Depression & Anxiety: Discover Three Powerful, Drug-Free Ways that Help Thousands, Naturally

Depression & Anxiety - Discover Three Powerful, Drug-Free Ways that Help Thousands, Naturally

By Katrin Geist

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Many people suffer from psychological disorders, with depression and anxiety heading the list.  According to the  New Zealand Health Survey from 2006,  one in ten adults  had ever been diagnosed with depression, and nearly 50% of people so affected took drugs to help their situation. That’s a lot of people! Especially in a small country such as New Zealand, looking at it per capita.

Having once been a recipient of antidepressant drugs, and utterly disliking the gig, I set out to find better methods. This article shares powerful alternatives to prescription drugs and conventional counseling. The second method helped me out of depression, and I’m happy to say that I enjoy life now more than ever. And you can too, even if it seems remote right now.

Also, in my view, the notion that depression is a recurring condition is plain nonsense. Of course, if you buy into that concept, it  is  likely to recur. But if you don’t, it much more likely  won’t. It pays to examine your thoughts and convictions around this.

There are three tested and tried drug free approaches I know that help to either alleviate or completely heal anxiety and depression, and I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend them: 1) Reconnective Healing, 2) Holosync Meditation, 3) Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  I have experience with all three, and they’re all excellent tools. No matter how depressed and low you feel, you can lie on a massage table, listen to a sound meditation, or talk to an NLP practitioner. And you must know you can help yourself! No matter how bleak the situation may seem, you can emerge well, 100%. Here’s how:

Reconnective Healing

If you’ve had a look around my  Holistic Health Global  website, you’re already well informed about this holistic, non-invasive healing modality, and if not, I invite you to read the  home  and  research  pages for background information. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter and download a free report on the scientific basis of energy healing there. Here, I would like to focus on the benefit specific to psychological problems. Let me share a study which examined the effects of Reconnective Healing in relation to people’s psychological states:

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov carried out a double blind study about the influence of Reconnective Healing on human psychological factors. Using a standardized psychology assessment protocol (POMS test after McNair), he measured psychological states of people before and after  a single session  of Reconnective Healing. Assessed parameters included tension, depression, aggression, fatigue, and confusion. All of those decreased significantly in the test group, whereas the control group showed no significant change.

The most valuable contribution of this study is that the ‘after session’ measurements were taken not immediately after the session, but 7-10 days later. Thus, results indicate a longer term benefit of Reconnective Healing. This is in line with countless practitioner observations and client feedback: healings tend to last, including those of depression. And remember, this was achieved after only ONE sitting of Reconnective Healing!

To be very clear, this did not involve clinically depressed patients. Rather, it involved ‘normal’ individuals. It is the only study I’m aware of to date that touches on Reconnective Healing effects on psychological factors and examined them directly, in double blind fashion. I have no doubt this would hold true for people diagnosed with clinical depression. In my own experience, I have had a man declare to an audience, unprompted: “I’m not depressed anymore!”. First words to leave his mouth after we completed the Reconnective Healing demonstration. His friends commented on his looking different. His response: “I  feel  different!”. He had been suffering from depression for 18 months. He later rang to tell me that subsequently, two kinesiologists independently confirmed that the depression had left. While I have not caught up with him lately, I know that this improvement lasted for at least two months.

The following accounts illustrate how Reconnective Healing has helped people to alleviate psychological difficulties. They come from practitioners around the world, and nothing keeps you from running an online search for more examples.

From Australia:

“Melanie had anxiety, had just stopped taking anti depressant medication and wanted to give up smoking. Towards the end of the session she was crying. She said she had been presented with all the sad events in her life one by one and had very clearly processed them and was able to see how what had happened through her life caused her to be where she was now. She said she felt really good and had released all the hurt she had been holding on to for most of her life.“

From the UK:

”Before I came to you for healing I’d had depression for 17 years. I’ve had lots of psychotherapy and antidepressants over the years to help deal with sexual, physical and emotional childhood abuse, but it still remained. On the way to see you that day I was physically feeling quite unwell, headache, stomach ache etc. When I left the physical symptoms had gone and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to party or go to sleep! When I went to work the next day lots of people commented how happy and relaxed I looked. As you said might happen, my fears and worries were still in my head but held no power over me anymore!”

From the US:

”I was going through severe depression and had no motivation when I decided to have a healing session with Laura. After the session, I immediately felt totally different. Even 2 months after the session, I still feel great, no more depression and my motivation is back!”

Reconnective Healing makes a marked difference to people. In only 1-3 sessions, the benefit you potentially receive is quite priceless. Out of all three approaches listed here, it is my favorite, even though all are excellent. Why? Reconnective Healing repairs a lot more than just any given symptom. Addressing  causes, it reinstates wellbeing on all levels, and more often than not, people receive a long term benefit from only a few visits. You may never return to depression again, as I haven’t in 10 years (due to a different method – see next paragraph), and going strong. This is not a promise in any way. It simply states what’s possible. It doesn’t matter where you begin. The most important thing is just that: begin! Do  something. It’s not going to leave on its own.

