Systems Overload and Overwriting: Astrology Forecast – February 7th – 14th, 2021

February 8th, 2021

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

As the air crackles and fritzes, this week is going to feel like a systems overload, because all the traditional Copernican planets – except for Mars – are stacked in Aquarius conjunct the Black Holes of Cygnus-X. That is a huge amount of Fixed Air in one part of your chart, all amplified by Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun/ Venus/ Jupiter. The Wave of Revelation is unstoppable. To avoid feeling wired and tired, get offline as much as possible before your brain fries.

Thursday’s New Moon at 23 Aquarius is strung in a rare diamond necklace of 8 planets and points – Sun, Moon, Pallas, Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Chariklo. On the day of this electric New Moon, Venus and Jupiter will be exactly conjunct in Aquarius – an entry point into a powerful period of social, cultural and philosophical change.

Jupiter in Aquarius is the vector of good fortune and will bring a year of exceptional opportunities. Knowing this, pay close attention to your Big No/Big Yes signals which will be working overtime; tap insights, coincidences, synchronicities; make astute changes quickly, pin down the inklings – before they vanish into the ethers.

Trust that intuitive tweaks as opposed to linear planning will enhance your business/practice/service beyond your expectations. Be ready to shift habitual investments of time or energy, to adjust projects towards a bigger purpose, especially those oriented to humanistic and planetary wellbeing. Follow the unstoppable momentum towards Green Swan sustainable living by being part of the Kindness economy.

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The Chandra Symbol for New Moon 23° Aquarius:

Ancient runes carved at random on grey rocks.

“Learning ultimate truths the hard way. A highly unusual gift accompanies this transmission. We are the meeting ground of worlds, the crossing point. Therefore, we can reveal, we can tap, we can attune to the myriad signatures of how each and every world intersects the other optimally. We know these things from inside and the only thing our mind can do is support and affirm what is right there to be witnessed with open eyes. We cannot get away from anything ever. No matter what we do, there we are facing ourselves with the next level of what we need to see. The only graceful response is to get into it, to be right there every time.” – Inside degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

The Aquarian spotlight is on expanding your friendships, groups and building a supportive network. This is your big growth area, so strategise how you want to use it. A new urgency is pushing you to belong and commit to a tribe or tribes – perhaps even start one. You might find yourself heading up a new kind of movement or becoming more passionate about humanitarian or charitable initiatives. It’s past time to make the shift from being the independent lone ranger to collaborating with like- minded others. Expect your finances to fluctuate quite markedly this year and come up with some innovative new additional income streams to build a reliable platform of security.

What used to matter now seems superficial.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

The progressive Aquarian stellium is signalling that it’s time to commit to a major process of realignment. Unexpected opportunities with a twist will surface. A new kind of inventiveness is emerging to match the new platform of experience. This is a time in your life where you can be a leader or a pioneer if you want to be. With so much emphasis developing in your public sector, be mindful of not overlooking your personal life. As Uranus gains speed in your most personal house, the way you’re viewing the world begins to change at a rapid pace, impacting your relationship dynamics. A totally new kind of soul growth is looking to find you that only comes around once in a life time. It’s time to shift and evolve—and ultimately become the person you’ve always meant to be.

Change is not an option.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

Much to your surprise, your belief system and philosophy of life are beginning to shift quite radically. The Aquarius frequency is a time for experimentation, nudging you to promote yourself in greater ways than you ever have. Update your systems of teaching and learning. Whether you publish a book or start a blog or a podcast, take a risk in getting your voice heard. Much of your hard work could finally start to come together. In addition, some long needed sense of achievement could also finally be coming your way. With the karmic Node of Fate travelling through your sign, be prepared to say good bye to someone or something in order to make way for the new.

Doors that only open every 19 years will begin to creak open.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

The big shift into Aquarian energy finally puts you in a place where you can breathe a little easier. A lot of the pressure of the last several years now releases. What needed to break has now broken and it’s time to put the pieces back together to form something entirely different. As you begin to make new connections, you may find new help coming in through other people. As it does, you may need to end some previous financial contracts to safeguard your own highest interests. This could also be the time that you decide to clean up debts of the past and wipe the slate clean. Move slowly, tread carefully and trust your wonderful intuition and gut instincts at every step of the way.

A changing of the guard.

Leo Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

With seven planets in your opposite sign of Aquarius, connections, relationships and how you balance your needs with those of others will help you to achieve new visibility. You will be attracting new kinds of people, experimenting with new roles and saying good bye to ones that no longer serve your path. Whatever is solid and real will stand up to Saturn’s challenge. Whatever is not will need to die or be rebuilt completely. Ultimately, you’ll be seeking long term commitments and be looking for balance in what you give. The big lesson this year is that, to lean into your truest potential, you’ll need to recognise the necessity of working with others. If you haven’t changed jobs yet, you’ve already begun to feel the nudges in the background pushing you to explore new options.

