Plastic Water Bottles and Bottled Water Culture

By Kaylee White

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When it comes to being better stewards of the environment, we’re all looking for ways that we can improve our overall habits. Some of those changes can be big — for example, switching to a more efficient car that consumes less gasoline. And some of those can be small. Not to quote a overused phrase, however, but small changes add up, and that’s particularly the case with plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are everywhere, and the numbers of their use proves this. In the U.S. alone, consumers go through over 50 billion — yes, that’s “billion” with a “b” — water bottles each and every year. And the majority of those bottles are not recycled. What that’s leading to is a giant problem in trash and consumption of resources, including fossil fuels.

Knowing more about the problem is key. And then understanding what to do is next. We have some suggestions to get you started.

Infograph created by Waterlogic

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