Truly, Madly, Deeply: Astrology Forecast October 20th – 27th, 2019

October 21st, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Do you remember the Buddhist phrase:” Wherever you go, there you are”, meaning that you can’t change your insides by changing the outsides? That it doesn’t matter how many new clothes, cars, trips, relationships you distract yourself with, there’s no escape from yourself and your way of being in the world. It might be heaven or it might be hell but it’s all self-created. Well, this week’s astrology brings this understanding to your attention.

On Wednesday, the Sun enters Scorpio right in the heart of the Via Combusta, the degrees between 15 Libra-15 Scorpio. Translated as “The Burning Way”, this is one of the most inaccessible parts of the zodiac, ruled by both Pluto and Mars. The collective human soul is intuitively feeling the debilitation of the lights, noticing the thinning of the veils between worlds. Think about how many cultures connect the last days of October and the beginning of November with celebrating the dead? In America, Halloween; in Latin countries the Dias des Muertos; in Celtic and neo-pagan culture Samhain.

When the Sun and inner personal planets move through Scorpio as they are now, it’s a potent time for truth telling, burning away the dross to create renewal and regeneration – personally and collectively. Frame Mars aligned with Saturn and the South Node of Fate as lighting the bonfire so that the phoenix can rise again from the ashes. And when it does, the rewards will be worth waiting for as Ceres merges with Jupiter.

The New Moon at 4 Scorpio next Sunday/Monday 27/28th opposes unpredictable Uranus in earthy Taurus -the inconvenient Truths are going to come as the veils of denial are finally torn away to reveal the state of the planet itself and its many cries for survival.

In your own life, start by doing an Integrity Cleanse. Ask yourself:

  • Where am I out of integrity?
  • What’s chronic, repetitive, or inflamed in my inner or outer life?
  • Where am I not feeling what I feel, knowing what I know, saying what I believe or doing what feels most right?
  • What needs to be cleaned up so I can be free to do and offer my best work in the world?

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Chandra Symbol for Scorpio 4:

A Loud Roar as a Tornado approaches.

“The storms of the world come right through where and when they are needed. They must wipe out ordinary consciousness and bring into play every kind of released spirit and force. When we live in the thick of storms and with always another threatened or impending, we are impelled into depth emotions, tumultuously drawn to activate the under soul, personally and collectively. You sense the violent urgency, for everybody round about, of whatever you are going through. And so you are plunged into storms to seek cleansing and release, to bring up what is under there and let it play itself out freely. You do this with temptations toward every obsessive or addictive state imaginable and with a tremendous guiding force leading you through any and every extreme, to make all of existence come alive from deep inside–elementally, primally, and regeneratively.”

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Aries Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

With Mercury, Venus and now the Sun in the deepest part of your solar chart, those big issues just won’t go away. They are literally inconvenient truths, nudging you to look at the elephant under the carpet and face things as they really are, not as you want them to be. This might play out through your finances, your career or your closest relationships. If you’re feeling pressured to do something for the sake of it just to take the heat off, take a time out and wait until after Sunday 27th’s New Moon. If you can frame it as a chance to clear the slate instead of seeing it as a problem, you will feel back in control instead of at the mercy of events.

Hard choices.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

As the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in your opposite sign of intense Scorpio, old relationship issues you thought had long been resolved, may come back around in a different form. Next Sunday’s New Moon aligns with unpredictable Uranus in Taurus-a disruptive yet exciting energy you’re only just starting to adjust to. There’s tremendous freedom here to break out of old patterns and dynamics and liberate yourself from partnerships you’ve outgrown. Like it or not, you’ve started a whole new chapter and a changing of the guard in your personal life is on the cards-if not now, in the coming months.

A blast of fresh air.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

You’re probably feeling out of your element and out of your comfort zone-as if life has become one long round of upheavals and challenges. From Wednesday, as the Sun returns to intense, emotional Scorpio, there’s no escaping the need to face reality head on. Take a close look at commitments, responsibilities, finances and friendships and ask:” Is this really serving me?  Is it taking me away from or closer to what I really need ?” Once you notice what you’ve just been accepting, putting up with or tolerating, you can draw a line in the sand and decide what is negotiable or non-negotiable. Hard as it sounds, this is incredibly liberating.

A necessary pruning to start new growth.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

As a cardinal sign right in the sights of the intensifying reality checks of Saturn and Pluto, you’re experiencing head on the truth of the phrase:” Change Is not an option”. And with Mars in your angle of roots, belonging, tribe and family at odds with Saturn this week, others may be even more uncompromising and inflexible than usual. Take heart. On Wednesday the Sun moves into compatible Water sign Scorpio for the next four weeks and you start to feel more at home in your own skin. Then on Sunday 27th a New Moon lights up your 5th House of creativity, fun and self-expression. That’s where the healing, the soothing and the magic lies for you.

