Need Help? How to Ask the Universe in Six Simple Steps

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. Maybe you’re trying to heal a relationship, maybe your career is stuck in a rut, maybe you’re struggling to pay the bills or maybe you’re just facing a difficult decision and you’re not sure which way to turn. Through the beauty of our collective consciousness, I believe that help is available to you, from the universe, whenever you need it – but getting the knack of asking for and accepting this help can be tricky if you’re not used to it.

Here are six simple steps to ask for help.

1. Be Clear About What You Want

Don’t ask the universe for “lots of money” or “true love”. Such requests are generic, vague and unlikely to result in anything except lots of mixed messages and confusion. Let’s say you want help with getting a new job – break this down. The first step would be to find the job opportunity, right? So that you can apply for it? So that’s what you should ask for. Be specific. Form a clear intention in your mind and phrase it as an actual request: “I’d like help to find a new job opportunity, local to me, which pays more than my current position and which will enable me to use my creative talents more than my current job”.

2. Be Clear About When You Want It

Don’t want to wait four years for your perfect job opportunity to present itself to you? Then be specific, again. “I’d like to find this opportunity within the next month”.

3. Be Clear About Why You Want It

I’ve found that it helps if you’re clear about your own motives. Do you want this new job for the money, or for the personal satisfaction, or to save you time commuting, or as a step towards your ultimate career goal? Be specific, again, and be positive. Instead of saying “This new opportunity will mean I don’t waste so much time traveling”, say “This new opportunity will be closer to home, meaning less time traveling and more time with my family.”

4. Ask and Then Let Go

When you have the clear request in your mind, ask. You don’t have to do any elaborate rituals to ask, just sit quietly, focus your mind and ask. And then let it go. Don’t keep asking or keep wondering whether this will work. Just surrender your request to the universe and move on. Let the universal consciousness get to work on your request without your interference.

5. Watch for Your Answer or a Sign

How answers or signs arrive is unique to each situation. An answer may appear to you:

  • Directly – eg you suddenly spot the ideal job advert.
  • Indirectly – eg a friend of a friend of a friend mentions something vague about such and such a company recruiting, and this makes its way back to you.
  • In an unexpected way – eg if you want this new job because you don’t feel that your creative skills are being used in your current job, you may suddenly find an opportunity in your existing post to take on a more creative role.
  • Via a synchronicity – eg you’ll start to notice songs or messages which talk about waiting or patience, suggesting that the time isn’t yet right.
  • Via symbology – if you start to see a lot of a particular animal or a word or a number sequence, think about what that symbology might mean for you in this context.
  • Via your dreams – take note of any recurring themes or symbols and how they might apply to the help you have asked for.

The key is to stay alert and to stay open-minded. When you’re new to this process, you may find yourself over-thinking it and trying to treat everything you see or hear as an answer or a sign. No, most things are not a sign. Your answer or guidance will strike you when you see it, hear it or experience it; you’ll sense that it is meant for you and you’ll specifically sense that it is your answer. Ignore anything which doesn’t pack that kind of punch in your intuition.

6. Accept the Help, Even If It’s Not What You Wanted

This final stage is very important. Once you think your request has been answered, accept the help or advice you’ve received. Even if the help has come in a way you didn’t want – for example, if you seem to have been told that the time isn’t right for a job change – accept it with gratitude. To receive an answer or guidance at all is an incredible thing, so embrace the wonder of the collective consciousness and accept that it is working for your higher good, even if you’re not quite sure how. If you do get a more positive answer, be sure to action it. If that job opportunity turns up, go for it – don’t get cold feet!

Once you get the hang of this process, it’s much simpler and more intuitive than it sounds. Don’t forget you can have some fun with it too – you can ask for help with little things and light-hearted things if you wish; it’s not all about the big, life-changing events!

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