Genuine collaboration holds the key.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

The Aquarian intensity is signalling that it’s time to invest a totally new kind of energy into your day to day living. This means deliberately shaking up your routines – your working and home environment, health, pets and daily habits—getting rid of the old to make way for the new.  Anticipate being really busy and streamline your agenda, prioritising only what really matters and dropping what’s inessential. With Awakener Uranus in your 9th House, learning something new and intriguing is extremely well starred. Your old boundaries are expanding and you’ll be pushed to go further than you ever have. Explore different virtual platforms such as video, social media, podcasting to get all the creative work you have recently completed out there.

Busy, busy.

Libra Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

Your sign has gone through a massive restructuring over the last several years but now the tides are finally turning in your favour. With both Saturn and Jupiter in fellow air sign Aquarius, it’s time for things to get a little lighter. Anything connected to children, your self-expression, creativity, romance and fun will restore the life part of the equation into your work/life balance. Something inside of you will be nudging you to release yourself from old ties, duties and responsibilities that have bound you and kept you stuck. It’s not selfish- you’ve outgrown them. This might mean breaking contracts involving shared resources. Expect the unexpected when it comes to how you find a totally new kind of freedom.

Take a gamble on something or someone new and see where it leads.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

With both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, familiar aspects of your life will realign, letting in some much need daylight and fresh air so you can envisage a totally new kind of destination. Expect to be nudged and pushed outside your comfort zone. The lone wolf that you are will be tested by circumstances to find new connections with your family and tribe. It may be time to make a big move and plant new roots somewhere totally different. Wherever you move to needs to be a place that allows you to break free of old and restrictive patterns. This week at Thursday’s New Moon is the perfect time to start a great purge, getting rid of things that don’t work and replacing them with things that do. Clear it all out and make room for what’s to come.

Relationships also need some breathing space.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

The new Aquarian frequency is drawing your attention to your thoughts and how you communicate with others. With so much activity spotlighting your house of connection, people will be listening to what you have to say. You will also be driven, more than ever, to speak up and speak out, but avoid hoof in mouth syndrome, something Sagittarians are prone to in the interests of truth telling. Awakener Uranus will continue to create unexpected twists in your living and working environment. You will be looking for a new kind of freedom in your daily life and seeking out ways to not feel so pinned down. Your everyday duties might go through a radical switch up, bringing opportunities to make a big career leap.

Explore different ways to take care of yourself—body, mind and spirit.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

After the harsh transits of 2018-20, you’ve emerged as a different, more resilient and resourceful person. Now the influx of airy Aquarian energy in your 2nd House is turning your attention to your resources. That includes finances, possessions, skills, experience and people. What’s most important in the grand scheme of things is coming into question. Thursday’s New Moon is the time to start re-prioritising, to downsize or get rid of things you no longer need. Expect the urge to simplify or find more innovative ways to save or make money. With Awakener Uranus in Taurus for the next 5 years, you may be surprised by the push to go outside your comfort zone but resistance is futile. A new kind of creativity is going to start building and it’s going to be an exciting process.

Start trusting your instincts over linear planning.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

It’s time to become a Master Jedi, Aquarius. A totally new you is in the making. The person you are today will not be the same by the time you get to the end of 2021. Thursday’s New Moon in your sign is your catalyst to set your plans in motion and up your game. You need to delete self-doubt, come in off the side lines and become a player and influencer in waking up the world. Deliberately break up your old routines and comfort zones to let in daylight and fresh thinking. By the time the year is through, you will be closer to making your stamp on the world. Reconnect with your natural innovator and envision your dreams. Entirely new destinations are calling.

Release the urge to control or micromanage.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: February 7-14, 2021 

With so much progressive Aquarian energy in your deep 12th House, it’s time for you to embark upon a new kind of adventure, exploring your inner depths hidden within your subconscious. Think of yourself as an Intronaut-an explorer of inner space. What you find will help you understand yourself in a whole new way. The high 2021 Aquarius frequency is stirring your interest in mysticism and the occult, themes that attune very nicely with your sign. Make time to escape into metaphysical and spiritual practices- your body, mind and spirit will appreciate it. The part of you that likes to give back will help you stay grounded by nudging you to join humanitarian and group causes close to your heart. At Thursday’s New Moon, you might stumble on opportunities for volunteer work.

 “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.” Carl Jung

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