Food Sensitivities and Autoimmunity – 7-Day FREE Online Event

Sometimes stealth or hidden, food sensitivities can be a major contributor to autoimmunity and flare-ups.

Eating trigger foods drives up inflammation and can disrupt the gut microbiome, causing leaky gut, which is highly correlated with autoimmunity.

If there is one thing you can do to make the biggest impact and start your healing journey right now, it’s determining food triggers and healing the gut.

Need help with this? We’ve got you covered! Please join us here for all the help and advice you’ll need:

Food Sensitivities and Autoimmunity – FREE 7-Day Online Event

Determining your food sensitivities is key because avoiding food triggers has a positive impact on many chronic conditions, including autoimmune diseases, SIBO and IBS, and can help with mood disorders, skin problems, pain, sleep issues and more.

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  • Food as Medicine – Jason Prall – In this video, learn the reason some people tolerate certain foods while others can’t, why ‘bad foods’ don’t really exist and strategies for living a long, healthy life from around the world
  • Gluten, Grains and Other Missing Links – Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PSCD – In this video, learn whether gluten is really bad, how eating grains impacts your health and how to create a healthier lifestyle
  • The Mediterranean Plan Against Autoimmunity – Steven Masley, MD, FAHA – In this video, learn how a low-glycemic Mediterranean diet optimizes immune function and the gut microbiome, the best diet for avoiding heart disease, diabetes and memory loss, and why everyone with autoimmunity should try an elimination diet
  • Simple Self Care for Autoimmunity eGuide – Brent Caplan – Self care is an essential component of managing an autoimmune condition. Discover 8-steps you can start right now to take control of your health and well-being today
  • Autoimmune Recipes to Calm the Fires of Inflammation eBook – Brent Caplan – Start making delicious autoimmune-friendly meals today! This eBook is packed with recipes that aren’t just good for you, they also taste great and will help propel you forward on your healing journey
  • Common Underlying Triggers to Autoimmunity Infographic – Brent Caplan – Learn the major underlying reasons for developing autoimmunity and triggering autoimmune flares. Includes a questionnaire to determine your susceptibility
  • Autoimmune Fix Recipes eBook – Tom O’Bryan – Discover how food can increase energy and reduce inflammation. Best-selling author Dr. Tom O’Bryan shares nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory recipes to support anyone looking for a gluten-free way to live better, all day, every day
  • Ten Facts About Autoimmune Disorders and the Role of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity eBook  – Tom O’Bryan – When it comes to autoimmune disorders, the impact of gluten and gluten sensitivity is often a huge catalyst. In this important eBook, world-renowned leader and best-selling author Dr. Tom O’Bryan walks you through 10 of the most pertinent facts about autoimmune disorders and the scientific studies behind them, and covers everything from how you get tested to why you probably aren’t getting this information from your doctors
  • 3 Interview Transcripts from the Food Sensitivities and Autoimmunity Online Event – Your hosts Dr Tiffany Caplan, Dr Tom O’Bryan and Dr Brent Caplan, have selected these transcripts as amazing examples of what you’ll learn over the course of this event
  • Demystifying Food Reactions eBook – Healthmeans – Food has the power to hurt or to heal. This eBook will help you find and address your personal food triggers so that you can continue on your journey to better health

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Meanwhile, at the online event itself, over the course of 7 full days, you’ll hear from 38 diverse experts on food sensivities and autoimmune disorders, all ready and willing to share their knowledge to help you:

  • Begin an elimination diet to determine food triggers
  • Understand the link between gut health and autoimmunity
  • Implement dietary and fasting strategies for healing
  • Overcome genetic vulnerability
  • Gain insight into food’s connection to mental health
  • Combat food addictions
  • And more!

If you’re struggling with your health, it’s time to understand and address food’s potential adverse health effects and how, at the same time, food can help you heal.

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