, is what will save us. We must work past our programming, we must have the courage to descend into our shadow sides, to take the time to examine some deeply-held thoughts/beliefs/stories. Are they real? Do they need to be true?

So many of us have fears around money. This is one of the deepest, most entrenched of all of the limiting beliefs we are facing today. It goes back thousands of years and is passed down from generation to generation.

It’s time to break the cycle. But it takes a lot of courage to do that. Inching our way down the diving board, bit by bit. And eventually we just have to jump off.  It’s that faith, that trust in what we cannot see with our eyes that is scary for so many of us.

For me, feeling like having abundance is okay for me has been something I had battled with for some time. Having grown up in a family with abundance, I felt guilty. I felt different from other kids. I was told I was “rich” which basically meant to me that I was a bad person. Then I moved to a town where abundance was everywhere, but not always in a good way. I saw materialism and consumerism in excess around me, and I was terrified of becoming this myself. So I pushed money away. I despised it, did not want it. Then, I realized what I had done.

It has taken years of work to unravel my created limiting beliefs, oddly enough created by other people in my life other than my parents — usually the opposite for most people. Many of us sharing light also have taken vows of poverty in past lives that we can renounce.

For me, getting information from my Divine guides has been the best answer. Yesterday when I was in my own Akashic Records I received information and guidance that helped to give me perspective on this pattern. I was shown a vision of a world in which all needs are met and food, shelter and clothing are abundant for all. In this world, we are free to help people as best we can, exchanging energy and sharing light, seeing into the patterns and subconscious fears to help people pull out their inner knowing and bloom. Maybe this world actually exists somewhere, or maybe it’s just a potential reality for the blueprint of our future.

I believe that we are shifting into this type of world, although we may or may not live in it in our lifetimes. Right now, we are in between worlds. And this is a tricky place to be. Ebbing back and forth between realities. Many are still stuck in the old, broken way of doing things: working 40+ hours a week for a paycheck to give us the actual freedom that we seek. It’s modern-day servitude. We work our whole lives only for that promise of retirements (time, travel and leisure) but when we are almost too old to enjoy it.

We must begin to reframe this way of living. What does working for money get you? Travel, time with friends and family, joyful experiences? Yes, maybe you long for a new car and house, and yes, right now those things cost money. But would it be possible for you to have food, clothing and shelter but in a way that meets all of your basic needs (disregarding the Ego desire for bigger, better, faster and desiring what other people have)? What if you could have all of those things met, but in a way is a bit different than what you may think, or have been taught, that you “need”?

Be open to the possibilities that what you long for in life might ultimately unfold exactly as you had dreamed, but that it might look, feel and be experienced differently. And if we think it’s about just having more money, power or recognition, then we are in for a big lesson someday (because it’s not about that at all). It’s about your vibration, the feeling that having these things, that living this life, gives you.


Here are some tools to help you release fears around money and abundance, and expand into your true soul essence:

  • Get clear on what you want. What does having money get you? Describe the kind of life you want to live. Get detailed on that. (This future-self meditation on my podcast might help.) Write down your vision in present tense (“I am” statements) and using only positive statements. The universe hears the words you use and responds with a similar vibration, so make sure they are in the positive!
  • In your vision, imagine living in a kind of alternate universe, where all your needs are met, where you are then free to share your unique gifts. You exchange energy in this place, through currency or by getting a place to rest your head and feed your body. Feel this place, visualize this place daily.
  • Work on digging into your negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Find the source (often from things we heard in childhood from parents). Identify the thoughts that are associated with something you were told or experienced and begin to separate from them. Write a letter to your parent(s) or whoever created this story and tell them you are separating from him. Describe how it affected you and why you are choosing to release the belief (this writing tool might help do all this).
  • Practice meditation. This rewires your brain to notice the negative thoughts that pop up. The ability to simply notice that a thought you are having is really just a fear allows you to begin to question if you want to choose to believe this fear anymore. Just like you notice the breath in meditation, you can train yourself notice the thought.
  • Take a risk. Explore in an area that has always interested you. Take a class. Get some friends together (the ones who “get” you) and test out an idea with them. This doesn’t mean quitting your job tomorrow (usually), but take steps toward what your soul longs to do. Experiment, reach out to people in a field you’re curious about. And then maybe find a part-time job that pays the bills as you move into sharing your light as a healer, teacher, advocate, artist, etc. We need you to share your gifts!
  • If you’re still struggling, look for some intensive thought reprogramming through hypnotherapy or through other tools like Neuro-linguistic programming. We can create new associations and memories in our brains, undoing our brains natural habit of connecting future, unknown situations with past, known situations (often negative). When we understand that our brains are naturally wired to keep us in a place of stasis, thinking that we are being protected, we can try to counteract this process through some dedicated, deep work.
  • Get some help from something higher than yourself. I love angels since they are such high-vibration, based in love from that pure, Divine source (God). They can help us shift our experiences, bringing lessons to the forefront for us to work on learning, which is, of course, our soul purpose in each lifetime. Spend each morning feeling an expansion of light in your heart. Ask for guidance to assist you. And, of course, express gratitude (every morning and every evening if possible). Gratitude opens your heart, raising your vibration to receive all the good things you envision for yourself.
  • Make sure you connect with other humans too. Seek out a guide to help you work through your “stuff.” For some, this will be psychotherapy/hypnotherapy, for some coaching, for others intuitive readings to get Divine information on your soul purpose/evolution. Connect with people who are going through this like you. We need to know that we are not crazy, that we can get support from others who understand how we are experiencing life/feeling.

Shedding the layers of false, negative Ego is a lifetime worth of work. But it gets easier the more we do it. We come to a greater place of learning as we move through each cycle, like the hero’s journey. Approaching our entire lives from a place of light, guided by love and compassion, will be what saves us. It can be challenging when it does not seem like other people around us do this, but more and more people are doing this, or feeling this, every day. Have the courage to talk about what you are doing. This will give others the bravery to do the same. And ultimately our taking steps into the unknown, trusting in ourselves and our guides here to help us, will be how we flow forward in our shift to a new Earth of healing and love.

“Your action has nothing to do with your abundance! Your abundance is a response to your vibration. Of course, your belief is part of your vibration. So if you believe that action is part of what brings your abundance, then you’ve got to unravel that.” — Abraham Hicks

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An intuitive coach, teacher and writer, Rachel Horton White supports others in aligning with their higher selves and their soul work through Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting and The Courageous Path podcast. Rachel is also an amateur dream analyzer, pianist, traveler, writer, outdoor enthusiast, Tarot and Akashic Records reader and yogi. With degrees from Wellesley College and the University of Georgia, Rachel considers her true education to come from her time living in Mexico and in Senegal. Her most important and blessed roles of all came as wife to her soul partner and mother to two energetic, bright-eyed, young children in Portland, Maine. Rachel works toward a vision of a world with people aligned with who they really are, listening to their own inner wisdom and sharing love with each other, with animals and with the planet for our collective healing and evolved consciousness.

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