Four Events Which Prove How Federal Reserve Bankers Control the United States Government

By Alan R Adaschik

Guest writer for Wake Up World

A fool is a person who believes what he is told, when it is not true.  We believe our nation is greater than all others; a shining beacon of truth and justice in the world.  The truth is that our government is a charade dominated by Zionists, and a tool for them to use for their nefarious and evil designs.  Instead of being the world’s defender of truth and justice, we are an imperialistic oppressor nation that has brought mayhem, destruction, and death to innocent people of the world.

How can this be possible?  It is true because Zionism is an evil force which controls our government and how Americans think.  Our government is controlled through the power of the almighty dollar, which is no longer ours.  Instead, it is an IOU payable to the Federal Reserve bankers, and they use the massive wealth this gives them to corrupt our government and key institutions of society.  Zionism controls how Americans think through the media and our entertainment industries, which are owned and controlled by them.

It is difficult to prove the existence of a conspiracy that controls events from behind the scenes, because those involved strive to hide their activities.  But everything cannot be hidden.  Since 1913, there have been several developments that reveal the truth about our nation and the terrible things that have been done to us.  The first incident was passage of the Federal Reserve Act.  Next, is the imposition of an unconstitutional income tax on the American people.  Following this, is our wrongful entry into WWI on the wrong side of the conflict.  Finally, and the most telling of all, is the USS Liberty incident where American sailors were murdered in cold blood in a false flag attack, executed to give the United States an excuse to join Israel in its 1967 war against the Arabs.

Article I, Section 8, of our Constitution says Congress shall have the power, to coin money and regulate its value.  The wording of this section of our Constitution is clear; Congress will be responsible for creating our money.  Furthermore, what Congress does not have the right to do, is transfer this responsibility to another entity or organization.  Unfortunately for Americans, this is exactly what the Federal Reserve Act did, and for this reason, this diabolical act of Congress is unconstitutional.  Diabolical is a fitting word to describe the Federal Reserve Act, because an important and crucial power of Congress, the power to create money with the stroke if a pen, was permanently transferred to a group of private bankers.  As incredible as this is, these bankers were also allowed to treat the money they create as if it was theirs.  This means they were positioned to loan our government its own money at interest.

The tragedy of our situation is that, Americans must pay the Federal Reserve the principle and interest on this newly created money, with real money earned through labor and hard work.  The money that the Fed receives from us, has made these bankers rich beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, and they have used this immense wealth to corrupt our government, corrupt key institutions of our society, and bring murder, war, and death, to other nations of the world.  Furthermore, had Congress created our money as the Constitution requires, there would be no need for an income tax, and our national debt would be negligible.

If the bankers are not in control of our government, how is it possible for Congress to justify legitimizing, what is best described as a horrendous fraud against the American people?

When Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, a funding source was needed to pay for the soon to be rapidly growing national debt.  To obtain this funding source, the bankers engineered passage of Amendment XVI, to our constitution. The wording of this amendment was such that the bankers believed it would give them the income source they coveted.  However, there were two problems associated with passage of this alleged amendment; it was never properly ratified by state governments and our Supreme Court ruled that despite its wording, Amendment XVI did not create a new income source for our government.  End of story!  Not quite, because the bankers simply ignored our Supreme Court and imposed an income tax anyway. Today, Americans dutifully pay a tax on their earnings, even though there is no law that requires them to do so.

If the bankers are not in control of our government, how is it possible for them to impose an illegal and unconstitutional income tax on the American people that is of benefit only to the Federal Reserve?

At the turn of the century, Zionism had a friend in the most powerful and richest banking family of them all; the Rothschilds.  Their goal was to create the nation of Israel.  In order for this to happen, the Zionists needed the endorsement of the world’s leading powers.  WWI presented them with the opportunity they were looking for.  Great Britain was besieged by the Central Powers and losing the war.  Germany saw no benefit in defeating England, so in 1916, Germany issued a peace proposal that offered the warring nations peace with honor.  England was about to accept this proposal, but instead, rejected it because the Zionist offered the English a deal.  They would bring America into the war on the side of the Allies, if England agreed to help establish a homeland for the Jews in Palestine after the war.  England agreed, and because of America’s wrongful entry into WWI, the war raged for two more years, ending with the defeat of Germany and its allies.

America had no interest in who won WWI.  Initially it was only a European war.  At the time, the Nazis and Adolph Hitler did not exist, and the war was being fought solely to see who was going to be king of the hill in Europe.  This is exactly the kind of war, President George Washington, the Father of our country, warned us to stay out of in his farewell address.  But enter it we did, and on the wrong side of the conflict because of the deal the Zionists cut with England.  Had we not entered WWI, or entered it on the side of Germany, the war would have been over two years sooner, saving us from the needless death of 137,000 of our finest young men and women and 22 billion dollars in wartime expenditures.

If the Zionist bankers are not in control, why did the United States join and aid the war mongering Allies in WWI, instead of the Central Powers who had petitioned for peace?

