Mars in Libra this October: Make Peace, Not War

October 3rd, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Mars moves into Libra on October 3rd/4th, depending where you are in the world. Although Mars changes sign often, approximately every six weeks, this particular transit could be important, given the turbulent times we’re living through.

Mars is known as the warrior planet, and his energy is fierce, passionate, forceful and brave – as well as reckless and impatient. None of these are words you might associate with Libra, a gentle, peace-loving, intellectual air sign. Indeed, Libra is opposite Mars’ home sign, which is Aries, so technically Mars’ influence in Libra is weakened from an astrological point of view.

However, this year’s astrological makeup suggests that this Mars transit could prove interesting. When Mars is transiting Libra, the planet’s drive and determination is focused intensely on creating harmony instead of division. Both on the world stage and in our personal lives, this is a time during which we can look for peaceful solutions to discord, instead of warmongering or sabre-rattling. When Mars is in Libra, the warrior planet’s competitive instincts are softened, so we generally find it easier to look for win-win compromises instead of all-out victory – and in complex geopolitical times, this can be crucial.

There will be some bumps in Mars’ peace agenda over the next month or so, notably around October 9th when Mars opposes Chiron – look out for feeling angry or frustrated when you have to the put the needs of others first around that period. Overall, however, the next several weeks offer a respite and a brief period during which maybe, just maybe, we can put aside our selfish interests and start to co-operate, for the greater good.


If your relationship has been through a tough patch, this Mars transit brings good news, and considerable emotional healing. Watch out for a tendency to be two faced with your partner though. Don’t just pay lip service to compromise and co-operation or say the right things in order to try to gain control. Sincerity matters here, so work from a place of love and authenticity. If you’re single, or if your relationship is on solid ground already, this Mars transit should help you to play peacemaker on behalf of others, so look to smooth out discord among friends and family where you can.


Can’t we just all get along? You’ll be exasperated by back-biting and squabbling, at home but most especially in the workplace. The good news is that this Mars transit puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to impose a calmer and more tolerant regime – if you want to. And that’s a big if, because somewhere deep down you may be quite enjoying the conflict around you. Whatever you’re getting from it, it’s a big ask for you to step in and put a stop to it – but that’s the right thing to do, and this transit will empower you to do so.


Your creative juices are stoked by this Mars transit and the next several weeks are a great time to take an art class, join an art group or get writing that novel. Art with a message is important to you now though, rather than random doodles. If you have something to share with the world, think about whether you could express that artistically, or through music, song, poetry or creative writing. If you want to make a difference, you could try crafting for a good cause, or volunteering in an art therapy program.


Discord at home has gone on long enough; it’s time to step in now and to assert your authority as a parent, sibling, adult child or caregiver. You do have the power to make sure that your home is a peaceful place; don’t be afraid to lay down the law. There are connections to the past with this transit too, and to a painful situation which has never been completely healed. Mars right now urges you to forgive, even if that is difficult. In fact, especially if that is difficult. Mars doesn’t often forgive; when he does, it’s for a good reason.


So. Many. Ideas. There is so much you want to do and you’re overflowing with good intentions – but with too much on your mind, it’s hard for you to narrow it down into any concrete action. Find the one thing which matters most to you over these coming weeks and pour all of your energy into that one thing. You have a certain amount of authority right now and others are listening to your voice and respecting what you have to say. Don’t waste that power by scattering it in all directions.


You’re going to have to compromise some of your values over the next few weeks, but you know what? That’s not a bad thing. Listen to the arguments on all sides and you’ll discover that “the truth” doesn’t belong to you, or anyone else. The truth is typically somewhere in between the entrenched positions which have been taken lately. So, it’s OK to compromise. Compromise is not failure. Compromise means you’ve been successful at listening, and you’ve chosen a win-win course.


Mars in your own sign means it’s your time to assert yourself. Your sign above all others can do this gracefully, subtly, and almost invisibly – the very best kind of power is the soft power you know how to wield. Show this kind of leadership now and help draw people together instead of driving them apart. Use all of your communication and negotiation skills to show what a united future can look like. The very essence of your sign is balance, and Mars is now driven to seek balance – so go ahead and show us how a balanced world can work.


You’re used to exerting power behind the scenes, but with this Mars transit, you’ll be especially focused on covert operations. Of a good kind. Now is the time to deal with discord privately, instead of splashing it all over social media. Get your dirty linen cleaned up behind closed doors, so that you and your loved ones or colleagues can present a united front to the rest of the world. With this Mars transit, what is left unsaid can be even more powerful than what is said.


More than any other planetary transit, this Mars transit increases and highlights your inherent humanitarian streak. Justice of all kinds will be immensely important to you over the coming weeks, but it’s essential that you take part in it. Justice isn’t something which just happens. It has to be done, and it has to be called for, and it has to be promoted and encouraged and seeded. Get involved in protest or start talking about issues which matter to you in today’s world. Do your bit, more than ever, to get these issues out there into the spotlight.


This Mars transit activates the most ambitious part of your chart, so in many ways it suits you – the most ambitious of all zodiac signs – right down to the ground. However, there’s more to this than simply wanting to get ahead at work. You’ll be thinking deeply about the power of authority and influence, and how you can use yours – however much or little of it you have – to do help make a positive difference in the world. Your leadership skills are not in doubt, especially not at this time, but what you choose to do with them will tell us a lot about who you truly are.


Mars stirs up your restlessness, so this is something of an edgy transit for you. Don’t be surprised if you find it hard to settle or to focus – but you can use that nervous energy for good. Get plenty of physical exercise to burn some of the excess energy off and use the rest to step out your comfort zone. Challenging yourself in some way is important right now, as this is the key to your growth. If you’re going to feel antsy and nervous anyway, you may as well feel it for good reason – do something which scares you.


This Mars transit can point towards a mini crisis in your personal life, especially connected to sex or intimacy. Fortunately, it also points towards the solution – talking, and lots of it, with the right people, about the right things. Don’t bottle up any problems now. Being honest, frank and open will bring healing and reassurance. If you are suffering from depression or other mental health issues, this transit can be helpful in encouraging you to get the help you need. If you feel fine, use this energy to shine a light for other people to follow by signposting sources of help.

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