Ascended Master Energies and the Benevolent Mission Around the Earth

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The Shift of consciousness taking place on the earth right now is a complex one, unravelling plenty of knots of intervention energies with humanity stepping progressively into the light. At times it is a tortuous journey. However, there is a veritable ‘army’ of supporters and guides in the ether positively willing the emergence of a New Paradigm and a new evolution of humanity to go with it. Central to that support are already ascended beings, those who’ve come through plenty of incarnations and now reside in higher dimensions supporting the shift. How do they most effectively work, and how can you connect with them to best illuminate your path?

Ascended Master Energies

The first thing to say is to be wary of creating identity around them. The risk is to create icons that are consciously (and subconsciously) placed on a pedestal that then becomes disempowering – for their purpose is the empowerment of sovereign souls. I recall one of my early connections with these beings. I was out on a camping trip, meditating in high energy places, opening into higher dimensional connections. When the group came through, I was intrigued as to their individual identities, but it was clear from the outset, the previous identities they’d incarnated as no longer existed. It was the energy that held essential importance right now. And for me, at the time, I got the sense of there being a group of 9 that were working together. How should I best know you then? I inwardly asked. ‘Simply as numbers’ came the answer…

At the very next campsite I arrived at that evening, I needed to tune into the wifi, for which the access code was: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9! With the group I felt a tremendously warm and compassionate connection, a guiding hand of illumination through the darkness.  Hence I came to know them as “Openhand”.

I came to realise the numbers actually carry a deeper significance, because they relate to the rays of Unity Consciousness of which sentient souls are formed, and how the Ascended Master Energies then work with emergent souls. So each number relates to a ray of consciousness, there being 7 in total, 7 qualities of soul that blend to form what’s termed the ‘soul-ray-harmonic’ (there are possibly more rays, however I was given to simplify around 7 within the Openhand work). Each ray resonates a key aspect of authentic beingness for your soul. The rays then point to essential keys of possibility, of expression and evolution…

In any given situation, in any of life’s challenges you’re facing, where you’re unsure of what to do next and where your beingness is seeking to evolve, I put it to you that what you’re really looking for, are keys to activate new aspects of previously dormant beingness. When these frequencies come alive in you, then a new evolution takes shape and the world manifests in a new way around you. New, more aligned choices form themselves. Hence finding these keys can be utterly priceless.

Discover more about the 7 Rays of Consciousness and your Soul-ray-harmonic

‘Tillers’ of the Rays

Working with the Openhand group has not always been easy in this density. The ego mind wants quick and ready answers to difficult problems. However, a truly evolved consciousness will not spoon feed you the answer, for this can be disempowering – you learn to rely on a sovereignty external to yourself, which can be limiting to the soul’s growth. Whenever I needed clarity, I came to realise the real ‘answer’ I was looking for, was a new aspect of beingness. The conflict of choice was only happening because I wasn’t able in that moment to follow the soul, which is simply wanting to flow. So in any difficult moment, the key is to find that new aspect of beingness that now wants to shine through.

And this is where the Ascended Master Energies come into their own. In any given moment of difficulty, if you call on them, they’ll resonate frequencies of beingness that you now need to experience and embody. They won’t give you the ‘answer’, but rather offer insightful reflections and resonances that you may feel emerging within. Most essentially though, these are YOUR frequencies, emerging as aspects of YOUR soul that are now coming awake. The Ascended Master Energies work in support of this. It’s a very sophisticated form of guidance.

The Ascended Masters are also often called “Chohans”, meaning a Lord of each ray. However the Openhand group made it clear to me that the idea of ‘Lord’ is not commensurate with where their consciousness is at, since they’re not seeking rank nor title. The best way that came to me to describe their function was as ‘Tillers’ of the rays. They amplify and give resonant ‘torque’ to a particular ray of beingness, in a particular location of convolution, that you may feel the aligned resonance of truth and embody as your own. You’ll then most likely find that the path opens up for you in the most magical of ways that you couldn’t previously have predicted.

Being Wary of Deception

I’ve encountered plenty of entities in the ether that masquerade as Ascended Masters, that are really only trying to acquire energy from those that follow them. In which case, when you open up to the possibility of working with the authentic Ascended Master Energies, you’ll need to apply careful discernment. An authentic group is always going to work to empower you as a sovereign being. Although the energy is there to help, it doesn’t seek your allegiance nor worship. It is always giving the energy and empowerment that you realise back to you.

If you encounter such a group in the dimensions around you, I would certainly encourage an exploration because the connection can be highly illuminating and beneficial. But I would suggest beginning from a clear statement of internal alignment – something like: “I invite you to work with me, providing you only  have my highest interests at heart”. This usually helps clarify the way forwards with an authentic connection. But always maintain discernment as the relationship unfolds – are you growing and evolving as a sovereign being from the connection?

