Setting Intention, Divine Manifestation and Navigating the Quantum Soup

Setting Intention, Divine Manifestation and Navigating the Quantum Soup 4

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Humanity has discovered an important phenomenon about reality: that it is not fixed and solid, but more a moving flow of ever-adapting consciousness — the “Quantum Soup” — and most importantly, that the observer affects reality by what you focus on. So it’s become a common theme then to ‘set intention‘ and ‘manifest what you desire’ to happen. Or else there’s the view that some destined, synchronistic, event line — ‘your destiny’ — is supposed to land, but only by applying such focus.

I think there’s truth in these viewpoints, but not the whole truth. So how do you successfully navigate the inner landscape? How do you create authentic miracles and magic?

The Quantum Soup of Reality

The first ‘trick’ is to fundamentally understand the nature of the universe and to explore how it works where you’re at, within your life, right now. I put it to you, that life is a never-ending flow of consciousness, which temporarily takes form. Some of this form appears rigid or solid, sometimes immovable and permanent. Yet quantum science tells us it’s all interconnected strings of energy, each with a ‘shelf-life’, that come and go, sinking back into the Quantum Soup of reality, before re-emerging once more to take on form.

What causes that form to take shape?

What science also postulates, is that you cannot separate the observer from the observed. So when something is observing, it focuses this Quantum Soup, and voilà — dinner ‘appears on your plate’ (metaphorically speaking and a few billion years on from the big bang!)

Did the ‘Creator’ Intend the Universe?

In this evolutionary process, streams of consciousness have formed, which we may call ‘souls‘. What is their purpose? By their actions, when you’ve delved deeply into the layers of reality, they are here to have experience: to self-actualise an expression – a manifested form – of the One. So far so good.

But where does ‘setting ones intention’ figure in this flow?

I put it to you that the universe was not created by intention. That would presuppose a creator, and if there was such, where did it come from and who created it? (It’s a fundamental question of reality, and therefore worth plenty of inner inquiry).

We could consider the One as infinite potential – that which precedes all arising. This is such an important point to dwell on. I believe it’s what many describe when they’ve truly had an enlightened experience – it feels like “there’s no one here” (inside).

But in this emptiness, there’s an aliveness of infinite possibility…

You feel like the creator.

Look, you are ‘the One‘, you know that, and there is just one moment of now, therefore the condition of emptiness that ‘created’ the universe through the bigbang is still there and never went away. At your core, you are that. So if you created the universe without setting intention, why do you need set intention now? You’d only be creating something lesser, something smaller.

Imagine it this way: you’re a surfer yearning for a peak experience. Do you pick a little pond, blow up a ripple or two and try to ride them? Or do you set off into the ocean and feel the biggest one rising? And when you’ve found that wave, do you try to steer its direction? Or do you feel into every nuance of the flow and ride it for all its worth?

Your Unbridled Soul is the Miracle!

When you explore reality very deeply, inside your own experience of consciousness, I believe you come to the conclusion, that this infinite potential from where the universe came, is still there, in the background of experience. It’s what people call ‘presence’ and it’s infinitely creative – crucially, without intention.

It just happens. It’s like the big bang – the big wave – is happening inside you all the time.

But then something else profound and phenomenal happens: the big bang has spread out into multiplicity of form – the separation consciousness has condensed. And here’s the miraculous part:

Within the Quantum Soup of Separation Consciousness are streams of energy pulling back to the source – these are ‘souls’ with the ‘memory of the original condition of oneness’. Their yearning to be reunited with the source, is so compelling, so purposeful, that when allowed to, they create incredible miracles and magic as a way of being. Your unbridled Soul is the miracle!

So what’s actually going on, in reality, is a divine paradox: you are being the infinite presence of the background, AND, SIMULTANEOUSLY, a streaming soul of experience flowing back to the source.

Setting Intention, Divine Manifestation and Navigating the Quantum Soup 1

What Can “I” Do With This State? What Can “I” Create?

I believe many have touched this state at times and found it so incredible, so amazing, so magically profound, there often comes a wondering “What can ‘I’ do with it? What can ‘I” create?”

