Starting Strong: Astrology Forecast 4th – 10th January 2021

January 4th, 2021

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Welcome to 2021, with not only a new month, a new year but also a new era opening in front of us. Frame it as pure potential – the meta field that you dance in with the Mysteries between choice and non-choice. In 5D there is no “future” waiting to be “predicted” – it’s an open Source, a collection of possibilities until it merges into the present. So, instead of buying into either the usual utopian or dystopian projections of the future when we’re either living in heaven on earth with angel wings or we’re all toast, don’t expect it to be perfect and get comfortable with the Mystery, with What Is.

Remember that new Eras and new planetary cycles don’t fit perfectly with the calendar, they overlap. The Solstice Aquarian Jupiter Saturn Conjunction has delivered a new US President, Brexit and vaccines – every single one highly divisive in its own way – while the restrictions and reality checks continue as the Sun crosses Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.

January’s astrology is going to transition us into the new Aquarian/Uranian era which activates fully in February via a rare Aquarius stellium (last experienced in 1962). This week, scrambling our emotional fields, all the inner planets -Mercury/Venus/Mars – change signs. Mercury is very active, delivering messages from Pluto on January 4th, changing signs from Capricorn into Aquarius on January 8th then squaring Mars and Saturn. Expect more serious news and restrictions.

The positive news is that on January 6th, Mars finally exits Aries after 4 months of clashes and crashes and enters Earth sign Taurus. Instead of constant firefighting, you can now make progress by putting one foot in front of the other, taking each minute, each hour and each day at a time. This week, take full advantage of the practical, grounded Earth element of Capricorn and Taurus to tie up loose ends and commit yourself to projects that have your name on them. The ones that evoke a Big Yes when you think about them. Delete anything inessential or superficial so you’re able to move swiftly when January’s astrology accelerates and intensifies from the 13th.

Make your 2021 mantra: “I want change, I’m ready to innovate and I’m willing to experiment with the unconventional and the radical.”

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The Chandra Symbol for Mars Taurus 1:

A red garnet ring. The garnets glow.

“A passion for bearing ripe fruits. Feeling transported by an ongoing realization that you are in your own element, doing what you need to do and subtly fired by an inner purpose that clarifies everything. The glow of your central intent warms you through. This quality of soul is simple and direct. It makes for a primal, elemental presence. But you know what you need to know, and you’re on the beam so palpably that nothing much matters except being there. You charge the atmosphere with renewal, source sustenance, and the whole idea is to make way for the universal life-force to stream right in and bless with its all-forgiving radiance.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

When your personal planet Mars exits your sign on Wednesday 6th January, you will notice the difference after 4 months of constant firefighting. It’s time to become practical, intentional and focused, especially where your finances are concerned. This applies especially to money you earn or attract, so start by taking a long hard look at your income streams to either cut your losses or increase the money flow. Fortunately, with Venus at the pinnacle of your chart, you might have a stroke of luck or pick up an unexpected bonus. Make the most of this short window to set up an interview, seal a deal or nail down a contract.

Getting real.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

For you as a Taurus, 2021 is going to be a year for the memory books with a massive amount of energy at the peak of your chart, expanding your career, your status and, most of all, your reach. On Wednesday, Mars joins forces with awakener Uranus in your sign and the sky’s the limit. Starting right now, make the very most of January, February and March to become a practical visionary, to involve yourself in projects that truly matter to you that will make a tangible difference. This week, draw up those blueprints as your North Star and prepare your systems. On January 8th when the Messenger meets Saturn, get a proposal ready and ask for backing.

2021 is not happening to you- you are happening to it!

Gemini Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

Tempting as it is to jump headlong into the new year, slow down to take stock of how you feel. Stay in the Now, not in some old drama or some future utopia. As Mars leaves Aries on Wednesday after 4 months of firefighting and constant drama, your focus shifts to your 12th House for two months -the engine room of your chart. Expect to engage in some inner house clearing, sweeping away cobwebs of outdated dreams and schemes. Meanwhile your personal planet Mercury is very busy, delivering some news or information that needs your attention before joining Saturn in Aquarius when you start to feel a fresh breeze of possibility.

Grounding yourself.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

As a sign sensitive to energy, you’ll definitely feel the shifts this week when all the inner planets change signs together. The Sun and Venus are smoothing your relationships in Capricorn as Mercury moves into Aquarius to join Saturn and Jupiter. On Wednesday, action planet Mars lights up your 11th House of friendships and alliances making the next two months look pleasantly sociable. Meanwhile, knowing that your money and resources will be the big theme of 2021 for you, it’s time to get real, to get practical and to get resourceful. If you owe money, make a repayment plan. Have money? make an investment plan……you get the idea. Start thinking up creative ways to build your personal security and if you need financial advice, ask for it.

Setting your agenda.

