Let Us Make Humanity One Again

March 25th, 2021

By Andriana Eloha

Guest writer for Wake Up World

One Earth is currently divided into over 200 separate from each other, fenced and largely opposed to each other “political areas” (i.e., countries) that are expected to stay this way even though they ARE parts of the same whole: one planet. How many have bought into the idea that this is normal and acceptable? How come, that it is still one whole, undivided planet for all animals, and yet it is a bunch of barricaded “political areas” for all humans who live on the very same planet and who need a special permission to leave one such area and enter another?

One human race, divided into sub-races or nations that must oppose other nations, and declare themselves different from them on all possible levels within a fabricated structure of restrictive hierarchy, even though, all those nations are parts and members of the same whole: one human race. How is this appropriate and healthy? And how has it been working for us so far?

One Internet and all social media platforms that keep the human collective connected, have been turned into a system whose new purpose is to disconnect, separate and divide into isolated parts the otherwise perfectly unified network of communication across the planet. How many of us are in full or partial cooperation with this state of affairs? And how exactly, is this cooperation going to change this situation?

One undivided mind of a newborn human being, originally has perfect integrity and harmonious interconnectedness of all its parts. Right after birth, through traumatic experiences delivered by social engineering, wars, family, schooling, and mainstream media traumatization programs, gets fragmented into a bunch of disconnected parts that are at war or in permanent conflict with one another. How has it become “normalized”? It takes a weakened and fragmented mind to allow the governing system that supports and creates this state of affairs to exist un-opposed and un-examined.

One universally shared common sense and innate moral compass originally were a unifying factor that governed everybody’s thoughts and actions. This inner set of healthy principles, used to be the main governor that navigated our species into evolution and progress that suppressed no one and honored everyone. No external governing body was necessary. This universal common sense, together with the inner moral compass, got deliberately distorted and then “unplugged” from people, in order to allow the external government to control and navigate these people into de-evolution and quite predictable regress. Which, eventually, allowed all kinds of overt and covert slavery across the planet to be instituted and normalized (you can’t enslave a united and highly evolved species with high moral standards).

The final phase of the ultimate distortion of the universally shared and easily understood common sense was introduced by “political correctness,” and fear based, imposed, social rules and abnormal norms. So, now this innate common sense has become completely uncommon in common people. The result of it is easily seen every day, when the opposition between two or more individuals is created on the spot, while unity, as a natural and ever present common ground is rarely considered. Whose responsibility is it to correct it? Does this state of affairs make us weaker or stronger as a race?

One Source of all there is, through divided and thus distorted perception of it, has became fragmented into many gods that are nothing but labels, that are in opposition to one another and have different rules and absolutely nothing in common with the actual Source of all there is. In labels we trust but the Source we do not know, right? The grand virtual reality that surrounds this topic still exists unquestioned on the mass scale.

All the while, the Source does not need to be worshipped, it needs to be expressed and experienced through all existing life forms, who in their natural and unaltered form of inner integrity, are never in conflict or contradiction with the expression of one another because they are all parts of one and the same whole.

Just like different flowers of a wildflower meadow are parts of the same meadow, they never fight the innate, healthy and natural expression of each other, they allow, welcome and support it instead, and then add their individual expressions to each other and thus, – a beautiful wildflower meadow is born. It is infinite diversity of all facets of the Oneness, in infinite combination through which the Oneness (Source) wishes and gets to know itself. It does it through direct experience of the fullest expression, _not suppression_ of the inherent nature and potential of its every part. Respectively, every part of the Source (which is every life form) truly serves the Source by expressing and living its full, not partial potential. And while it does it, it helps and allows other potentials of the Source fully unfold as well. So, how did we miss this simple truth? How many lies does it take to cover the obvious?

It’s not just divide and conquer, it’s also confuse and conquer. It is the only sickness, on any level, that creates all other sicknesses and paralyzes the whole. The whole then gets conquered by the very entity that deliberately divided and confused this whole in the first place.

Is it painful and uncomfortable enough for everyone yet to start moving in the direction of integrity? Personal wholeness and integrity, to begin with. You can’t influence another with what you lack yourself.  If you do, you will influence them with the lack of this very quality, the abundance of which you want to experience outside of you.

