Beloved Mayan Elder Grandmother Flordemayo Shares the Secrets of Effective Prayer

You can discover more about the power of prayer ­­— and how to pray in ways that open you to grace, healing, and divine blessings ­­— when you join Universal Healer and Member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Grandmother Flordemayo, for this special FREE online event!

During Discover the Power of Prayer: The Practical Art of Personal & Collective Healing, Grandmother Flordemayo will show you how to deepen your spiritual practice of prayer — and share the universal wisdom that’s acquired through immersion in Indigenous traditions and a life of prayer.

Register here for this free online event and you will:

  • Learn to see prayer as a 2-way communication with the Divine – an act of receiving and giving at the same time.
  • Receive core teachings of how to work with elements such as fire or water to enhance the power of prayer.
  • Discover how you can be a vehicle for greater healing in your own community as you open to your own power of prayer.
  • Understand why it is so important to build prayer into key parts of your day.

Prayer is an energetic blessing with the potential to create real healing for ourselves, others, and our world.

Please join us for this special FREE event where you’ll receive practical guidance about how to live your life as a prayer, as well as how to pray in a way that aligns you with natural healing forces and the elements. You’ll also be part of a once-in-a-lifetime virtual prayer circle, where Grandmother Flordemayo will activate a wave of collective and personal healing energy.

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