There’s then a contemplation, and with that, a focusing. In the focusing, if the soul is not yet self-realised (realising of the One Self), it will attach to particular outcomes, feeling it needs such and such to define itself. I believe this mirrors the light getting lost in the darkness – the light getting stuck in the Quantum Soup so to speak.

Let’s be clear, the One doesn’t need anything, because it already has everything.
And the soul is there to animate the One – a living expression of it.

That’s why a true visionary dreams, not of anything goes or what the ego might want, but actually sees future landing now. A true visionary is able to feel and pick up the flow of the Quantum Soup, as an integral part of their inner landscape. They’re not intending anything. How can you see ‘future landing now’ if your mind is already full? How can you ride the wave of interconnectivity if you’re trying to make it go a certain way? Also a true visionary is not afraid to call what they see, even though it might be against what the mainstream thinks. And they’re not afraid to act on their visions. At heart, we’re all true visionaries.

When there is no stuckness – of the soul – I observe there’s an endless flow of manifestation, and without any intention, it creates experiences from which greater self-realisation can happen – you realise ever finer and higher aspects of the One.

Furthermore, ‘setting intention’ actually cuts across this flow and diminishes it. It will create something from the Quantum Soup yes, but it will be a lesser meal, not at all of the divine recipe.

It’s like in my surfing analogy earlier, blowing up a ripple on some small pond somewhere and shouting “oh look, there’s a synchronicity”. Rather than riding a wave on the ocean where you become a part of constant streaming synchronicity.

The Constant Conscious Question

Humanity has imagined and created quite a nightmare – in our current reality which tries to control outcomes – thus having a disastrous effect on the balance of our eco-system – it is bringing the planet to destruction (in terms of the 3D eco-systems). In my knowing, Gaia is already moving to 5D reality, within which, there is no intention to create something in particular…

Can you imagine for one moment, being Gaia, with all the weather systems and zillions of interrelating inhabitants, trying to control the outcome by ‘setting her intention’? How do you possibly hold an intention, which would serve all? That would be like trying to successfully manipulate a rubic’s cube with zillions of variables, rearranging it every moment, and getting it aligned every moment – an impossibility. Which is why this 3D reality is now breaking down – some of the most brilliant minds in business, science and politics have tried to orchestrate it, and look at the general mess that’s been created.

Perhaps then, from this, we can learn an invaluable lesson about authentic creating and where intention fits in? (or doesn’t!).

In my knowing, in creating the 5D, Gaia has no intention. Rather she has a “constant conscious question”. Something like this: “How can a reality come together, which has the interests of all inhabitants of that (5D) level of consciousness, at heart?”

I’ve noticed personally, that if I hold the question, rather than an intention, then reality takes shape in the most exquisite of ways. All manner of situations and synchronicities converge together to provide me the learning experiences I need.

When I hold the right question, which my consciousness is now being engaged with, what happens, is form takes shape from the Quantum Soup, which I start to witness by feeling it, inside of myself.

The Multidimensional Landscape

In working without intention, I find myself not limited. Possibility is endless. And I don’t coagulate the Quantum Soup into some lumpy mess, which also means other sentient life doesn’t go without (remember we are living in a mostly closed system of finite resources).

I start to have visions, intuitions and knowings of a forming multidimensional landscape – which is perceived inside of myself. But I work not to hold these too solidly. Or else I tend to manifest a lesser creation. That may be okay for the 3D reality we’ve been living in – humanity creates all manner of disharmony this way, from the excesses of obesity, to poverty and mass starvation. Such stark polarity – such dense duality – tends to be the cause of many, if not all, war. Some have plenty of soup, others don’t, who then fight to get their share.

Are we ready yet to move beyond such limitation?

For those who are, I put it to you, there’s a more evolved way of creating. It’s by going within and beginning to witness what’s going on as you reflect on the outer mirror you’re ALREADY creating. And to work toward a place, where you’re doing this ALL THE TIME.

