Bravery Ahead of Darkness: The Aries Full Moon on October 13th

October 11th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The Full Moon on October 13th will be visible all night long, across the world. It will rise around sunset which may give it an orange tinge ranging from subtle to intense, depending on air conditions. It may also appear larger than normal, although this is an optical illusion. Known as the Hunter’s Moon, this Full Moon was traditionally believed by native tribes to mark the period during which they would focus on hunting game to store for the winter ahead.

The Hunter’s Moon is in Aries, opposite the Libra Sun. An Aries Full Moon is always full-on in energy, assertive, bold and sometimes aggressive. This particular Full Moon has two strong astrological aspects associated with it, a square to Pluto and a trine to Jupiter.

The Pluto square is where much of this Full Moon’s angst will come from. Pluto rules things which are hidden and secretive, but the power of the forthright Aries Full Moon will drag these – possibly kicking and screaming – into the light, whether we like it or not. This means that deeply held resentments may surface, trust may be broken, and infidelities or dishonesty may come to light.

On a more geopolitical level, this Pluto square may also link to an increase in intolerance and bigotry, as well as some potentially sinister behind the scenes political manipulation. On a wider scale and in our personal lives too, all is not quite as it seems, and what is being hidden is not to our benefit.

However, the Hunter Moon has a saving grace too, in that trine to Jupiter. This is a trigger for honesty, philosophical debate, optimism and tolerance. Jupiter energies help us to gain wisdom through experience, so here the Full Moon is giving us an opportunity to transform any pain from the Pluto square into strength moving forwards. If a crisis does occur, we will have the option to turn it into something more positive.

As we approach Scorpio season, an annual period of darkness is heading our way; physical darkness in the northern hemisphere, but emotional and psychological darkness even if you’re not. If we don’t learn the lessons from this Hunter Moon, we will pay the price during the coming month or two. The overall message from this bold Aries Moon is courage: through these lunar energies, we are encouraged to face the situation with bravery and to do what is right, even at personal cost. Clear your conscience so that you can move into the coming period at peace with yourself.


This Hunter Moon impacts on a very personal level, with jealousy and relationship issues coming to the fore. Don’t allow love problems to simmer away in the background. It’s essential that you clear the air now, so that you can move ahead knowing that you’ve been honest and open.


A crisis of faith could bring tears and sadness during this Full Moon, but you’ll have an opportunity to rediscover your path and your calling. Look for where you can use your spirituality in your everyday work or your normal day to day life. Putting your beliefs to practical use will heal any doubts you feel.


Don’t expect others to have your back. Being let down by a friend or a group of associates may bring a crisis point during this Full Moon, but the key is how you react. Take a risk and go it alone. You don’t need the backing of those who don’t truly believe in you. You’ve got this, so be brave and move on.


A mini crisis or drama in your career prompts a lot of doubt and soul searching during this Full Moon. If what you do for a living doesn’t resonate with you on a heart level, this is going to keep happening. It’s easier said than done, but take your inner calling seriously now, and look for ways in which you can transition to work you love.


This Full Moon is about maintaining an open mind. You may think you have everything worked out, but you’re missing something vital. Be open to the views of others, because there’s a lot you can learn. It may be time to stop thinking of yourself as a teacher, and instead re-embrace your inner student for a while.


Intense emotions and potentially dark power struggles are a real issue for you during this Full Moon period. Ultimately, you may have to sever some ties. By realising your own worth, however, you will have the opportunity to turn this pain into an increase in your personal confidence. Stand tall and refuse to be downtrodden.


This Full Moon underlines your identity and encourages you to stand firm in who and what you are. If you try to fit into the box someone else has drawn for you, you’ll struggle and potentially lose yourself. Use your soft skills to rise above the opinions of others and use prayer or meditation to ground your fluctuating emotions.


Stress and sleeplessness may be grinding you down, but this Full Moon offers some spiritual solutions. Through dreamwork, meditation and visualisation, you can find an inner calm which will see you through this tumult. Stop the clock, step back and force yourself to take care of your physical and mental health.


Impulse control is an issue during this Full Moon, but although you’ll feel reckless and impulsive, you’re also full of creative ideas and potential. Instead of feeling misunderstood and sorry for yourself, channel the bravery of these lunar energies to better express yourself to others. Show them why they must listen to you.


The Hunter’s Moon zeroes in on a family argument, a rift or a secret in your past. Uncomfortable and potentially shocking truths may not stay hidden for much longer, but there is a certain catharsis in having these issues finally out in the open. Be proud to speak your truth. Own it and live in it, for it has made you who you are.


Don’t be surprised if your confidence drops during this Full Moon. You may struggle to get your emotions out into words, but you can use creative means to express yourself instead. If you feel restless, ring the changes in your daily routine or visit somewhere new. Channel any awkwardness into a determination to explore.


A mini crisis with your self-worth or even your financial worth can be difficult to handle during this Full Moon. The key is to remember that you have much more than money, and you are much more than you think. Transcend daily, routine worries and reach for a stronger spiritual understanding of who you are as a soul.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and current editor for Wake Up World.

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