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” Maya Angelou

Leo Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

Time to reconnect with your home, family and tribe. As the Sun lights up the roots of your chart in emotionally sensitive Scorpio from Wednesday, the next four weeks are all about the home front. With a New Moon -an energy reboot- aligned with unpredictable Uranus next Sunday, be ready to shake things up. This might mean a literal house move, a renovation, someone leaving or joining the family or a strong desire to renew where you live so it reflects who you are now. Adding to your options, a career opportunity may arise that changes your view on working from home or becoming self-employed.

A sense of belonging.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

When your personal planet Mercury is in Scorpio, you are in your element. It sharpens your mind, widens your skillset and allows you to do what you are superb at -looking under the surface of appearances to find the underlying patterns. And this year Mercury retrograde will stay in Scorpio and your 3rd House of communication until late November. It looks as though something you read, study or hear about could change your way of thinking. Or you might meet a mentor who becomes your sounding board. Watch for unexpected events around next Sunday 27th’s New Moon or a piece of news which makes you look at a person or situation in a new light.

Inspiration strikes.

Libra Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

It’s been along time coming but this week starts a season of putting down some definite markers as far as your intentions are concerned. With your personal planet Venus aligned with Mercury and from Wednesday the Sun in Scorpio, your 2nd House of money, resources and priorities is well starred. There is strong support too from Mars in your own sign aligned with Saturn. What that means-bottom line- is that it’s time to mean business and to take a stand on your own behalf by valuing yourself and accepting nothing less that your worth materially, financially and emotionally. No more second guessing what others think about you or trying to curate your self- presentation-just set your direction and get started.

Meaning business.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

Your personal New Year opens on Wednesday October 23rd when the Sun returns to Scorpio. It’s a time for regrouping, renewal and remembering who you are and what you came here for. Heavy stuff? Maybe, but not for you-as a sign ruled by planet of resurrection Pluto, you are totally attuned to life’s undercurrents and extremely sensitive to energy shifts. Your annual Scorpio New Moon on Sunday 27th receives an electric shock and immediate battery recharge from awakener Uranus in Taurus. Expect the unexpected -a new relationship or a shot in the arm for an old one or a personal makeover. If you get the urge to break out of your comfort zone, just do it-it’s time.

Freedom comes in many forms.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

With only 6 weeks left before Jupiter your expansive personal planet leaves your own sign after 12 months of delivering opportunities you’d never dreamed of, you are being gifted with one last bite of the apple as Jupiter merges with Ceres, Goddess of the harvest on Friday 25th. Rewards for previous efforts look likely, so no false modesty- enjoy. From the 23rd, when the Sun moves into Scorpio, the deepest angle of your chart and Mercury prepares to turn backwards, your batteries will start to run down. It’s that time of the year’s cycle to retreat a little, to move from doing to being and to reflect on how much more spacious your life feels since this time last year. And remember to include your tribe, your team and your friends in your gratitude journal.

Time to mellow and relax.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

Since Pluto turned forward at the beginning of October in your own sign, just feel how strongly and consistently your own power supply is flowing. This is not a blip on the radar but a long term trend so get used to it because there’s much more voltage to come. During the next two months before the epochal Saturn/Pluto meeting in Capricorn in January 2020, your focus, energy and singlemindedness will be amped up way beyond anything you’ve experienced before. The key is going to be knowing where, when and how to invest it to greatest effect. Watch for Sunday 27th’s New Moon in intuitive Scorpio to give you an unexpected insight or Aha! moment that will inspire a new move.

Change is an inside job.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

The gathering of Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Scorpio this week points to opportunities to make your mark. You are coming into a four week period when you will become more visible and attractive than usual and your contributions will be rewarded. With Mercury preparing to turn retrograde in deep diving Scorpio, you may come across someone who becomes an important mentor for you in months or even years to come. Seize any chance to broaden your knowledge, skillset and expertise, not to mention your contacts and support network. Investing time, energy and money into shaping a new direction is well worth it-it will pay dividends.

Follow your curiosity.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: October 20-27, 2019

Just like fellow mutable sign Sagittarius, you have an unexpected gift, a golden opportunity or reward available to you now, thanks to Ceres’ encounter with Jupiter on Friday. The archetype of abundance meets the Goddess of the harvest and you’re the lucky recipient. Not only that but it activates the pinnacle of your solar chart making you visible and attractive. As the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in compatible intuitive Scorpio, something sparks your interest, sets you off on a new quest and makes you look at life from a completely different angle. However this plays out, it’s going to be crucial not to allow any one-no matter who they are- to distract you from your explorations. Carve out some time for yourself and enjoy where it leads you.

The road goes ever on….

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