Best of Chronic Lyme Disease Summit – FREE Online Event

Lyme disease is highly debilitating but very difficult to diagnose, because so many of its symptoms occur in other conditions and diseases too. Most individuals who contract Lyme don’t get it from a tick sting – spiders, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects can transmit it too, as can deer, birds, cows, horses and rodents. Although many people with Lyme exhibit the well-known bull’s-eye rash, up to 70% of Lyme patients have a different type of rash, or none at all.

Dr. Jay Davidson nearly lost his wife to Lyme disease, and has since undertaken years of research to help her heal. Now he invites you to join him at this online event, The Best of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, where he will share the very best information from the many expert interviews he has conducted.

At this FREE online event, you’ll learn:

  • To identify the common (and rare) symptoms of Lyme disease
  • About diagnosis and testing for Lyme disease
  • Practical at-home health tips
  • Healing protocol explanations

and much more. Register here for this event and you’ll also gain access to Dr. Jay’s powerful e-guide, 5 Things Your Doctor Should Know About Healing Lyme Disease.

This is valuable information which could be vital, should you or your loved one ever fall victim to this modern day epidemic. Sign up today and get the knowledge you need to protect yourself!