Soul Frequencies: Understanding Your Soul’s Vibration

August 12th, 2021

By Kelly Tallaksen

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You may think of your soul as the divine essence of who you are, but the soul plays a bigger role than you may realize. Your soul is not only the spiritual aspect of your whole self, it is the life force behind the way you navigate the physical journey. Your soul is driven by its vibration. The soul’s vibration can change when it interacts with other frequencies during each physical experience.

The soul of who you are is pure consciousness that, when free from soul burdens of emotional pain, vibrates to the frequency of love. The soul can never be destroyed even after the demise of the physical body because the soul is pure energy and energy can only change form. There is no expiration of the soul’s existence.

Every human experience of the physical being that houses the soul could change the vibration of the soul and affect the mental processes of human perception. The layers of the individual soul are contained within a field of human consciousness made up of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that are collectively referred to as the “soul body.”  Although the physical structure will eventually perish, the consciousness (the energy) within these layers of the soul body remains with the soul until transformed. Trapped energies of a lower frequency will only be transformed into a higher frequency when the psychological attachments to them are no longer relevant or necessary.

Each human experience that affects one of these layers will affect all layers in the soul body and keep the soul in a fluctuating vibration. As a pure soul of the highest frequency, these other frequencies do not define the true essence of the soul, but they do affect how the soul experiences the physical world. Once these frequencies become entangled into the soul body, the soul unknowingly emits these frequencies onto those they interact with during the physical journey.

Experiences that feel good to the soul body will cause the soul to vibrate at high levels that hold the frequency of love. Experiences that feel bad to the soul body can cause a drop in the soul’s vibrational energy. Low-level thoughts generated by fear emotions like abandonment, distrust, betrayal, blame, guilt, shame and unworthiness carry low frequencies which lead to soul exhaustion. It is these low-level emotional energies that create the attachments to the physical realm. In turn, the soul feels like there is unfinished business on the earth plane, causing the soul body to hold onto the frequencies of these low-level attachments. When the soul body holds onto these frequencies, the soul will create more experiences that match these frequencies in an attempt to complete what needs to be completed. These attempts to complete unfinished business will show up in all physical lifetimes until the unfinished business feels finished, the spiritual lessons in the experience are learned by the soul and any corresponding attachments are released.

High-level emotions that generate thoughts of connection, belonging, safety and significance will inspire, motivate and encourage the soul to create a joyful and purposeful life. As much as we all want to live in a high vibrational state of consciousness, it is not so easy in a world that is filled with so much fear, judgment and distrust. Although the soul body will recognize what feels unfriendly, unkind or unloving to the soul, it does not have the resources to reject the low-level energies that permeate the three-dimensional world at the beginning stages of the physical life. The soul body is always susceptible to these frequencies when the human self is in the learning phase of who they are and how well they fit into the world.

Although the soul comes into the physical realm with a high love frequency, it may also be carrying low-level frequencies due to unhealed attachments. The soul is also vulnerable to the consciousness of those already having a challenging human experience who unknowingly pass their energy onto the incoming soul. This is because their unconscious thought processes are focused on survival and not spiritual connection. Since those already having the human experience have been challenged by opposing forces of love consciousness, their failure to meet those challenges from the level of open-hearted awareness has pulled them into a debilitating trap of fear.

When these lower energies throw us off balance, we start spending most of our time and energy seeking “self-improvement.” This is the soul’s attempt to return back to inner peace. The problem is that the very concept that it is necessary to improve ourselves keeps us from accepting the higher truth, from honoring our divine selves and holds in a place of not good enough. This is sure to disrupt the soul’s quest for harmony and balance.

The higher truth is the wisdom one receives from the higher heart. This is the place within the soul body that emits an energetic field from the center of the heart that carries the love frequency, higher heart awareness and divine intelligence. This is the vibrational field that is a healing source for a misaligned soul body. It carries heart intelligence that is intuitively connected to the spirit of oneness, love and compassion.

Soul frequencies attract similar soul frequencies because they are a resonate match which allows them to be mutually receptive. The longer we are stuck in our own lower frequencies, the more events and people of the same vibration will be drawn towards us. This keeps our souls stuck in an endless loop of drama. We don’t realize that it is the vibration of our souls, not our logical, rational, critical thinking minds that cause the attraction.

