5 Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Physical Activity

May 28th, 2021

By Sophia Smith

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Living a healthy lifestyle might seem like a cumbersome challenge in the hectic modern world. As if sticking with healthy habits on a daily basis wasn’t difficult enough, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many uncertainties to our lives and has made stress and anxiety a part of our everyday lives. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t lead a healthy life, nor does it mean that reaching your health goals is impossible.

That said, in order to reach your health goals, live a more natural lifestyle, and imbue your life with happiness and zeal, you need to think of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Coincidentally, regular physical activity is the foundation of all three, and today we are going to delve deep into physical fitness to uncover its benefits and how you can use it to elevate your health on all fronts. Here’s how exercise can help you thrive in the modern world.

Imbue the day with positivity and zeal

There are many ways you can set yourself up for a productive day imbued with positivity. Starting your days with a morning mantra, for example, is a wonderful way to remind yourself of the things you’re thankful for, what your goals and values are, and why you’re pursuing certain personal and professional goals. As soon as you wake up, you want to repeat your mantra in front of the mirror.

Another great way to start your day off right is with a healthy meal, but also with a short yet effective workout. Of course, you can always choose to work out later in the day, but the latter hours are best reserved for a deep, restorative mediation session that will help you regain a sense of calm and composure. Be sure to start the day with a quick workout, and watch as your energy levels rise.

Banish stress and anxiety

Unfortunately, stress has become a part of our everyday lives, but we can’t just blame the pandemic or the lockdowns we’ve been subjected to since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. The hectic, tech-driven modern world has forced us to detach ourselves from Mother Nature, and it’s constantly forcing us to speed up our lives in order to do more and achieve more. In our pursuit of material gain, time continues to escape our grasp – and we’ll never get it back.

If you spend your days feeling stressed with an ever-encroaching feeling of anxiety, the time has come to change your habits. Changing your mindset for the better takes time and commitment, but a healthy dose of exercise can go a long way and help you build a more positive lifestyle. Working out regularly builds mental fortitude, and it aids the production of serotonin, which is a hormone that directly impacts your mood and helps you retain a positive mindset.

Energize your body and mind

You might think that spending time working out will deprive you of physical and mental energy, but in reality, it’s the sedentary lifestyle that is causing your mental fog, physical fatigue, and general feelings of melancholy. The key is to get up and get moving, and to do it daily, to energize your body and mind, and internalize a more energetic way of life for the long haul.

This can be difficult, of course, because finding the energy to work out in the first place is a tough challenge, especially for busy moms and career women. No matter if you’re working out in the morning or the evening, a good idea would be to introduce a natural women’s workout supplement that will give some much-needed energy without making you jittery or causing those highs and lows like caffeine and other traditional supplements.

Overcome life’s challenges

There is no telling what life may throw your way at any given moment, and no matter how resilient we are, sometimes life can throw us a curveball that we’re just not ready for. When that happens, you want to bounce back as quickly as possible and overcome the challenges that life is throwing your way. Regular exercise can help you do that and much more, and by being more mentally resilient you will be able to focus on your long-term plans, and maybe even empower yourself to create a positive change in the world.

Get plenty of restorative sleep

Last but not least, keep in mind that regular exercise will lead to more fulfilling and restorative sleep, and as you know, proper sleep is a foundational pillar of a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you exercise in the morning or the evening, the only important thing is to commit to regular exercise that will support healthy processes in the body, and release the hormones that will help you banish stress and fall asleep faster.

Over to you

Mental, spiritual, and physical health have always been, and always will be deeply intertwined in many ways. You can elevate your mental and spiritual well-being while nurturing your physical health by sticking to regular exercise and giving your body the physical release it needs to thrive.

About the author:

Sophia Smith is a lifestyle blogger, graphic designer and food enthusiast. She is very passionate about eco-friendly and green topics, sustainable fashion, eco beauty, and conscious business. Sophia’s other hobbies centre around her love for yoga, wellness rituals and living in balance with nature. She loves sharing meaningful content that inspires people and has covered topics ranging from organic beauty products and sustainability to self-care and mental health.

Sophia has contributed to a number of publications including Longevity Live, Naughty Nutrition, Herbs Mother Earth Living, Sivana Spirit, Urban Naturale, Awaken, Carousel, Literally Darling and Cause Artist.

You can find out more about her writing by following her on Twitter (@sophia_bri)

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