How to Work with Ascended Master Energies

Ascended Master Energies can be of profound help in the journey, illuminating the path in the most challenging and complex situations. However, to work effectively with them is to know how they function. They simply will NOT give you the immediate answer of ‘what to do now’. Because that is a contradiction to their underlying purpose – which is the empowerment of sovereign beings. What they’ll do however, most effectively, is offer you a reflection and ask, ‘how do you feel about that?’ So they’ll help construct frameworks of inquiry so that you may better see new aspects of emergent authentic self.

I would advocate these 5 guidelines to harness and work with the energy most effectively…

1) You must begin by asking for their support. No truly benevolent being will come into your space or seek in any way to influence unless the soul is calling for it. So if you wish to work with these energies, simply go into the heart and invite a benevolent connection. Be clear that whatever energy comes to you, it must ONLY have your highest interests at heart.

2) Move beyond a need to ‘intention’ the moment. Instead come from a place of active attention, where your consciousness is open, and simply witnessing reflections in your outer environment that you’re guided to. What will be reflected is one of two things (or both): (1) a shadow aspect that is now needing to be processed out (2) a new aspect of beingness that is now ready to come through.

3) Let go of the need for a specific outcome from any given situation, other than your own evolution. Get to know what signs and synchronicity are really pointing to – not strictly what to do now, but instead how to be now.
Here’s a perspective on what signs and synchronicities are truly pointing to

4) Take ownership of everything you manifest around you, and find profound self honesty with what you manifest. Ask, why did I create that? What was the situation revealing to me? How can I be more of me, the real me, in that situation? Ask the question and watch for the reflections – remember, you’re looking for a new way to be.

5) Practice solitude and deep stillness. You’ll need to soften through the chakras and into the higher dimensions to truly feel them. But then the relationship becomes a dynamic flow with the outer. So watch for the new dance that now wants to unfold from your deeper stillness and resonance of authentic beingness.
Sample this Chakra Opening and Attunement Meditation

Ascended Masters in the Earth Shift

Right now the Earth, and all sentient life on it, are positively yearning for a new harmony and alignment, a New Paradigm of equity and justice where ALL life is cherished and respected. We have to be patient though. The light needs to progressively break through as each unravels themselves from the karmic convolutions of the past. It’s a karma that has drawn a controlling Interdimensional Intervention, which has preyed upon the distorting density and lack of soul sovereignty. It’s inserted many veils of obscuration, the latest of which being ‘Smart’ AI and 5G technology, which can be deeply distorting and disconnecting from higher dimensional awareness.

The Ascended Master Energies are working with a vast array of angelic beings that have gathered from far and wide across the cosmos to support humanity and the planet in the realignment from this intervention. But it is not about polarising, judging and demonising these intervention groups. Rather it is about determinedly communicating that control and manipulation do NOT ultimately work, that being aligned with the Universal Flow leads to true harmony and peace. In communicating these resonances of beingness, progressively each soul will find its way to a more commensurate reality for their frequency – often back to the constellations they originated from.

So you have groups here from the Pleiadies, from Arcturus and Andromeda, from Sirius, Orion and Draco, to name but a few. The Ascended Master Energies are working with these groups to encourage the Great Realignment that is unfolding. Hence it’s progressive and steady, requiring many knots to be unravelled as the Earth ushers everyone forwards as she raises her vibration into the new 5D/6D/7D paradigm.

The key is to be patient, but diligent. It’s not about trying to impose a new reality here by process of the intellect. Rather it is working to unveil the new human consciousness and stepping forwards with authentic expression from that. We can be firm and determined, yes, but also allowing an open space for the higher consciousness to flow in and through. The new reality will then progressively take shape.

Humanity Coming of Age in a New Paradigm of Being

I have found Ascended Master Energies truly heartwarming, magical and majestic to work with. Without fail they have illuminated my pathway in times of turbulence and challenge. But crucially, I had to master how best to work with them first – not needing that quick fix or answer. Rather instead remembering what this is really all about: every single situation of itself is configuring to encourage the emergence of greater self realisation and authentic expression, and there is nothing else going on!

It’s about having the patience, but also commitment, to one’s own journey and sovereignty. It’s about taking responsibility for the life you create. We can call on support and reflective help, yes, for we are also communal beings learning and evolving together – reflecting authentic beingness to one another. And to me, the Ascended Masters work this way too, for there is always something to be mastered. It’s become clear to me then, that a true “Ascended Master”, is at a point in their journey where they know themselves as an Eternal Student.

And this is what I would encourage to all from my experience in working with them. When you remember that the underlying purpose of EVERY situation is to realise and express a deeper aspect of yourself, then the problems you were trying to figure out begin to melt away. The misty clouds of obscuration clear and the pathway forwards reveals itself step by step in front of you. So if you feel a resonance from what I’ve shared, I encourage you to explore a connection with the Ascended Master Energies. It’s a wonderfully benevolent consciousness to work with, when we realise how best to do it.

The Openhand work here is all about harnessing and amplifying these Ascended Master Energies and reflecting how you might work with them to activate new aspects of Authentic Soul Beingness. Check out our 5D Shift Project which works with the energies through an integrated framework of inquiry within the Earth’s unfolding 5D Shift.

In loving support
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