WWII was a result of two developments; the fact that America fought on the wrong side in WWI and the injustices heaped upon Germany by Zionists, the purpose of which was to enrage the German people against the Jews.  This anger, would inevitably create a hostile environment for Jews in Europe, so they would flee to Israel for the relative safety it offered.  Had these two things not come into play, there would have been no Adolph Hitler, no Nazi Germany, and no WWII in Europe.  The United States failed to stand up for peace and justice in WWI.  This brought on WWII, and because we fought WWII, 63 million people died horrible deaths and 2 trillion dollars was needlessly wasted prosecuting this war.

If the Zionists did not manipulate world events, how did Germany, a highly sophisticated nation, where Jews were accepted and integrated into every aspect of German life before WWI, turn into a Jew hating monster with a psychopath as its leader? 

In 1967, a Six Day War broke out between Israel and a coalition of Arab nations.  At the time, the Arab forces outnumbered Israel’s in both men and equipment.  Therefore, many Israelis thought losing the war was possible.  In order to ensure victory, Israel had a hole card to play.  The Zionists, at the time, were positioned to dominate our government and they coerced President Johnson into agreeing to a secret joint operation between Israel and the United States.  The plan was that President Johnson would order the USS Liberty, an American spy ship, into the war zone so Israeli forces could execute a false flag attack and sink the Liberty with all-hands on board.  The death of 293 Americans on the Liberty would give President Johnson the excuse he needed to enter the war on the side of the Israel.  Not only would we enter this war, we would enter it with a bang; a nuclear strike on the city of Cairo.  The main reason this attack was called off, was because the Liberty did not sink.

If the Zionists bankers are not in control of our government, what could possibly induce President Johnson to become a party to murder and a traitor to the people of this nation and the crew of the USS Liberty?

Is our government, our government?  The only answer to this question is no.  It is impossible to dismiss all the above as isolated events.  There was a guiding hand and driving force behind each of them and the people behind these atrocities were, beyond any doubt, the Zionist bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank.  This group of criminals took formal control of our government in 1913, through passage of the Federal Reserve Act, where Congress voted to stab the American experiment in democracy in the back.  From that day forward, Americans were subjects instead of citizens. This ignoble act of Congress gave the Zionist bankers control of our government.  In turn, it also gave them control of our military, which they are using to expand their control over the rest of the world.  The wars on terror we presently fight, are wars of aggression and imperialism, fought on behalf of Israel, to expand their dominance in the Middle East.

Presently, the future of mankind hangs in the balance.  Americans are a subjugated people, and because of our complicity and ignorance, the world is marching toward tyranny.  This march will not stop unless Americans wake up and rid ourselves of a private banking system that is owned and controlled by evil men with an evil agenda.  The Zionist bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank will settle for nothing less than world domination and right now, the government of the United States of America is helping them achieve their goal.

Following is a video produced by the BBC entitled, “Dead” in the Water”.  This video is the true story behind the USS Liberty.  Please note: when President Johnson is said to have declared that he will not offend an American ally (Israel), he does so at time when no one outside of Israel was supposed to know which nation was attacking the Liberty.  Apparently, President Johnson knew who the attackers were before he was supposed to know, and this establishes that the President was a party to the attack and had approved it.

Benjamin Freedman was a Jewish American, who personally knew the circumstance of Americans entry into WWI.  This is the transcript of a speech given by Mr. Freedman at the Willard Hotel in 1961.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a criminal organization, the purpose of which is to rob the people of America blind, and use this wealth to subjugate other nations in the world.  This article clarifies the criminal nature of the Fed.

“Freedom to Fascism” is a video produced Aaron Russo, that establishes that there is no law that requires Americans to pay and income tax.  The video goes on to describe how America is changing from a free nation to one where Fascism rules the day.

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About the author:

Alan R. AdaschikAlan Adaschik was born in New London, Connecticut in 1943. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York and attended Franklin K. Lane High School. Upon graduation, he was accepted as an engineering student by the University of Michigan in its Naval ROTC program. Upon completing college, Al qualified for Navy flight training and received his wings as a Jet Fighter Pilot in June of 1966. After completing his tour of duty, he left the service and earned a MBA from Long Island University.

Al has worked as a Flight Test Conductor for the Grumman Aerospace Corporation, a Financial Analyst for the Singer Company, a Senior Financial Analyst for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, and a Financial Administrator for the City of Fort Lauderdale. In 1994, Congress passed the unconstitutional General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) which made the United States a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Acting as Attorney Pro-se for the voting citizens of this nation, Al sued our government over the constitutionality of GATT. The Court ruled his lawsuit was without merit on technical reasons and Al did not pursue the matter further.

Al has written three books; “While We Sleep – A Story of Government Without Law”, “An Alaskan Adventure – A Travelogue and Environmental Treatise” and his latest book, “100 Years of Deception: A Blueprint for the Destruction of a Nation”. Al also developed and hosted a website called “The Constitution forum” (which is no longer online) and as host of this site, authored a plethora of political articles and essays, many of which can still be found online at various websites.

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