The FREE Toxic Mold Summit – Is Your “Mystery” Illness a Symptom of Toxic Mold Poisoning?

Toxic mold may be why your illness is a “mystery” to doctors. The consequences of unrecognized mold toxicity can create hormonal imbalances, brain disrepair, chronic gastrointestinal issues and multiple autoimmune conditions. Thankfully, there’s help to be found!

Join the Toxic Mold Summit, a FREE online event, and learn how to determine (or eliminate) whether mold is the cause of your health concerns.

The health experts and air quality and remediation specialists featured in this presentation will help you identify causes of exposure, set a course for treatment (for both consumers and practitioners), and provide you with the latest knowledge, tools and techniques for dealing with toxic mold.

Register here for this FREE online event! It screens from January 28 — February 3, 2019.

You could be suffering from mold toxicity if you or someone you know is:

  • Suffering from ongoing sinus infections, bronchitis and migraines,
  • Weakened by gut issues, brain fog, fatigue, neurologic symptoms,
  • Constantly challenged with sleep issues,
  • Enduring terrible mood swings, anxiety and/or depression,
  • Reacting to chemicals, smells, foods, medications,
  • And many more symptoms!

The Toxic Mold Summit is hosted by Dr. Margaret Christensen, who was a successful OB-Gyn with a booming practice. Almost 20 years ago she began having debilitating fatigue, was unable to think straight and her body hurt all over – so much so that she closed her practice. Her family also showed symptoms: learning difficulties, insomnia, severe mood swings, migraines, ADD symptoms, asthma and bronchitis, tremors, and sinusitis. After 8 years of sickness, they finally found toxic mold in their water-damaged house – and when the addressed the mold problem, their health returned. Dr. Christensen is now making it her mission to help others identify and overcome mold toxicity.

Register here for the FREE Toxic Mold Summit! It could be the health solution you’ve been looking for.

To your health!