For souls having a human experience, it’s important to keep our vibrations on a higher level. Since the soul is our life force energy, we need to be mindful of how this life force energy is experiencing the physical world. We also need to be mindful of the types of frequencies that we attract. What we are attracting is an indication of our soul’s vibration.

When the soul is stuck in a lower vibration for an extended period of time, the nervous system in the body may have a difficult time reversing its impulsive patterns created by the less-than-love frequencies. The physical body becomes addicted to the negative energy nerve shocks and biologically craves more of that energy rush. When this happens, it makes it more difficult to change the patterns. Once the patterns are set into the nervous system, your soul experiences life from these patterns. This is what we call “karma.” Karma is based on personal experiences that keep the soul locked into certain frequencies that express themselves through the physical body. Karma mirrors a person’s current state of consciousness within the soul body. One’s karma exposes itself through one’s actions.

When we are vibrating with fear energies based on experiences that felt like a threat to our well-being, we could feel these energies in our souls and our physical vessels. This is how we become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually misaligned and then we are no longer sure about who we are on a soul or human level. We came into the world to learn from the physical reality, but we didn’t learn through the higher truth and love frequency. Many of our challenges have caused us to question our value and our safety in the world. We learned through the fear of survival and are afraid to release our survival protections.

The soul in its highest frequency is openly connected to spirit, the oneness of all that is love, compassion and unconditional acceptance. When the soul is disconnected from spirit because it can’t get its frequency high enough to align with its divine truth, it starts to question its significance and purpose on this planet.

What matters most during your physical journey is the wellness of your soul. It is the soul that is the body of energy that creates the reality you will experience in each lifetime. As soul frequencies change, so do your physical realties. For the human self to have a joyful experience, the soul must carry frequencies that align with the feelings of joy. For this reason, it is for the highest good of all human beings to keep their soul frequencies at a high level so the soul’s vibration will create a balanced and blissful life.

The only way to raise your vibration is to raise your consciousness. The only way to raise your consciousness is by becoming more aware of the higher truth. This can only be done through self-discovery. By taking that deep dive into your divine self, you will be able to observe your soul body and witness the frequencies that keep pulling you away from your true divine essence. When you are willing to look deep within your soul body, you can discover what parts of you are still stuck in a lower frequency due to unsettled mental and emotional disturbances. It is these unsettled frequencies that cause so much distortion in your soul’s vibration which then play out as a distorted reality. This is what keeps you from aligning with your true self and holds you in mystical confusion and psychospiritual stress.

Due to the ego mind’s ability to keep our fears suppressed, we are not able to understand the driving force behind our inability to feel validated and secure in the world. We hold conflicting energies within our soul body because of conflicting thoughts and emotions about our physical lives. We lack clarity about who we are as spiritual beings due to trapped lower energies in the soul body that are playing out as karma. This causes us to believe that we don’t have much control over our lives. This is why it’s important to go through a self-discovery process and get to know who you really are on a human and spiritual level.

A soul discovery journey not only reveals to you the higher truth of who you are, but also exposes the shadow of your soul. The shadow holds the parts of you that are stuck in the lower frequencies and keeps your soul limited during the physical journey. The challenge of seeking out your shadow is that you don’t know it exists. It is a part of your soul that is stuck in a shadowy place, hidden from the light and love of your true divine self. Even though you are not aware of these shadow parts, it is these parts of you that keep you from reaching the highest love frequency and exploring the physical journey with curiosity, wonder and pleasure.

Each challenging experience has presented you with an opportunity for soul growth. There is always more to learn when you are on the journey of evolution. Sometimes the lessons seem too difficult to process and integrate, leaving the soul feeling lost and confused. Sometimes, the soul finds great wisdom in their earthly challenges, allowing for soul expansion. How you feel about your earthly challenges will affect the vibration of your soul. How you meet your challenges depends on your willingness to seek the higher truth. The ascension meditation on my YouTube channel linked below can help you identify and heal lower frequencies and raise your soul’s vibration.

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