How to Use the Power of Conscious Intention and Etheric Surgery for Multidimensional Healing

By Michael Becker

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We can choose to view physical pain as purely a physical issue or for the truth of its manifestation, which always includes underlying spiritual-emotional baggage that needs to be acknowledged, felt, healed, and released. 

Regardless of what the ‘monkey mind’ tries to tell you, healing overall health is a psycho-spiritual-emotional-mental and physical undertaking. 

After experiencing the onset of the most debilitating physical condition of my life with no apparent outward cause about 15 months ago, I began diving deeply into my own manufactured ‘psychic healing’ techniques, mixing and matching tools like cannabis, meditation, automatic writing, quantum DNA healing, cell regeneration visualization, usage of Solfeggio frequencies, and so called new age modalities like acupuncture to propel complete healing.

While I’m still in the process of improving my condition, I’ve learned one thing to be evident: healing is inner work is an INTUITIVE-INTELLECTUAL process. If you want to do more than put a band-aid on the wound, you have to dig down deeply and carve out the bullet.

Leveraged with consciousness, we can work with illness as a partner to avail totally unseen dimensions of self. By bringing deeper subconscious issues to our conscious awareness (that we’d never have had the impetus to uncover had it not been for the opportunity to experience dis-ease), we subsequently step into a higher level of beingness altogether. 

The Past 15 Months: My Healing Puzzle

I first noticed an acute, persistent soreness, tightness and discomfort in my forearms, wrists, and hands about a year-and-a-half ago seemingly out of the blue.

It got so bad that I ended up taking disability from my day job last spring. 

After medical tests and rest yielded no substantial improvement or intel, I knew it was time to take control of my own healing… and take things to the next level, beyond what any doctors or tests could do for me.

Once I began diving deep into the symbolism of my new condition, I was able to find some deep-seated emotional scars which were buried in my subconscious, and in need of attention and love. 

Over the course of the following year, I ended up compiling an entire notebook full of unseen aspects of myself I’d uncovered buried beneath years of trauma, conditioning, and unconsciousness. For example, I found imbalances contributing to my dis-ease stemming from:

  • How I felt sitting on the bench during my days playing high school baseball and blame I put on my coach for not seeing my potential
  • The egoic reasons I’d worked so hard in the gym to sculpt the perfect set of arms 
  • Failure to protect myself (during fitness, relationship, and even sex) when given the opportunity on multiple occasions
  • Unfelt sorrow and unacknowledged tension from being arrested in 2015 for a DUI
  • Accumulated guilt and shame from previous romantic relationships
  • Self-imposed pressure  to perform leading to over work

“There is a symbolic language of illness that uses the activities, functions, and parts of the body to express emotional, mental, or spiritual conflicts. Each of us can learn to understand and respond to this language to heal ourselves. Healing an illness involves asking how what is happening in our bodies is symbolic of what is happening in our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives. Every illness has a hidden meaning. Healing an illness involves deciphering the symbolic messages of the body, then responding to these messages by making the changes that are indicated.” 

 ? Eleanor Limmer, M.S.W., The Body Language of Illness

I’ve learned to view this experience as a neutral gift and have even tried to love it for how mentally strong it’s made me since it all began. 

The journey has forced me to unveil repressed traumatic events which had become embedded in my cellular memory that I never would have had the need to explore before. And I’ve completely reshaped my view on the immense value of LISTENING TO OUR BODIES and not pushing through real pain or injury like I did so many times in the past.

Transmuting Perceived Negative Energy and Pain into Positivity

We must learn to become our own alchemists! And, THIS IS SOMETHING EVERYBODY CAN DO! Transmutation and manipulation of energy is YOURS to choose if you want to! 

You must become your own doctor because relying on medical professionals alone will leave you frustrated, disappointed, and unhealed. No one is as invested in your healing as you.

It’s also crucial to realize that everything is a matter of PERCEPTION, including pain. As we achieve increasingly higher levels of consciousness, we can get to a place where we bless our pain, where we thank it for what it is trying to tell us. Pain, obstacles, and roadblocks are actually portals to expanded consciousness and expedited growth. 

Illness may offer potential for incredible miracles if you are willing to suspend disbelief and try new healing methods.

Healing with ‘Etheric Surgery’

One such miracle of healing I found is a method I call ‘etheric surgery.’

The idea is that we each possess the ability to move healing energy throughout our vessel by virtue of our thought, intention, and concentrated power of will. I believe we each have a team of guides (some people call these beings machine elves, spirit guides, or even God) responsible for aiding in the healing of imbalances within the physical vessel, and that we can summon our healing team whenever we please.

I like to imagine my healing team as entering my bloodstream, flowing through my veins aboard little boats, and arriving at the sight of any injury — usually in my tendons, joints, or muscles. I imagine them as mini coalmine-looking workers who lovingly chip away, soothe, or fix negative energies that don’t belong in me. 

You can simply welcome the loving energies of your healing team into your body, make your intention known, then relax and let them go to work. 

I have found this works much better in deep levels of meditation and especially paired with the healing energies of cannabis… which literally transcends thought processes to another dimension of being, while the body can lie relaxed and ‘numb’ for the very real albeit metaphysical surgical procedure.

Simply welcome the loving energies of your healing team into your body, make your intention known before drifting into the higher realms, and then relax and let them go to work. It’s as if these energy guides and cosmic surgeons can HEAR our inner thoughts, and can respond in kind by going to work on diseased areas within the body.

You should feel these energies scanning and highlighting your body. You may receive involuntary but subtle twitches or spasms where kinks need to be ironed out — just relax and allow the energies to do their work.

As they hammer away at the lactic acid, soreness, pain, or disease I’m working through, I imagine dump trucks hauling the remnants away up an imaginary road that leads to my heart center where the negative energy can be deposited and I can transmute it into knowledge.

By using a practice of visualization plus imagination, you CAN expedite your own healing, quality of life, and healing manifestation.


Our form was literally designed to regenerate itself despite any circumstances. 

Healing is the DEFAULT SETTING of your body. Even if you don’t really ‘try’ to heal, your body will make every attempt to do so involuntarily. And, all vital systems were programmed to unconsciously function on autopilot to keep the organism alive even if one system became compromised. 

But magic happens when you pair your body’s inherent drive to find homeostasis with a heartfelt desire to heal. We are literally energetic beings in an electric, energetic Universe. Everything is conscious energy… including you, and all the cells of your body and the molecules and atoms that make up them. With intention, conscious awareness, and positive energy, you can expedite your own healing.

About the author:

Michael is the creator of New Earth Knowledge, a spiritual awakening education platform. He is also an independant Kangen water distributor, modern spiritual counselor and teacher, certified life purpose coach, and esoteric scientist.

Connect: @mjbecker_ | @new_earth_knowledge | email