Setting Intention, Divine Manifestation and Navigating the Quantum Soup 2

“Soul Retrieval” — Reclaiming Lost Fragments of Soul

I believe what you’ll discover, step by step, is the flow of your soul. Which flows within the Quantum Soup. Form takes shape, and your soul sticks in the soup, creating lumps. These might be attachments in relationships for example – generating ‘tightness’, which you can feel as hotspots, inside yourself. In the head perhaps, tightness in the chest, the solar plexus or sacrum. These are telltale signs.

But rather than simply trying to dump them, by “dropping the hot coals” (which is only a temporary illusionists ‘trick’ anyway), get into the heat, feel it wash over you – where does it tighten you, where’s the density? Why is it doing that? What’s your attachment?

If it’s in the sacrum, maybe it’s attachment in relationships for example?
(in the book 5GATEWAYS I provide a detailed synopsis of the attachments which cause the chakras to contract and close).

The important thing, is not to simply dump or deny this pain by immediately trying to heal or cure it. Because that is also to dump the fragment of soul that broke off from the soul’s mainstream and created it. It’s like dumping the baby with the bathwater.

To truly heal, is to self-realise – to be realising of the One Self within every expression – throughout the Quantum Soup.

The way to do this, is to express the contractive pain (be it emotional, psychological, physical or karmic) until you become ‘as-one with it‘. In other words, you become so awesomely okay in it, that you don’t need it to go away. That’s when you become “The One” in it. That’s when you reclaim the lost fragment of soul that created the ‘hotspot’ and with that, the distorted reality – the lumps in the Quantum Soup – unwind (shamans call this process “soul retrieval” – you’re literally retrieving lost fragments of soul).

Now you don’t get caught by that obstacle again –
you don’t have to ever remanifest it from the Quantum Soup.

Authentic Reality Arises from the Question, Not the Answer

Once you get to a point where you’ve removed most of these ‘lumps’ in the ‘soup’ within you, everything begins to flow more smoothly inside. Your soul creates authentic manifestations – but crucially – these arise from the question, not the answer.

In other words you don’t begin with the answer – the intention – you want.

There is an authentic and aligned role for your soul. There is something it is meant to ‘do’ – actually more meant to ‘be’. And there’s a place where all souls naturally interrelate – it’s the natural configuration of the Quantum Soup. A natural arising that, by it’s own nature, considers all in it. When such universal alignment occurs – this looks and feels like nirvana. I believe its the fully mature state the universe is coming to.

You can be a part of that harmony right now.
You can become a point source for it to unfold all around you.

When you’re in this space, it feels just like heaven. How do you ‘do’ this?

Authentic Manifestation

  • First take ‘doing’ out of the equation (‘setting one’s intention’ is doing).
  • Start to work moment by moment on how to be. Beingness is totally inherent in you. There’s a totally natural alignment. When you find authentic beingness, this brings you into alignment with the flow of the One. Begin by asking: “How would you have me Be now?”
  • From authentic beingness, you’ll explore questions about reality (rather than intentions). The questions themselves will begin to manifest from the Quantum Soup, in alignment with all. Ask: “What would you have me Do now?”
  • This brings groups of souls together – by the Law of Attraction – and creates wonderful, flowing synchronicity (not just to odd one or two, which happens with intention setting). Right Action simply happens.
  • In the early stages, what will get in the way, are the distortions where your soul gets stuck. No matter. Turn to face them. Work into them, then you learn to quickly release them. Ask: “What is this blockage revealing to me now?” (see this 9 step Spiritual Healing Process.)

The flow unleashes once more. Authentic questions create authentic reality from the Quantum Soup.

Ready to create magic! So, are you ready to dump the intention, and instead, allow the natural arising of inquisitive exploration? Are you ready to feel the arising of soul, and follow it as an expression of being? Why not give it a chance and see how lovely and refreshing such surrender can be?

Once you do, you unleash flowing divine magic within you. At times it will cause blockages in the Quantum Soup – within you – felt as tightness, as ‘hotspots’. No matter, this is all simply the process of self-realisation at work. Turn into them, express them, become as one with them, and then unravel them.

Open the door to the soul once more. Expand out, unleash the flow. Create a magical landscape. It’s exactly what we’re doing on the 5GATEWAYS work around the world. Come join us.


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