5 of the Best Ingredients for Homemade Cannabis Edibles

By Jack Greener

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Despite the ongoing legalization of cannabis, there can still be a stigma attached to the use of the drug. While this might not matter to some people, others do take the disapproval to heart. While some people have a problem with other’s opinions, others prefer not to go for it due to the pungent smell of cannabis. If, for example, people at work find out that you’ve been smoking marijuana in the morning, they can be biased against you. If you’ve had this problem, or think you might, then you might want to move towards a more discrete alternative, such as cannabis edibles.

Here we discuss a few of the best ingredients to use in edible cannabis recipes. While there are other ingredients that you can get your hands on, here we’ll stick to some of the best and most popularly known ingredients.

1. Cannabutter

While cannabutter has become one of the most popular cannabis ingredients nowadays, people still don’t know much about it. The first question that comes to mind is, why should we ingest it? The answer to that question lies in the different chemical reactions that take place when the same thing is taken in different ways. While smoking cannabis has a particular effect, ingesting cannabis has different benefits and a different intensity.

In order to benefit from all the beneficial aspects of cannabis, cannabutter is a well-known ingredient that is used in many edibles. Whether it’s brownies, cheesecake bites, muffins or cookies, cannabutter is an essential ingredient.

However, one reason why people often either get too much or too little cannabis in their recipes is that they don’t know how to make the main ingredient. Making cannabutter at home can prove to be tricky. Follow the exact recipe and don’t deviate from it and you’ll get the desired result.

2. Cannabis Tincture

While cannabutter is preferred for baking, when it comes to drinks such as milkshakes and smoothies, cannabis tincture has proven to be more effective. However, one thing that you should focus on is the quantity that you put into a single drink and how many drinks you take. Ingesting more than necessary can lead to dizziness and even nausea.

Tincture is a great option to add to your protein shakes for an energetic morning. Due to the fact that it has a low-calorie count, it is preferred by those who are fitness conscious and try to maintain their weight. The tincture can give you the extra push you need from cannabis without the extra calories of cannabutter.

3. Canna Coconut Oil

Canna coconut oil is also a well-known ingredient for infusion into baking recipes. It is an alternative option to cannabutter and is preferred by those who are vegetarian. It is known to enter the bloodstream faster than when you smoke cannabis. However, be aware of how much you add to the recipe and how much of the product you take.

If you’re a vegetarian and you want to enjoy the effects of cannabis, then this is what you’ve been looking for. While there have been no reported deaths through consuming an excess of edible cannabis, try to make sure that you make a limited amount so you can’t overeat.

4. CBD Oils

If you’re a gummy bear lover and you want an ingredient that can make gummy bears that get you high, then CBD oil is the ingredient that you’ve been looking for. Since gummy bears are small, it will take eating a few before you see the effects.

It will be hard in the beginning as it takes time for one to master the recipe and the exact quantity before the gummy bears come outright. However, one good thing about it is that you’ll not get really high. It is a great way to have that oomph factor and still be completely in control.

5.  Cannabis Hash

Canna hash is the most concentrated form of cannabis. While it is used in edibles, you need to follow a strict recipe. Apart from that, it is mostly used in savory recipes. Not only can you infuse it with butter, but you can pretty much use it as it is. Due to its concentration, it will be more effective, and it will also last longer.

So, if you plan on going to a boring party and you want to make it interesting, call your friends over to have a hash chocolate chip cookie and enjoy the party. Rather than having it at home, it’s better to eat it when you’re near the location as it affects quickly and you won’t be able to drive to your destination.

If you’ve gone through the above mentioned list of ingredients and recipes for cannabis edibles, then you now know a few recipes that you should try out. Edibles are an amazing and fun way to get your required level of cannabis if you’re not a smoker. However, if you are, you shouldn’t care about other’s opinion as long as you’re not causing them any kind of harm.

The above mentioned edible ingredients can pretty much become a part of any meal. So, whether you want sandwiches that can get you high or brownies for your friends, stick to a specific amount and make a smaller batch to make sure everyone has fun and you don’t end up throwing up the entire night.

As previously stressed, the proportion of the ingredients that you use is the key to an authentic experience. Try to experiment with the recipe before you make the final batch of your product, as too much or too little both, can ruin the effect that you are looking for. If you think that other ingredients should have made to this list, feel free to mention in the comments below.

About the author:

Jack is a psychotherapist and neurodegenerative disorders’ expert. He has been practicing in New York for 25 years now, and since then he has been fighting to make marijuana legal in the United States for it comes with numerous health benefits. You can read his blogs at https://thegreenace.ca/.

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