Personal integrity of the many will naturally create healthy integrity within the community they live in. Communities with integrity and organic, healthy values will create a healthy unified nation, which in turn will allow integrity and oneness within the given species. A species with integrity will join the integrity of the nature and one will reflect and support the other. This is how we can make this planet and our species one again. It does not take a select group of external leaders to do it for us. It takes each one of us to make it so. Will you? Just keep in mind, – it is the territory of your own consciousness where this unity begins.

I also would like to bring the following simple thing that is intentionally made ultra complicated to everyone’s attention. Each person on the planet uses services and products of other people. For the use of those other people services and products, each person is expected to pay a certain amount of money. In essence, it is all humans collectively (excluding the governments), who generate all money that is in circulation, and we literally pay salaries to each other.

Think about it, it is not the government, who pays us. In fact, it is we who pay the government. The government does not create anything (except wars, borders, and rules that justify the existence of the governments, historically and factually speaking). As for the generation of money, as I said earlier, it is all people collectively who generate it, while the governments only assign monetary value to it, control payments flows, and impose conditions on monetary exchange. In actuality, it is we, the people, who pay each other for the services and products we produce and use (i.e., directly or not, I pay you, you pay him, he pays her and she pays me, then I can pay you again and so on, it goes around the circle, disregard the size). We therefore, with the same if not better success, can keep producing, giving and receiving our products and services to each other without the need to have a conditional monetary exchange for these products and services.

With one important stipulation in mind though, that I think we all share already, but long time ago, we were artificially made forget: each of us deserves to give and receive the best of everything to one another. Every day. Why don’t we have this as an agreement between all of us, instead of being monitored and controlled by an artificially assigned monetary value printed on paper or digitally, that we use to control and determine our individual worth and the comforts we can or cannot receive? If such money-less yet best quality based service and product exchange is agreed upon by all of us and instituted, people will spontaneously choose to do the jobs that they have innate talents for. And those are always the jobs that people do best since they are naturally the easiest and most enjoyable for them to do.

Now picture the following. Someone who loves building beautiful, energy efficient houses, does it without monetary payment for their skillful, high quality job. This builder then goes to a restaurant and orders a free, nutritious and tasty meal, prepared by a chef who loves to cook and is really good at it. The chef then goes to a spa practitioner who loves to restore people’s vitality and sense of wellbeing and who gives the chef a completely free service that restores the chef’s energy and inner balance.

Meanwhile, the house of the spa practitioner is being cleaned by a cleaner who loves organizing people’s living spaces, so their physical environment nurtures them and looks cozy, clean and inviting. And so on. Add to the list the teachers who love to teach the most creative and efficient way, and who now do it because they are excellent at this type of innovative teaching and it is needed and welcome by the entire community who benefits from this teacher contribution. While this teacher does their high quality teaching, they know their personal needs will be met by other members of their community offering the same high quality of expertise in their corresponding fields and the same effortless dedication to their customers that this teacher offers to his or her students.

Let’s add to the list IT experts, Musicians, Psychotherapists, Inventors, Scientists, Interior Designers, Managers, Artists, Healers, Gardeners, Farmers, etc. What a strong, healthy, self-sufficient and rapidly evolving race it would create!

This kind of social organization would inevitably create a society, which supports and unifies people, not segregates and weakens them. No monetary exchange is involved, yet the  survival based social system is replaced with the thriving based social organization that encourages and depends on full expression of everybody’s potential and natural well developed talents. What would it take us to make such society possible? What inner chains should we drop to invite this kind of possibility?

What we have now is a little over seven billion mostly lost individuals identifying themselves not with their true, timeless nature, but with one of the over 200 mutually opposed, and ideologically and militarily guarded “political areas” (aka countries, that believe that each of them is on a separate planet or is a separate planet). A beautiful wildflower meadow has enough intelligence to never divide and then fight itself. But seven billion humans allowed this to be done to their collective. Which of the two species has a more superior intelligence, the wildflowers or the humans?

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About the author:

Andriana received her formal training in the field of psychology and holds two university degrees in psychotherapy and counseling. Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on consciousness, human potential, personal development, evolution, and how one’s mind, and different levels of consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time.

Andriana works with various modalities (among which are Transformational Imagery, EFT, Past life regression and regression to one’s Source Origin, Sedona Method, and for the most part – with her own Higher Consciousness Toolkit). She also utilizes practical knowledge of the latest research and discoveries made in the fields of psychology, quantum physics, energy psychology, wave- and epi-genetics, brain and heart science, physiology, microbiology, and neuroscience.

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