Plant Medicine Summit – FREE Online Event

Do you want to rejuvenate your biological and spiritual connection to the natural world and to the healing power of our plant allies? If so, then please join us for this special FREE Plant Medicine Summit – featuring more than three dozen leading botanical medicine experts, health practitioners and inspiring educators.

This groundbreaking 5 day event is presented by The Shift Network and will deepen your connection to medicinal herbs, flowers, mushrooms, aromatic ceremonial plants and essential oils.

Register here and get ready to discover:

  • Plants for lowering stress, plus 3 healing treasures in nature’s pharmacy
  • Medicinal plants to transform grief, sadness and depression, and to deepen your spiritual connection
  • How a plant based diet and medicinal spices can sharpen your mind via the gut-brain connection
  • Key principles of ayurvedic herbalism for treating lung, breast and prostrate cancer
  • Natural remedies for the effective treatment and relief of headaches and migraines
  • How to use herbal teas, tinctures and flower essences for relaxation and inpiration
  • The secret language of plants and how you can communicate with our biological allies
  • The healing properties of medicinal mushrooms and how to easily prepare them
  • How to assess and ensure the safe interaction of plant medicine with prescription drugs
  • Inspirational stories from herbal medicine in mainstream healthcare settings

Whether you’re looking to heal yourself and your family, your community or our planet, the wisdom of plants is at your fingertips in this exceptional FREE plant medicine summit. RSVP here to claim your place today!