Intuitive Medicine: Reconnect With Your Body’s Wisdom for Optimal Health and Healing – FREE 5-Day Online Event

How well do you know your own body? Are you tapped into your inner knowing? Would you like to feel more confident in recognizing, interpreting, and responding to your body’s messages for optimal health?

When it comes to health, we often seek outside counsel first. Many of us have lost our connection to the voice of the body.

Our ancestors knew to tune inward first — to regularly pay attention to the signals of their bodies to stave off “dis-ease” before it began.

Fortunately, there is a way to train ourselves to listen to the signals of our body and take corrective action for health and healing. Join us to learn from more than 30 medical experts, intuitives, energy healers and health practitioners at this powerful and completely FREE 5-day online event:

Intuitive Medicine: Reconnect With Your Body’s Wisdom for Optimal Health and Healing – FREE 5-Day Online Event

While intuition is not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment, it can be a powerful tool that can facilitate the healing process.

We all have the power of medical intuition. We know, for example, when certain foods don’t agree with us — and we take steps to avoid them, and test how we feel when they’re eliminated entirely.

On a deeper level, we often notice the connection between a physical symptom and an emotion. Sometimes, this embodied intuition shows up as a general feeling that something is not right in our system, even if no acute symptoms are present.

This life-affirming online event will guide you through a wide range of powerful insights and practical applications — including how to use energy healing to amplify and support treatments, and to maintain optimal health.

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As summit speaker Tina Zion notes, “Medical intuition is a learned skill and not a special gift.” Indeed, this skill is hardwired into us. We all have the ability to learn how to notice and interpret our body’s natural signals and use them for healing.

When it comes to truly harnessing intuition for healing, there are practical exercises and techniques that can help us strengthen this inner connection. When we feel confident in knowing and understanding our body’s signals, we become a powerful force for healing ourselves — and assisting professionals in diagnosing and treating us.

During this inspirational online event, you’ll get to sit in on illuminating conversations with physicians, educators, medical intuitives, health practitioners, and energy healers. Let their remarkable stories touch and enlighten you, enfold you with comfort, and offer you the confidence to use the power of inner healing.

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Here’s just some of what these world-class speakers will share with you:

  • Cyndi Dale will teach you how to assess your issues through “empathic chakras,” and how to open to natural, physical, relational, spiritual, and other sources of healing.
  • Dr. Titus Chiu will explore the regions of the brain involved in intuition, and based on that new understanding, provide some practical tips to strengthen your intuition.
  • Unlock the secrets of energy communication in the body and beyond with Deborah King.
  • Steven Washington will help you reconnect with your intuition as an important part of creating a multi-pronged strategy for addiction recovery.
  • Judith Orloff, MD, will show you how to leverage déjà vu, synchronicities, and predictions to improve the quality of your decisions, health, and life.
  • Robert Peng will introduce Jieqi — the “mini-season,” and how this is associated with our health, especially our vertebrae.
    Enjoy an impactful session with Jean Haner as she leads you through a visualization to intuitively bring balance back to each of your energy centers.
  • Dr. Shamani Jain will share leading-edge research in subtle energy healing, as well as key self-care biofield practices from ancient spiritual and traditional medicine traditions.
  • Join renowned medical intuitive Tina Zion to learn steps to build your intuition and work with your energy field to enhance healing for yourself and others.

And much more! You’ll receive inspiring, yet practical insights into how to leverage your own inner wisdom to support the natural healing process.

Register free here for this transformational eventGet ready to discover:

  • How to strengthen your own intuition — and use it for healing
  • Ways to develop your intuitive faculties, such as energetic shielding, water-gazing, ancestral meditations, and communication with the animal world
  • The latest scientific research on medical intuition and related healthcare practices
  • How to practice “listening to the heart” for inner guidance when confronted with complex medical questions
  • Details about your medical guides and why you might want to access the Akashic records to find past-life information that may help you heal current problems
  • The connection between addiction, recovery, and intuition
  • Common issues that can lead to thyroid disorders, Hashimoto’s disease, and other chronic illnesses
  • An Indigenous approach to intuitive medicine known as “spirit-guided medicine”
  • Ways to apply the balm of “human touch” in healing the sensual deprivation, physical isolation, and spiritual imbalance affecting us during the COVID-19 quarantine
  • What muscle testing is and how it can help you get answers from your subconscious
  • Which glands are most vital to your health — and how they align with the energy system of the chakras
  • The different types of empathic powers through which your body can sense its deeper needs and open to healing
  • Powerful ways to identify emotional trauma and find lasting relief

And many more beautiful discoveries.

Attending the Intuitive Medicine online event will help you gain confidence that you do have the power to impact your own healing — and use this knowledge to not only prevent future ailments, but to also deal more successfully with chronic conditions and current challenges.

To your health!