Leo Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

When two of the four sensitive angles of your chart are activated as they are this year, you can be certain that your direction of travel is going to change. For the next two years, partnerships of all kinds are going to be front and centre stage. This is the aspect of your life where you will evolve, resist then grow. This applies to ongoing relationships and also to new ones that will arrive from the middle of January onwards. This week, clear the decks, tie up loose ends at work and finish up old projects. In other words, get right up to date with yourself. This is especially important as Mars across the peak of your chart on January 6th for a two month stay in your career zone. As the action planet mixes it with volatile Uranus, expect to feel turbo charged.

 Plan a big launch from January 14th to boost your public profile.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

There’s some welcome news for you as a Virgo – Mars is leaving Aries after four months of setting fires everywhere and entering Taurus on January 6th.Taurus is a compatible fellow earth sign so you can and should get a lot done, whether it’s clearing away loose ends or laying the groundwork for a surprising career expansion in 6 weeks’ time. Anything connected with teaching studying or traveling is well starred and your thinking is exceptionally clear. With Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury together in Air sign Aquarius, innovative ideas for community service of some kind will surface. You’ll want to get involved in something bigger than you are.

Dreaming large.

Libra Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

This week, give a big welcome to the lovely Venus arriving at the root of your chart to help clear up after the constant storms of 2020.Home is definitely where the heart is, made all the stronger at January 13th’s New Moon, so make the absolute most of this supportive astrology to heal the wounds, clear the air and turn where you live into a sanctuary. Nurture yourself with cooking, baking or a project that everyone in your tribe can get into. In even more encouraging news, the huge energy currently building in compatible Air sign Aquarius is at a wonderful angle to your Sun in Libra, lighting up your 5th House of creativity and pleasure. Anything and everything to do with romance, business, art or technology is well starred.

Gambling on better times ahead.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

Just like Leo, when two of the four sensitive angles of your chart are activated as they are this year, you know that your direction of travel is going to change quite markedly. This especially applies to your private life as both your home and your significant relationships are in the frame for growth and transformation. A gathering of planets including Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius suggest a move in 2021 of some sort, a significant ending accompanied by an even more significant beginning. Coming back to this week, your personal planet Mars returns to your opposite sign of Taurus until April, stirring up one to one partnerships-whether personal or professional. Start by clearing the air by speaking your truth. Hopefully, this might allow you to breathe new life into existing dynamics and agreements.

Heart over head.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

2021 is going to be a very busy year for you so it’s lucky that as a Sagittarian you thrive on change and variety and are constantly seeking fresh horizons. Start getting sorted and organised now ready for all the information gathering coming your way, thanks to Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury lighting up your angle of connection like a Christmas tree. Anything connected with virtual teaching, learning or community is well starred. If there’s a course, an accreditation or a training you’ve always yearned to do, now is the time to go for it. With action planet Mars upping the ante at work, clear the decks and gather your allies and supporters ready to help clear the information overload.

Invest in yourself and have faith.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

Happy New year and Happy Birthday! With the Sun, Venus and Pluto in your sign plus a New Moon on January 13th, celebrate in style the disappearance of dour Saturn from  Capricorn for the first time in over two years. It may take a while to adjust to the sense of not having to carry the world on your shoulders, the lifting of a heavy burden or the loss of control. But now there really is room for manoeuvre and a chance to re-balance your life in favour of the personal. This year, all the planetary focus is on growing your security, finances and resources. Your value and talents are worth a great deal-be very careful not to under sell yourself. Starting now, develop a workable strategy for charging what you’re worth and for investing in yourself.

Stating your value.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

This is your year, Aquarius, and one that’s been a very long time coming. On January 8th, Mercury joins planets of potential Saturn and Jupiter in your sign,so make sure you update your virtual and personal networks and get ready for a communication blitz. Collaboration with different tribes and supporters is going to be crucial. Others will be turning to you for support, advice, mentorship and possibly romance and it may take a while to adjust to being in the spotlight. Meanwhile, action planet Mars will shake up life at home until April. The status quo will be disrupted in some way. This might mean changing rooms around, moving or someone joining or leaving the tribe. Be prepared for arguments as Mars closes in on unpredictable Uranus.

All change.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: January 3-10, 2021

The beginning of the month could bring news about an enhanced role for you at work, in a group or political party. Before you step up to the plate, you might start to notice that your interests are changing as Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury gather in Aquarius, your deep and hidden 12th House. This is where your unconscious meets your dreams -a place of imagination which connects you to the world behind the world and your spiritual power. Be alert for new teachers entering your life and when they do, make a serious commitment to learning all you can from them. Your mind will be extra sharp after January 6th when Mars enters your 3rd House of connection for 2 months. Don’t waste the energy-update your website, social media, marketing etc ahead of launching something new after January 20th.

Starting strong.

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