Holosync Sound Meditation

Holosync is a sound meditation that you listen to for an hour or two each day. I understand that by now there are similar, less expensive products on the market, so you might want to check those out as well. I endorse Holosync here because it has helped me overcome depression (a clinical diagnosis at the time). It’s a fabulous tool. It’s frequency based, just like Reconnective Healing. Maybe that’s why I like it so much…. 🙂  (At the time, I was not aware of Reconnective Healing)

Holosync Sound MeditationIn a nutshell, Holosync meditation plays a tone of a certain frequency in one ear, and a different tone of a different frequency in the other ear – you need a pair of decent headphones for this. Your magnificent brain then computes the difference between the two tones, and entrains at that level. It is brain entrainment, effortlessly changing your brain wave patterns. Yes, this messes with your head. And since you’re already messed up, what’s to lose? 🙂  Kidding aside, this works with what you already have. Nothing gets added or taken away, much like Reconnective Healing. You always produce brain waves, and they occur in different ratios during different activities. Depressed people tend to make a lot of beta-waves. The sound mediation shifts that to an alpha-state. And it does so with lasting effect. This was THE tool which made the most difference to me. And I tried a few. Apply for at least 6 months, daily.

Hop over to the  Centerpointe  website and have a read. There is a one year money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose trying this! You also have no excuse not to, as anyone can listen to something, no matter how bad they feel, period. This technology IS a potential life saver. You can get your life back through it. Don’t you owe it to yourself?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is an awesome tool for fundamental, personal change, with Anthony Robbins likely being its most prominent proponent, among many others. NLP uses the link between language and the subconscious mind to shift people’s perspective on life, sometimes so completely that they literally change over night. Impossible? Nope. That’s exactly the potential of this process. In essence, it is the science of how to get from where you are to where you’d rather be. And can’t we all use a part of that! Whether you want to quit smoking, or lose a few pounds (or a lot), find a job or the love of your life, quit eating chocolate or eat well and workout regularly: NLP helps you change your interior, so that desired things/people/circumstances can show up on the outside, too. The trick really is to first  feel good  by changing your BS – your belief system, that is.

The most important thing here is to find a good practitioner of it. The tools work, beyond doubt. The practitioner’s skill is what makes them shine and work wonders for people. No exaggeration. If you manage to find someone very excellent, they may help you turn your life around in ONE sitting. Yes, that’s right. If you find someone very good, you should see a marked shift in 5 sessions or less. To me, that is its greatest asset. The speed with which lasting change is achieved. This approach can save you hours and hours (years?) of conventional psychotherapy. And your wallet will be happy too, all up. The critical thing, again, is to find someone with a great track record. NLP, too, can be a life saver. While I’m qualified in it, I prefer to offer Reconnective Healing, simply because I think it’s the more powerful tool still. And I’m not knocking NLP at all. It’s very valuable indeed, as it helps people achieve tremendous, lasting change in little time. One thing you must bring to it though: the will and commitment for change. If you only like to dabble or visit the idea, best to keep your money.

I recommend you watch the film  ‘The Living Matrix’, which contains Arielle’s story, who healed herself of a brain tumor using NLP. A more playful example is below: Derren Brown is a master of this approach, and this clip gives you an idea of how it works, albeit in a kind of reversed sense (usually people want to undo things, rather than take on bad habits) 🙂

Derren Brown showcasing the power of NLP.

What you see works exactly as he does it. Imagine its use for therapeutic purposes, instead of tricks. Warning: there are  many more  Derren Brown clips on Youtube.

If you currently struggle with depression and anxiety, I cannot emphasize the value of these three methods enough, with Reconnective Healing likely being the most comprehensive approach. No matter which of them you choose to use though, they’re all excellent. Different things work for different people. You must continue trying things until you find your solution. Keep at it! The ways introduced here work and all have the potential to help you back to normal and be 100% well, no matter where you start. But start! Or continue to look for solutions, whichever the case may be for you. You  can  change your life for the better. Knowing and trusting that you can is the first step. I wish you the utmost success on your healing journey, employing any of the above, or other methods. Write in to share your feedback and results!


  • Please see sources of quotes used on the  HHG Reconnective Healing Blog website. This blog primarily serves as repository of Reconnective Healing stories from around the world.
  • Holosync Sound Meditation:

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About the author:

Katrin Geist MSc, BA

Katrin is a successful Holistic Health Coach & Reconnective Healing Practitioner with postgraduate training and continuing education in the fields of biology, personal transformation, neuroscience, cellular biology and biophysics. She has held international Reconnective Healing clinics in several countries and currently works from her New Zealand office in Dunedin.

Katrin’s science background enables her to communicate scientific subjects in an easily understandable, down to earth way, so that everyone can benefit from information otherwise often confined to technical experts. Katrin frequently offers educational talks on healthy living subjects around New Zealand. To book or invite her for a seminar or lecture, please email her.

Katrin holds a MSc in biology from Berlin University (FU), and a BA with emphasis in ecology from the University of Montana, USA.

A keen interest in personal growth, Eastern philosophy, and life coaching brought her to Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection. With a ‘left-brain’ background in science and education, interacting with the frequencies was startling. Despite no previous experience, it was immediate. It was tangible. It was completely puzzling, yet left its irreversible mark, so much so, that a change in career seemed the natural consequence. After almost a decade in the biological sciences, Katrin now works as Holistic Health Coach and Reconnective Healing Practitioner.â„¢ She feels privileged to serve in this capacity and invites you to experience something different!

Katrin offers The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, including distance and animal healing. To contact Katrin:


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